Injury Prevention And Control In Sport

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Health/Wellness. One of the wild cards of competitive sports is injuries. Injuries can change the destinies for both teams and it’s players. Minimizing and controlling them is thus key. The following contributed post is entitled, Injury Prevention And Control In Sport.

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Injury is the athlete’s pet peeve. Who says injury, necessarily says cessation of sports practice for a more or less long period. In this article, you will find the keys to optimizing your performance as much as possible and thus minimizing your risk of sports-related injuries. This is close to my heart because I myself know this kind of fear and I have had injured athletes in my entourage who have difficulty recovering from it. Let’s go for our tips to help you avoid sports injuries!

The key to your optimum state of shape is above all your daily hygiene. Sleep is a critical function for our health and to prevent sports-related injury. Indeed, this phase allows the body to recover physically and mentally. It is essential because the cellular repair processes mainly take place at night and in addition allows to accentuate the memory, the learning and reinforces the metabolism.

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Limit excess tobacco, alcohol

The impact of these excessive alcohol consumption or smoking can accelerate the phenomenon of rigid and clogged arteries. This increases the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as the risk of cancer, and therefore also the risk of sports injury. It is very important to respect this lifestyle most of the time for overall health and it is even more important for an athlete in search of performance.

A suitable diet to avoid injuries

Diet will also play a key role in reducing the risk of sports-related injuries.
We know that a too acidifying diet can have harmful consequences on our body, (very rich in red meat, saturated fats, white cereals, cheeses). What are the repercussions on the body of an excessively acidifying diet? The acidifying food will generate an acid ground at the level of the organism increasing the risk of:

● muscle pain
● chronic inflammations such as tendonitis
● joint pain
● bacterial and viral infections
A bad diet can also participate in the formation of other ailments such as:
● cramps
● chronic migraines,
● lumbago

Drive out muscle imbalances to avoid sports injuries

We all have a more muscular member than another because by definition we use it more regularly. On the other hand, muscle imbalances will be the gateway to muscle injuries. Many non-traumatic injuries could be avoided by working on our muscle imbalances. For example, back pain often becomes chronic when the back muscles are not working hard enough. The best management before these pains become chronic is to institute in your daily life, muscular movements of the back (sheathing exercises, back to maintain the column). You must consider aftercare also, such as ice packs and more specifically gel ice packs that work to provide comfort also.

Finally, your physical recovery should be optimized as well. Indeed, neglected recovery does not give the body time to initiate the natural processes of adaptation and recovery. So whilst you can still enjoy your precious sports, you must also consider ways to prevent injury and deal with them in the long term. This way you can always enjoy the sports that you love.

How To Stay On Top Of Business Matters For Greater Efficiency

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Running a business is not easy and depending upon the nature of your enterprise, there can be multiple moving parts. The following contributed post is entitled, How To Stay On Top Of Business Matters For Greater Efficiency.

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Improving how you manage projects is a starting point for becoming more organized as a business. Yet, there is more to business management than running and planning a project. Therefore, it is crucial to stay on top of all business aspects to ensure that your business is efficient as possible. Here are some top tips.

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Outsource work
Outsourcing work and seeking help from other teams is a useful way to get everything done to a top standard. Although you might be able to just manage to juggle all aspects of your business alone or with a small team, you will attain greater results if you complete tasks to the best ability.

For instance, you might lack time to fulfill customer orders and get them shipped out on time. This could damage your business’s reputation and dissatisfy customers. Therefore, you could outsource your shipping to a Fulfillment Center, which can help you stay on top of your orders by packing and shipping them for you. You can sit back and relax while the orders are fulfilled for you.

Review your current structure
Reviewing your current business structure can help you identify where you are lacking efficiency, which will help you make room for improvement.

Without knowing what you are currently doing wrong or areas that aren’t your strong point, it will be difficult to make improvements.

Utilize feedback
Although negative feedback can be difficult to hear, it is best to take it on the chin and use it to your advantage. When someone offers you feedback, you should use this as a way to improve your business.

Should a customer say that they were unsatisfied with the response time from an email, you can use this as a way to improve your business. You might not even know your business’s weak areas. Thus, customer feedback will help you in the process of reviewing your business and help you find areas to focus on that need improving.

Set your business realistic goals
There is no use in setting goals that are far beyond reach as you will put yourself under a lot of unnecessary pressure.

Setting your business realistic goals will help you stay on top of your game and work in small steps to get there.

A realistic goal is one that you can stick to and commit to. If you set a goal that is far beyond realistic, then you will likely have a hard time committing to it because it feels unachievable.

Only organize essential meetings
Sometimes, you might schedule meetings that eat up an hour of your time and you didn’t get much from it. Therefore, you then realize that the meeting was a waste of time when you could have been doing something else and more productive.

Learning from this will help you only organize essential meetings that will make use of your time. An hour of your working day is a long time to waste. Thus, schedule meetings that are essential and only plan a set amount of time that is necessary so that you can be as productive as possible.

Automate processes
To help your business become more efficient, it can help to automate processes. Automation means that you can get on with other tasks while other tasks are being done in the background.

For instance, you could automate your marketing content. You will still need to spend time creating it and scheduling it. However, you won’t have to spend time manually publishing it. You can set up scheduled posts so that your marketing is frequent and consistent. The more frequently you share marketing content, the greater your reach will be.

Say no more than you think you should
It is common practice to say yes to most things that come our way. However, they may not fulfill your time the right way. If you feel that the thing you are being asked to do will not make you be as productive as possible or you have other (more important) things to do, then say no.

There is no harm in saying no. You can’t say yes to everything that comes your way, otherwise, you really wouldn’t have time to get on with your own tasks. Say no more so that you can get on with your own things and be more productive at work.

If you fear saying no or do want to say yes but the timing isn’t right, ask to reschedule the task or meeting so that you can complete it at a later date at a time that will maximize your productivity.

Running A Business: Here Are Ways To Improve How You Manage Projects

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Depending upon the type of business you’re in, you’ll need to manage numerous projects. This will likely be key to your business’s growth. The following contributed post is entitled, Running A Business: Here Are Ways To Improve How You Manage Projects.

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When running a business, it is essential to manage projects well. Your business may fail because you can’t keep up with all tasks that should be addressed. Here are tips on how to improve your project management skills and make sure everything gets completed.

Invest in Project Management Courses

Project management courses are a great way to improve how you manage projects. A course like Agile project management certification will ensure that your team is on the same page, and you can communicate clearly about what needs to be done, when it should be completed, and any roadblocks along the way. You’ll also learn new techniques for managing schedules as well as the tools you need to get the job done.

Make Use of Project Management Software

Managing projects with project management digital tools is a great way to streamline your workflow, improve communication between teams, and get better at tracking time. This is a great way to work smarter. It’s easy to check in with your team members when using software like Trello or basecamp for project management. There are many features these apps have that make staying on task a breeze.

You can set deadlines and assign tasks so everyone knows what they need to be working on at all times. This will also help them plan their day better. You’ll get a lot more accomplished when you have everything in one place that is easily accessible for every member of your team.

Use a Project Schedule

A project schedule is a document that outlines the tasks to complete for your business. This allows you to see what needs to be done and create a safe environment for honest communication with your employees such as asking for more time to meet project deadlines. You can also use it as an outline for meetings with team members or even customers since they will know what you are working on at any given time, allowing them to make suggestions easily if they would like.

Ensure You Have All the Resources You Need

When determining how many resources you need for a project, consider all the roles and responsibilities. For instance, if your client requires four revisions of their materials before approval, ensure that your team has enough time and capacity to get it done without compromising quality or creativity.

If your team cannot meet the deadline, identify any bottlenecks you can work on to streamline your project management. Everyone must be up-to-date with what they need to accomplish so that there are no surprises. If changes or additions come up during a project, ensure that all team members know about them.

Use Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication is a skill that every business owner should have. This ensures all employees are on the same page and can produce quality products or services for your customers. Be proactive when communicating with your team members; make sure each person knows what they need to do before handing it over.


Ways to improve project management are prioritizing work, organizing tasks into categories, and delegating responsibility for each job to avoid falling behind. A manager may also benefit from using a time tracker app on your phone while handling projects to ensure they stay on track.

This Is How To Sell Your Investment Property

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you’re investing in real estate, you always want to be mindful of how to sell your properties if you’ve built up a collection of them, and if it has become lucrative for you to do so. The following contributed post is entitled, This Is How To Sell Your Investment Property.

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When the time comes to sell your investment property, there are several factors to consider. Lucky, you can read all about the most important ones in our post below.

Picture found at Pixabay – License CC0

Get it valued

Before you decide to part with any property assets, it’s vital that you do your due diligence to establish what they could be worth. One way to do this is to look online at similar properties in the area and see how much they are going for.

Getting 2 or 3 valuations from experienced real estate agents can help a lot here as well. The reason being that they will be in the best position to judge how the market is currently moving. It’s important to get more than one valuation too, as there is often a significant difference between valuations. Indeed, the more you get, the more accurate a picture of the true value of your property you can build up, something that will stand you in good stead for when it comes time to put your asset on the market.

Find a great realtor

Another reason why it makes sense to work with more than one realtor to get property valuations is that it will provide you with an opportunity to test? Then, see which one you would work best with. Indeed, choosing a realtor that is not only adept at the selling side of things but also is punctual with meetings and when completing paperwork can make all the difference here.

It can be particularly helpful to choose a realtor that has previous experience with the type of investment properties you are looking to sell. That means finding a commercial property specialist if you have a shop, warehouse, or office building to sell.

Get some amazing photos taken

The good news is that once you have picked a real estate agent to work with, they will do a great deal of the heavy lifting for you. Indeed, they will take down all the details of the property to create an appealing listing to show to potential buyers.

Of course, one of the most important parts of any property listing is the images that go along with it. However, taking the photos yourself may not be the best course of action, the reason being that aerial photography needed to represent the property you have for sale in the best light can be particularly tricky. Instead, it’s best to opt for an expert that understands how various factors such as light, and the angle of the shot can make all the difference to how appealing it looks to potential buyers.

Consider your tenants

Last, of all, it’s pretty common for investment properties to be leased out to tenants, residential or commercial. Now, many people assume that to sell their property, they must inform the tenants that they are ending their lease.

However, it is also possible to sell a property with the tenants in situ and write into the contract that their agreement will be honored. Indeed, many buyers will prefer this because it means they will have a guaranteed income stream from the moment they take possession of the property, so be sure to explore this option before you sell.

5 Reasons Why Buying a Business Can Be Better Than Starting One

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. There are numerous ways to get into business. One way is to start one from scratch and the second is the buy a pre-existing one. Many have done the latter successfully. The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Reasons Why Buying a Business Can Be Better Than Starting One.

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There’s no denying that there are pros and cons to starting a business from scratch. However, some people believe a better route into the world of entrepreneurialism is by purchasing an established business.

You’re likely considering this option but aren’t quite sure whether it’s the right choice for you or not. With that in mind, you should consider the following five reasons to buy a ready-made business and develop it, as opposed to starting an enterprise from scratch:

1. Buying a Business Isn’t Hard

The sad truth is that some people believe there is much bureaucracy to deal with should they want to buy an existing business. Did you know that the process is more straightforward than you might have anticipated?

For example, you could use a business broker service to help you find the right business and negotiate a fair and reasonable purchase price. Buying a company doesn’t mean you have to do all the research and negotiation work yourself.

2. It’s an Established Brand

One of the challenges of starting a new business from scratch is how you have to spend a lot of time and money promoting a new brand and making it memorable in the minds of your target market.

Thankfully, that isn’t something you need to worry about with an established brand. The business’s present owners will undoubtedly have cemented the brand’s place in your target market, and you can take over and develop that presence further.

3. Immediate Income From the Date of Purchase

When you look for established businesses to buy, one of the things you will consider is the brand’s profitability. If it’s a healthy enterprise with a healthy profit, it will get transferred to you once you complete the purchase of the business.

In contrast, you are less likely to have an immediate income stream from a brand new business that has yet to establish itself in the market. If you want a company that’s turning over money and boasts substantial profit, buying an established firm is the way forward.

4. There’s Less Work to Do

If you purchase an existing business, you get to skip all the hard work associated with launching a new brand. For example, you don’t need to conduct market research, cost analysis, find suppliers that charge competitive prices, and establish the brand.

A healthy and profitable business will only need a few tweaks at best to improve efficiency and performance. You’ll also have more time to develop long-term plans and take action to make those changes happen.

5. You’ve Got an Established Content Network

One final point to keep in mind is how you’ve got an established content network at your disposal when you take on an existing business. That means you can access suppliers, marketers, financiers, and more.

As you can appreciate, finding and forging relationships with such organizations can take a lot of time and trial and error. You don’t need to think about those worries when you buy an existing brand and turn it into your dream business.

The Best Blogger Outreach Ideas

Two focuses of my blog are Blogging/Writing and Business/Entrepreneurship. When you start a blog, you have to think about ways to get your messaging out and expanding your reach. There’s a lot more to it than just having insightful and well-crafted pieces. The following contributed post is entitled, The Best Blogger Outreach Ideas.

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Blogger outreach, sometimes known as influencer marketing, is when bloggers and businesses work together to create promotional content. In most cases, the business will provide the blogger with samples of products or services in return for a review, or offer as prizes in a giveaway hosted by the blogger. Sometimes both are done, to maximize the results. Blogger outreach can be an effective part of a digital strategy to build brand recognition.

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The type of blogger outreach that you decide to do and that will work best for you will depend on your business, and there are lots of great options to choose from. You can manage your own blogger outreach, or you can work with a company like FATJOE who already has a list of contacts for you to work with, cutting a lot of work out for you!

Sponsored Posts

These are posts that you pay a blogger to write and publish, with mentions of and links to your brand. The amount a post like this will cost you will depend on the influence of the blogger, as well as the kind of post you want. Make sure you agree on terms beforehand.

Remember that the Advertising Standards Authority states that a blogger must always declare when they have been paid for a post, so they will need to use a clear disclaimer on the post you pay them for.

Product Reviews

Another option is to send out your products to bloggers in return for a review, whether in the form of a blog post, photos on social media, or videos. Remember that bloggers will not guarantee a positive review, so make sure whatever you send them is great, so that what they tell their followers about you is good.

Product Features

A product feature is similar to a review. However, instead of reviewing it, the blogger will feature your product as part of a larger post. For example, they might include your jewelry in a gift guide around Christmas time, or mention your walking shoes in a post about a hiking trip they’ve taken.


Giveaways can be incredibly effective for both the brand and the blogger. The brand provides the prize and the blogger will host the competition, which could be on their blog, YouTube channel, or social media channels. Giveaways are a great way to gain followers and exposure.

Blogger Events

If you prefer the idea of real-life to digital, then running a blogger event could be for you. You invite bloggers and other influencers to attend an event that will showcase your brand, such as launching a new product range, in exchange for them covering the event. This is a great way to boost your brand with coverage from a lot of bloggers at once.

You could create event hashtags to give you a clearer idea of what the return on investment is. Blogger events do take a lot of time and effort to organize, but the payoff can be well worth it.

Overcoming The Online Phobia

Three focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and Technology. Significant amounts of business is done online today. Some business owners however have concerns with doing business online. The following contributed post is entitled, Overcoming The Online Phobia.

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Customers and businesses have spoken: the future is online. Yet, not everyone is ready to tackle the challenges of building an online presence. In fact, running an online business can be nerve-racking, daunting, and also plain dangerous. There are significant risks involved that could break your business if you don’t understand how to handle them appropriately. From hackers trying to gain access to your data to competitors leaving intentional negative reviews, online is not always a safe place. However, your fear of building your digital presence could hinder business growth. Here’s how you can learn to manage digital risks effectively and successfully.

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Rely on a proven strategy
Innovative, unexpected, novel, these are some of the buzzwords that people wrongly associate with a successful strategy. Does a strategy need to be completely new to drive growth? According to these experts here, no strategy is the result of one person’s imagination. Growing digital sales is all about understanding your data, building your digital brand, and attracting customers using proven techniques. In other words, you don’t need to invent something new when you can rely on established methods that work. While it doesn’t mean that creative marketing is a waste of time — it isn’t —, your strategy follows an established map of actions determined by your goals, situation, and budget.

Take your first step with a partner
The first mistake businesses make is to assume that they need to go through the digital challenges alone. Finding a business partner online could transform your attitude to digital growth. An online business partner can help you update your presence to be noticed by online customers. Additionally, partners share responsibilities, which means that you can work together to protect and defend the brand. Negative reviews are less frequent when you and your partner can respond rapidly. While remaining an issue, cyber security can be enhanced when you combine your IT strategies and budgets.

Build trust rather than convincing
Many businesses worry that an online presence can not replace the sincere connections you build in face-to-face interaction. While a digital presence requires delivering your content without physical interactions, it doesn’t mean there’s no room to create an authentic brand. On the contrary, authentic content builds a connection with your users fueled at an emotional level by your choice of word, the device presence, the culture, and the level of trust customers have. Authenticity transcends the communication medium when the content offers your audience a real experience of the brand.

Accept that sometimes sh*t happens
Of course, nobody wants to think of the worst=case scenario. However, sometimes things simply refuse to work. Whether your server connection is down or customers are not satisfied with your services, your fears could turn true. Yet, mishaps don’t last. Your reaction to problems will linger if you panic. Similarly, a positive and managed response will also have a long-term impact on the brand. Learning to plan for the things you fear the most can help you handle issues and grow.

Online is a fast-changing world. Yet, most people share the same fears about building a digital presence. They are worried about tech safety, reputation, and growth. Should worries affect your digital approach? Yes. But they should not stop you. They give you the nudge you need to find the appropriate support for your business.

How Technology Is Changing The Home

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living Discussions and Technology. As our world becomes more and more digital, life as we know it is adjusting as well, our homes included. The following contributed post is entitled, How Technology Is Changing The Home.

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Technology can be defined as “the practical application of knowledge”, and in this respect, technology has been around since our ancestors learned to make tools and light fires. However, today’s technology is a little different – we might call it digital technology -, and it’s advancing all the time.

Technology grows up around us and integrates with our lives in such a seamless way that we hardly know it’s there. This is no more the case than in the home where we couldn’t imagine living without washing machines, kettles, and televisions. But technology in the home is once again making huge strides.

Integrated entertainment systems

Cells phones began life as one-dimensional devices; later, they included text messaging and simple games. Nowadays, these functions are secondary, and the smartphone has become an essential mobile computer with the versatility of a Swiss army knife.

It seems this convenient technology has made its way into the home as well. It is no longer just smartphones that serve multiple functions; televisions do as well. A modern television device is also a computer and streaming service. Using apps, you can also make video calls through your Television.

Uncomplicated household chores

It’s no surprise that household chores have also adapted to the modern era. Washing machines and dryers have been commonplace for decades, but nowadays, you can buy units where the function are combined, offering excellent space-saving potential and lower energy costs.

That’s not all; you no longer need a cord for your vacuum cleaner. New designs mean you can go cordless and forget about the stress of reaching far away rooms or entangling the cord. You can also find AI vacuum cleaners that clean the floors for you while you enjoy other things.

Modern furniture sets

A sofa set is a must-have for every home; we all need a place to relax with the family on the weekend and watch a movie or get comfy with a coffee and a good book. But the style of sofas are changing; you only need to take a look at some of the modern brand names.

These days you will find a growing trend toward corner sofas with pared-down cushions. Perhaps it’s the influence of the Scandanavians, or maybe it’s the minimalist movement that seems to be sweeping the globe. In any case, this sofa type offers plenty of comfort and style.

All-in-one devices

The internet of things continues to grow and advance. The internet of things is the concept of connecting one device to many others in an environment – in most cases, the home. All of the connected devices share information and contribute to improving efficiency and lifestyle comfort.

If you ever wished you could have a personal assistant in the home to remind you of events and switch devices on and off, the IoT is the answer. So it’s worth getting on board with the IoT sooner rather than later because the progressive AI technology will only improve your home life and progress with the passing years.

Massive storage potential

Have you always dreamed of a library containing all your favorite books and magazines? Well, now you can have one, and the upside is that you don’t have to sacrifice any of the space in your home. Instead, you can use that spare room as a study, playroom, or sitting room.

Using an electronic book or e-book reader, you can store two or three times as many books as you could hold in a physical library. You also have the books at your fingertips without the weight, and you can read them anywhere. As a result, electronic storage is a growing trend in the home.

New gaming experiences

Gaming has a relatively recent history in the grand scheme of things, but even still, it has come a long way in recent decades. Advances in graphics and playability have encouraged the latest game developers to reach for the stars, while players are becoming just as obsessed with retro titles.

The modern home has not forgotten about this entertainment hub, making room for multiple consoles in the TV stand and connections to suit a variety of systems. Not only that, you can play with friends online or strangers around the world – there’s no longer any need to organize special gaming evenings.


As technology advances, the homes we live in also transform; they become more convenient and more energy efficient with every passing decade. But recent years have seen huge leaps in smart technology and new apparatus such as smart devices and wireless services. Often, new technologies come into the home gradually, but perhaps it’s time to make more progressive choices.

What Business Lessons Can You Learn From The Pandemic?

Three focuses of my blog are Current Events, Money/Financial Literacy and Business/Entrepreneurship. The pandemic was life changing for everyone, and not everyone survived in the business arena. Whether or not you fared well or did not, there were lessons for everyone. The following contributed post is entitled, What Business Lessons Can You Learn From The Pandemic?

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Image from Pexels – CC0 License

It has been a tough 18 months or so for businesses everywhere, and the people who keep them running. Many people in business have struggled to keep their livelihoods alive, which in turn has affected their employees. Nobody wants to have to deal with such a difficult set of circumstances, but we’ve learned that sometimes you need to be prepared for something unexpected to come your way. Many businesses haven’t survived the pandemic, but those that have took steps to adapt and try to survive. Whether you have an established business or you’re setting up a business right now, there are some great lessons you can take from the pandemic.

Here are some of the things you can keep in mind, not just for the current situation but also for the future.

Be Prepared for Anything

While it’s not entirely true that we couldn’t have predicted a pandemic (they have occurred before), most people weren’t expecting to have to deal with one anytime soon. If there’s one lesson that every business owner has taken from the pandemic, it’s that you need to be prepared for anything. It’s not exactly an easy feat to achieve, especially for a small business, but there are multiple things that any business can do to help them prepare for anything that might come their way. Having good savings and good insurance, as well as being ready to adapt your business to new circumstances when necessary can help to prepare your business for the future.

It’s Important to Support Other Businesses

Something that many businesses have learned recently is that you can’t necessarily rely on the government or anyone else for help when you’re in trouble. For many people, the help that was given came too late or wasn’t enough. With this in mind, a lot of business people have realized how important it is to support other businesses and to stick together as a community. The #OpenForBusiness Campaign aims to recognize the resilience of American entrepreneurship and how important it is for small businesses to support each other. The campaign’s helicopter tour of each of the lower-48 states will involve visiting small businesses and speaking to owners about adapting to the post-pandemic economy.

Work-Life Balance Is Important

Working from home has become the norm for many during the pandemic. Business owners have continued to run their companies from home where possible or have found alternative ways to use their business premises if they can. Something that this has highlighted is the need for work-life balance, both for business owners and their employees. Working from home has made it even more important to maintain a line between work and home, ensuring there’s a separation between the two. People who have been working long hours know that it’s crucial to have the time to rest and dedicate to your family and other parts of your personal life.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Treat Your Employees Well

One of the effects of the pandemic that we’re seeing is an unwillingness from employees to work for poor pay and in poor conditions. Previously, many people might have felt like they had to take what they could get. But after more than a year has shown why some of these employees are so essential, people are changing their mindsets. They want to be appreciated and adequately compensated for their work. For businesses that are struggling to find employees, offering something more for anyone who works for them could be the key to turning things around.

Keep Your Customers Loyal

As well as treating your employees well, it’s also important to keep your customers loyal. In times of trouble, knowing that you have customers who are likely to stick with you through thick and thin is reassuring. So be sure to treat your customers well, both when things are going well and when circumstances aren’t so rosy.

Know How to Adapt But Stay True

Adapting your business during tough times is often an essential way to survive. Many businesses took this step during the pandemic, especially those that were unable to operate as normal, such as restaurants. Knowing how to adapt is important, but it’s also necessary to know how to stay true to your business and its values. Whether you’re making a temporary change or pivoting on a more permanent basis, you should think about how to maintain your values and what your business stands for, especially if you want to keep some existing customers around.

If there are some positives to take away from the pandemic, some valuable business lessons can definitely be useful.

Job Hunting Hacks: Steps To Help You Find Your Next Job

A key focus of my blog is Career Discussions. I the course of pursuing one’s career, there will likely be job changes for one reason or another. Find the next job isn’t always easy or straight forward. The following contributed post is entitled, Job Hunting Hacks: Steps To Help You Find Your Next Job.

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Job hunting is never easy, but in the aftermath of a pandemic, it can be particularly challenging. If you’re currently looking for a job, or you’re thinking about changing careers in the future, here are some steps to take to find your next role.

Update your resume

The first step to take when applying for any kind of job is to update and review your resume. If you haven’t applied for a job for years, or you tend to hit the ‘submit’ button without checking your resume first, it’s essential to take the time to read the information and make sure that it’s up to date. If your resume is out of date, you could be selling yourself short. Include recent developments in your employment history, training and qualifications, and tailor each application to the specific role.

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Improve your interview skills

Job interviews are daunting, and many of us feel anxious and nervous beforehand. If you tend to experience severe anxiety, or you don’t perform well under pressure, it’s wise to consider doing workshops or classes to help you build confidence, control nerves and navigate the process smoothly. Practice presenting, public speaking and answering questions and go through role-play scenarios. If you get an interview for a job, take your time to respond to questions, arrive on time, make sure you look the part and showcase your personality and passion.

Protect your online reputation

Today, employers can find out about candidates before they even meet them at an interview. If you are hunting for a new job, it’s wise to think about how you come across online. Set your social media profiles and accounts to private, delete posts you have shared in the past that could possibly cause offense or damage your reputation, and investigate services that remove mugshots if you’ve been cleared of charges. If an employer searches for information about you online, you want them to be able to find content or data that create positive impressions. It’s worth checking privacy settings and removing posts or photographs you might not want in the ether before you start submitting applications.

Register with reputable recruitment agencies

It is possible to find jobs without working with recruiters, but registering with a reputable recruitment agency that has an impressive track record can boost your chances of landing a great job. Look for companies that specialize in the industry or sector in which you want to work, update your resume and talk openly about what you’re looking for. Recruiters have relationships with employers and employees and they will notify you if an opening comes up that matches your skill set, experience and preferences.

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Job hunting is challenging at the best of times, but many people are struggling to find the perfect position in the wake of the pandemic. If you are currently looking for a job, or you are considering a change of career, there are steps you can take to maximize your chances of success. Update your resume, tailor each application, hone your interview skills and protect your online reputation. It’s also an excellent idea to register with reliable recruitment agencies and to sign up for online job alerts.