Why You Need to Foster Health Competition among Your employees in Your Small Business

Three focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and Organizational/Management Discussions. You don’t have to take it to the extreme like the late Steve Jobs, but in some instances fostering competition amongst your employees can be a positive thing for your small business. The following contributed post is entitled, Why You Need to Foster Health Competition among Your employees in Your Small Business.

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Unhealthy competition between employees has adverse outcomes in that it may elicit fear and anxiety. This happens when workers focus on the fear of being laid off, losing income and status, or receiving negative comments from management. This can have vast impacts on their overall productivity.

However, if an organization promotes healthy competition among employees, it can have positive impacts in the long run. There are multiple ways a business can foster healthy competition among employees.

Such include providing a reasonable award, developing teams to compete, putting a higher seat up for grabs, and giving constructive feedback.

Encouraging competition can be a risky strategy as you cannot be too sure whether it will yield better results or give birth to disagreements and dissatisfaction.

Below are a few reasons why healthy competition between employees is crucial for your business.

It Promotes an Innovative Culture

Innovation is essential for every organization. Foremost, it increases your chances of having a better reaction to market changes and allows you to discover new opportunities. It can also help your business gain a competitive edge in the market where you produce high-quality products that attract more customers.

If you want to foster an innovative culture and gain from such benefits, it would be best to promote healthy competition between employees. Wondering how? Suppose your employees are in dire need of a promotion. It can be challenging to select the right worker for the position if they all have the same job skills.

To make this easier, you can suggest that the employee who comes up with an innovative product or solution will get the promotion.

It Helps Retain Highly-Skilled Employees

Another great reason to foster healthy competition among your employees is that you can retain high-skilled workers. Highly-skilled employees are always looking for new ways to improve their skills. This means undertaking risky projects in the organization. Competition among your employees is one excellent way of achieving this.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your employees don’t quit, it would be best to adopt healthy competitive strategies. While at it, ensure that you improve their skills and knowledge. For instance, you can schedule cyber advisory sessions for your workers to understand better the cyber risks your business gets exposed to.

This can challenge your employees to compete and come up with better solutions.

It Improves Workplace Productivity

Most organizations always have a hard time trying to improve the productivity of their workers. They may think they have found a solution, only for it to be temporary, having wasted time and money implementing the strategies.

Such may include giving rewards and incentives where if you don’t provide them, employees go back to old habits. If you want to have a permanent solution, it would be best to foster healthy competition among your employees. However, due to outcome uncertainty, you should find a proper balance to yield positive results.

Healthy competition promotes teamwork, and companies whose employees work as a team always succeed. Teamwork solves problems, and it is an excellent way to identify better ways to conduct activities.

With the above pointers, it is crystal clear that healthy competition among employees can help a business thrive. Especially for small companies, if you are looking for better ways to help your business grow, you should promote competition among your workers.

3 Ways We Can Strive For Equality In The Workplace

Two focuses of my blog are Organizational and Management Discussions and Workplace Discussions. Most workplaces are businesses and organizations with a purpose. Increasing equality in your workplace however may increase your overall efficiency in terms of achieving that purpose. The following contributed post is entitled, 3 Ways We Can Strive For Equality In The Workplace.

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For women embarking on a career in the modern world, there is still a battle to fight. But it shouldn’t be like this across-the-board. Thankfully, there are many businesses that are striving for equality in the workplace. But what are companies doing to promote equality in the work environment?

Changing the Culture of the Company
Changing the culture of an organization is crucial, but it’s something that is not done overnight. Can be to do with changing how people work. There are many projects that foster collaboration, and this means that when you start to alter the culture of a company and become more inclusive, this means there will be some kickbacks, but this will help to weed out the less forward-thinking employees.

Bringing In Mentors
To facilitate change on a regulatory as well as cultural level, you have to bring in people to mentor. This means ensuring that people are going to listen to an external voice, but also a mentor can facilitate and guide employees in the right direction so that it becomes a proper cultural change, rather than a surface area change.

Educating Employees on Gender Bias
Education is the fundamental tenet of facilitating change in any organization. If you have a look at the infographic below, you can see that when it comes to overcoming gender bias you’ve got to educate your employees as a matter of priority as well as make sure that employees are aware of equality, such as through being paid the same. When it comes to facilitating change in an organization, it can take a lot of work, but equality is something that shouldn’t just be there in the regulations but should be part of the company’s fabric.

Infographic by Profit.co Read more at Profit.co

Worried About Your Relationships With Your Employees: Here’s What To Do

Two focuses of my blog are Management and Organizational Discussions and Workplace Discussions. No matter which sector you’re in, the relationships with your employees is absolutely critical. If those relationships get damaged, beware. The following contributed post is entitled, Worried About Your Relationships With Your Employees: Here’s What To.

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The modern workplace relies on healthy relationships between companies and their employees. However, it can be challenging to get it right. Employees often naturally feel as though they’re the underdogs and you’re the boss.

While this sort of hierarchy is common for business, it doesn’t always lead to the best social relationships. Many workers wind up feeling downtrodden and unable to reach their full potential in their lives.

In this post, we take a look at how you can prevent this and actually improve how you relate to your colleagues. Take a look at the ideas below:

Become A Parent To Your Employees

It might sound strange to say, but some of the best bosses out there take a parental role towards their employees. They encourage and nurture their colleagues to bring out their full set of talents.

You don’t want to become “mommy” to your employees. But adding care and attention here and there can help to improve their wellbeing and help them learn to appreciate you as their boss. It could be something as simple as offering words of encouragement or providing them with positive feedback on their work. It all makes a difference.

Make Them Feel Like Valued Members Of The Team

People tend to work best when they have a purpose. But many companies expect their employees to just go through the motions as if that were enough.

The trick here is to find ways to make people in your enterprise feel like valued members of their team. You want them to make your company a part of their personal identity – something they value in and of itself.

Perhaps the best place to start is by organizing corporate events that get people out of the office. Sites like https://www.thegrandhallkc.com/corporate-events/ show the kind of events that you could hold for employees. Ultimately, what you want is a venue that allows you to communicate with employees about why they’re important to you, and why what they do matters.

Think about the mission of your company and look for ways to celebrate it. Make your corporate away days productive. But also ensure that they’re inspiring so that people actually want to come to work on a Monday morning.

Be Open To Learning

Nobody wants to work in a company that says that the “boss is always right,” says https://www.forbes.com/. That’s no fun. And it’s not even true. No single person can know everything or have great ideas, day in, day out.

Ideally, you want a situation where you and the rest of your managerial team are open to the possibility of learning. Sometimes employees can have great ideas, and allowing them to air them benefits everyone.

Create Trust

Creating trust is perhaps the most critical way to improve your relationships with your employees. Be transparent with them about what you want. Be kind in how you interpret what they say. And avoid gossiping or discussing them behind their backs. If there’s something wrong, speak to them directly about it.

The Types Of Workplace Safety Gear You Should Invest In

Three focuses of my blog are Health/Wellness, Organizational/Management Discussions and Workplace Discussions. Depending on the type of workplace and organization you’re running, there may be safety considerations. As such a significant investment for your will be workplace safety gear. The following contributed post is entitled, The Types Of Workplace Safety Gear You Should Invest In.

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As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your team as best as possible. Amongst the different ways of doing this, making sure that they are equipped with gear that can protect them from a variety of health hazards found in the workplace is a crucial step. Here, we’re going to look at some of the different kinds of protective and safety gear, and why it’s so important.

Pic – Pixabay License

Safety from contact wounds
Perhaps the simplest kind of safety gear is that which protects from all manner of contact wounds, including impacts, lacerations, and the like. This includes things like helmets designed to prevent head injuries, safety goggles in environments where things might be likely to hit the worker’s eye, gloves if they are handling tools, and more. These are the most basic choices in preventing accidents in the workplace.

Protecting their hearing
While the contact injuries mentioned above might be the most dramatic and commonly thought of workplace health risks, they are far from the only one. For instance, many construction and industrial sites produce an unsafe level of noises that can cause pain and permanent hearing loss. To that end, equipment such as earplugs and earmuffs can protect their ears by effectively lowering the decibel level that they are exposed to, crucial for anyone using heavy machinery.

Staying visible
In many workplaces, lighting equipment will be used to make sure that employees have the visibility they need to work safely. However, if they are working outside of a controlled worksite, especially on the road, then they could be a greater risk of being involved in an accident. High visibility work gear is designed to make them reflect light more easily so that they can be better spotted by motorists and others outside of the traditional worksite environment.

Protection from the elements
The weather itself can be a severe health risk. If someone is exposed to the cold and the rain for extended periods of time, it can result in them becoming seriously sick. As such, foul weather gear is often designed to insulate them, offering some level of protection from the cold, while also keeping them rainproof. It’s crucial to keep this kind of gear at the ready for any workers who might have to spend a long time working in the outdoors.

Healthy respiration
There are a lot of workers who will spend time working with hazardous elements that, if not careful, they could end up breathing in. All manner of smokes, dust, powders and vapours can be a health risk. As such, dust masks and full-face masks may be necessary depending on the kind of particles they are likely to be in contact with. Some particles may be agitating to even be in contact with, not only to breathe, after all.

Take the time to seriously address the risks found in your workplace, determine which gear is best suited to help your employees mitigate them, and make sure you invest in keeping them well-stocked in it at all times.

Top 5 Benefits of Employee Training

Three focuses of my blog are Career Discussions, Organizational/Management Discussions, and Workplace Discussions. Hiring a workforce is not just a matter of getting them into the door. You also have to maintain them and grow them once they are in your workforce. The following contributed post is entitled, Top 5 Benefits of Employee Training.

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Employees are the biggest assets of your business. Investing in them guarantees your business. As the world continues to change, technological advancements are challenging the usual way of working. In order to survive in the competitive market, you need to align yourself with the workplace’s changes.

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One incredible way is by enhancing the knowledge and skills of your employees through training. Offering training to your employees is not a disregard for their education and qualifications. Instead, it refines their abilities and gives them a more practical approach to how they should handle tasks.

Initially, employees could only use their knowledge and skills to ensure a company’s success. However, organizations now provide training as it helps to develop their skills to the benefit of the company. It ensures that the employees are more engaged, competitive, and efficient.

Here are some reasons you should invest in employee training for your company.

Boosts the Performance of your Employees

By training your employees, you improve their ability to perform their tasks even better. Employees get a good grasp of what they should do and how they should do it. They can build up their confidence, and with time, their overall performance also skyrockets.

Prepares Employees for Higher Responsibilities

Training your employees can also help you identify employees that can take on more responsibilities and move to a higher position within the organization. The training can equip your employees with additional skills for the better operations of the new tasks.

For example, you can train employees in leadership skills if you want them to join management and how to use online marketing tools if you want them to join the marketing team.

Improves the Safety and Security of your Business

Security awareness is essential in today’s businesses as advancement in technology makes companies more vulnerable. Your business data is your most valuable information and ensures its safety.

Employees are the primary cause of data breaches. Training your employees enforces the importance of security awareness in them.

You should also train your employees on how they can ensure their safety at the workplace in case of an emergency. Ensure that there are confined space rescue plans in place and that your employees clearly understand them to ensure everyone’s safety.

Shows that you value your employees

Training programs are an investment you are making in your employees. It involves teaching them new skills and abilities that can make them stand out among other workers with similar qualifications.

Your employees will feel valuable to your company. Their morale will improve, and so with their productivity.

Improves the Reputation of your Organization

One of the critical factors that can affect the reputation of your company is an employee’s misstep. Training your employees improves their individual performance and further enhances the overall performance of your company.

It also builds the reputation of your company as many people will view your company positively and encourage more people to want to join as employees or even investors.

A flawed onboarding process can earn you a poor reputation, making people lose interest in your company.

Summing Up

As the market continues to change, employers are realizing the value of training employees. The process benefits both the employees and employers mutually. Employees get better skills that make them stand out in the industry, and in return, they work with more efficiency with the goal of ensuring your company’s success.

While you may focus on skill development in your training, don’t ignore employee health and safety. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that they are safe as they work.

Methods For Creating High-Impact Teams That Don’t Alienate Their Methods

Two focuses of my blog are Organizational/Management and Workplace Discussions. No matter what sector you’re in, a key to creating a high-impact teams is doing so in ways that don’t hurt the team members and ultimately alienating them. The following contributed post is entitled, Methods For Creating High-Impact Teams That Don’t Alienate Their Methods.

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When you’re part of a world-beating team, you remember the experience for life. There’s nothing quite like it. Things just get done and you wonder why it doesn’t happen in every organisation.

But what makes great teams happen? It’s a bit of a mystery.

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In many cases, high-impact teams happen by chance. They just emerge spontaneously when the people and conditions are right. Other times, they occur because senior management put the right incentives in place and hire the correct people for the job.

In many cases, high-impact teams are path-dependent. Small perturbations in the initial conditions carry through, and everything just seems to work from that point onwards.

Creating high-impact teams isn’t an exact science. It isn’t something you can just guarantee. But you can increase the likelihood that your team will cohere by following some best practices. Here’s how to create a high-impact team without alienating any of the members.

Inspire People, Don’t Drive Them

Inspiration is a far more potent force than driving people to excellence. It’s more relaxing too. As a leader, you want to avoid cracking the whip. Instead, you need to find ways to motivate people intrinsically. Ideally, you want them to work hard because they love the job itself.

You see this kind of attitude among employees at most top-tier organizations. The people working there don’t need bossy or authoritarian managers. They’re just happy to get on with the work for the sake of it. It’s motivating in and of itself because it is something that they believe in.

Deploy Sales Training

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Our educational system doesn’t teach people many important life skills, including the ability to sell. Colleges seem to ignore the fact that we live in a market economy where selling is important. Most people only find out that they need to sell once they leave.

Great teams need people with sales training. These colleagues understand how to communicate the needs of the team to management and customers. Their actions are what make the output of the team valuable. They’re an essential link in the chain.

Think about when you last worked in a high-performance team. There’s a good chance that there was at least one person who could communicate the value of the team to senior management or the public. Without that kind of communicator, the team can’t easily justify itself and, therefore, struggles to find direction.

Get People To Trust You

Trust can be a big issue in teams if colleagues believe that you have ulterior motives. The best way to build trust is to lay out everyone’s incentives on the table and not to hide anything. If you’re trying to create a great team because you want a bonus or promotion, say it. If you’re trying to get a group of people together to create an award-winning product to ensure the survival of the business, don’t keep it a secret. Remember, members of your organization are often far more socially aware than you expect. If they smell a rat, it’ll adversely affect their work.

Easy Ways To Boost Morale In Your Business

Three focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and Organizational/Management Discussions. To ensure the continued operation of your business, you want to maintain and, in some instances, boost your staff’s morale. Strong morale in most instances will correlate with strong productivity. The following contributed post is entitled, Easy Ways To Boost Morale In Your Business.

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Your employees should be the heart of your business. Without their hard work, you can’t succeed. It’s important that your staff know you value them if you’re going to keep morale high in your company. Low morale leads to employees ae less engaged, less productive, and more likely to leave for another job. One of the best things that you can do for your businesses pay attention to the morale in your company and improve it.

Image – free for commercial use

Offer Perks

A simple way to improve the way that your team feels about your company is to offer good perks for working for you. A benefits package is always attractive, and a good one can improve employee retention.

Offer something that is actually useful, such as a salary exchange scheme for a bike or electronics, vouchers for childcare, or small business health insurance.

You could also less formal perks, such as rewards at the end of a tough project, like a team lunch or after-work drinks.


You won’t be able to keep your team happy if you don’t talk to them. An easy way to improve morale is to communicate better. Make sure you’re checking in with your employees all the time. Ask them how they’re feeling, and about the energy in their team. Discuss any challenges that they might be facing and how you can help them. Do this through regular one-to-ones, or in informal chats. Communicating will let you keep an eye on what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to spot and take on any problems before they can grow.

You also need to communicate with your employees about any upcoming changes in your business. Make sure you do this well in advance, so people can feel as though they are being kept up to date and don’t feel as though you’re springing changes on them with no warning.

Remember that your employees are people and should be treated like that. Make them feel that their opinions matter and will be listened to, and involve them in conversations that affect them.

Get Feedback

If your business is struggling to make sales, then don’t struggle with trying to come up with a solution on your own. Instead, remember that you hired your team for their expertise, and ask for feedback.

By taking this route you may discover a new way to make improvements. As an added bonus, this lets them know that their input is valuable to you.

Make Firm Business Decisions

As the owner of a business, you can’t sit on the fence. You have to be decisive. Whatever issues come up, you need to take the time to weigh up the pros and cons, and then make a decision. When you’ve made a choice, stand by it. If something then goes wrong, be honest, learn from the mistake, and move on.

Your employees need to know that they can trust their leaders to guide them in the right direction. It’s far more productive to have a post-mortem on why something didn’t work out than to fail to do anything in the first place.

What You Need To Know About Settlement Agreements

Two focuses of my blog are Organizational and Management Discussions and Workplace Discussions. Unfortunately in some instances there are issues that need to be worked out in workplaces. At the end of these disputes, there needs to be some form of resolution and this comes in the form of Settlement Agreements. The following contributed post is entitled, What You Need To Know About Settlement Agreements.

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Being called in to have a discussion about your employment can be a shock, or it can be a relief if you’ve suspected something is up. A settlement agreement might be raised with you during a disciplinary matter, a redundancy, or if you have a made a formal complaint. There are lots of reasons that your employer might open discussions with you. Here’s what you need to know about settlement agreements.

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Settlement agreement is the new name for compromise agreement

Settle agreements used to be known as compromise agreements. This name was changed to better reflect what the agreement actually is. A settlement agreement is a way for employees to agree not to bring an employment law claim in return something, usually financial compensation, from the employer. Employers might prefer to use settlement agreements as a security measure to protect their reputation.

They’re not just for dismissals

A settlement agreement doesn’t mean that your employment has to come to an end. Maybe you have raised a grievance about your employment that your employer agrees is valid, but wants to keep confidential. Your employer might want to change the terms of your employment in a way that could be a breach of contract. They may offer compensation under a settlement agreement to do this.

There’s more flexibility than a tribunal decision

Whether the discussions are a surprise or you expected them, there are advantages to negotiating a settlement agreement which you might not be able to achieve through a process server or an employment tribunal claim. For example, as part of a settlement agreement, you might get a reference from your employer which a tribunal couldn’t order.

Legal advice is essential

If your settlement agreement is going to be valid, you must take independent legal advice from a relevant independent adviser. This could be a barrister, solicitor, trade union office or worker in an advice centre if they have certified by a trade union. The adviser must have insurance covering any claim that comes from the advice they give. Your employer might offer to pay for this legal advice, so the requirements of a valid settlement agreement can be met.

Claims you don’t know about can’t be covered

Your employer might ask you to sign a settlement agreement ‘in full and final settlement’. However, if there is a claim that could not have been known about at this time, an exclusion like this isn’t like to be successful.

Discussions will be confidential

If the settlement is being talked about in the context of ongoing employment tribal proceedings, or there is a dispute between parties, any negotiations will be ‘without prejudice’, and may not be referred to before the tribunal. Discussions that are not in the connect of proceedings or a dispute between the parties, then these discussions didn’t used to be confidentially automatically. However, these discussions are now allowed to be kept confidential for unfair dismissal claims, even if there are no existing proceedings or disputes between you and your employer.

Effective Ways To Boost Employees Productivity Levels In 2020

Two key focuses of my blog are Current Events and Organizational/Management Discussions. The Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the landscape of most workplaces. A continual consideration for managers is how to maximize employee productivity. The following contributed post is entitled, Effective Ways To Boost Employees Productivity Levels In 2020.

* * *

2020 has been a strange and scary year for everyone thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Out of what seemed like nowhere, the entire world was hit hard by the virus, causing many countries to go into complete lockdown and forcing businesses to adapt around these rules. Whether your team worked from home, or you were able to stay open due to being key workers, if your business has made it this far then congratulations! It’s likely that your team has worked hard during these strange months, and you may be beginning to notice a little lackluster in their efforts – and that’s totally understandable given the year we’ve had! However, to ensure your business continues to thrive, it’s your job to keep productivity levels high, and here are some effective ways to boost your employees productivity in 2020.


Give them incentives

As a boss, you expect your staff to work hard but sometimes, motivation can drop and a great way to boost their productivity is by giving incentives to your staff. Your employees may already have the advantages of using your Health Reimbursement Account, so you may want to look for more creative incentives! You could offer a day off completely paid if targets are met, or vouchers for money off their favourite brands. Having something exciting to work towards is an extremely effective way of boosting productivity levels, and it’s a great way of saying thank you to your staff for working so hard!

Reevaluate your office layout

Sometimes motivation and productivity levels can drop because of your surroundings. Rooms with little to no natural light, boring and dull decor, and even an office layout can affect this, so shake things up! Provided you’re complying with COVID-19 office regulations, you could experiment with different seating plans, the direction desks are facing, or even treat your staff to brand new office chairs to maximise their comfort while working. A great way of achieving this is by speaking directly to your staff so they can voice their opinions and ideas. Creating an environment where everyone works well will help your business thrive.

Switch up roles

Job roles can become mundane when you do them day in and day out for months or years on end, so why not switch up your employees job roles a little? If possible, allow your team to switch roles for a day or two each week to keep things interesting. Not only that, more ideas and opinions for each job role could lead to bigger things for your business. Obviously, this might not be applicable for specialist job roles, but generic roles such as answering the phone or data entry could be switched up to keep things interesting for your staff.

Millions of businesses have been forced to close thanks to the pandemic, and if yours is still going but your staff are struggling with motivation or productivity, then use this guide to help bring those levels back to where they should be. Remember that showing gratitude for all of your employees hard work will make the world of difference.

Corporate Christmas Party Planning Success

A key focus of my blog is Organization/Management Discussions. No matter the industry and no matter how arduous the workplace, the annual corporate Christmas party is a big deal as it’s a time for everyone feel good and fellowship in the organization. As the world eases back to some semblance of normal, it’ll be something workers will look forward to. The following contributed post is entitled, Corporate Christmas Party Planning Success.

* * *


If there is one thing that all employees look forward to it is the corporate Christmas party. This is an event that will make sure you end the year on a positive note, giving everyone a morale boost for the coming year.

With everything that has gone on this year especially, it shows us just how important our employees are. As we get to the close of the year, it is the perfect time to host a party (even if it needs to be virtual in your part of the world) and to review your employee benefits for 2021. Head to https://cjfig.com/employee-benefits/ for more advice on this.

With that in mind, read on to discover some top tips on planning your corporate Christmas party, including choosing from all of the Christmas party venues has to offer.

One of the best places to start is by getting feedback on how last year’s party went. It is a good idea to put together a small questionnaire with a number of simple questions for your employees to answer. Examples include: What would you prefer was not included this year? What would you like to see again? What did you think of the venue hire? What was your favourite part of last year’s Christmas party? This will give you a good idea regarding what they like and what they don’t, which will help you to form the basis of this year’s party planning.

The next thing you need to do is set the right date and time. There are two factors that will come into consideration. Firstly, you need to consider your employees’ schedules. When is the ‘official’ last day of work? The party should be on that day. No one wants to come back to work the day after the Christmas party. The second factor is availability. There are many Christmas party venues, however, there are also a lot of companies looking for venues too!

There is a lot that needs to be considered when looking at Christmas party venues. You need somewhere that is convenient. No one wants to spend a fortune on taxis because the venue is far away from a tube station! You also need somewhere that is unique and will get everyone excited about the party. Your employees don’t want to feel like you have simply chosen the cheapest venue that is on offer. After all, your Christmas party is meant to be an opportunity to thank your employees for all of their hard work.

Aside from looking for the best Christmas party venues, you also need to organise entertainment. There are many different options to choose from, including musicians, DJs, magicians, comedians, and much more. The best thing to do is talk to your employees and find out what sort of thing they would like. Of course, your budget is another important element to take into account. Take the time to devise a proper budget, and then decide how much you are going to attribute to each element of the party. It’s vital to spend on the important elements first, i.e. food, drink, and music. These are the things that matter the most. The décor and any other extras can come after this.

Hopefully, you now have all of the advice you need to get started with planning your Christmas party. From choosing the right date and time to assessing Christmas party venues with care, there is a lot to take in, but it will all be worth it in the end when you throw an incredible party.