3 Home Improvement Ideas That Make A Cozier Home

Two focuses of my blog are Home and Living and Home and Property Discussions. There are several considerations that come with home ownership. One of the foremost is making your home as comfortable as possible. The following contributed post is entitled, 3 Home Improvement Ideas That Make A Cozier Home.

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They say home is where the heart is, so do you really want a boring, dirty, old heart? It is easily assumed that the answer to that is no, and rightfully so. Having a home, apartment, condo, etc., that embarrasses you anytime your friends or family comes over is no good. No one should ever experience that feeling.

A home is a place for you to relax, feel comfortable, and feel at ease. You should not be walking into your living space every day questioning whether this looks good or that looks good.

So, if you have these negative feelings about where you live, what are the options to flip the script? How about some home improvement!

There are a ton of ways for you to improve your home. You can do that simply through decoration, but if you were really looking to make a change, diving into some home improvement projects could be just what you need; just make sure you (or your contractor) know what is going on, so there are no construction defects.

But what home improvement project should you get started with? Take a look a below at the three home improvement ideas that will give you a better, cozier living space:

Create Better Storage

One big issue that people can run into when trying to do things around the house is just the sheer amount of “stuff” they have. For example, when a parent of two is trying to move a chair from the living room to another room in the house, there is a good chance they step on a lego or some other type of toy. To fix this/improve your home, you could create a better storage system.

What this storage system looks like is up to you, but there are plenty of ways you can go. From building some shelving, to an entryway organizer, to creating a crawlspace, making space for more storage is a nice way to change the dynamic of the house.

Get Your House Professionally Cleaned

There is no real construction being done when cleaning the house except maybe putting the vacuum together. Joking aside, giving your home a deep cleaning is a great way to improve the atmosphere and vibe of the living area. You can put in the effort and do this all by yourself, but if you hire a professional cleaning company, they will give you the best house cleaning you can imagine through intense carpet cleaning and the dusting of every nook and cranny.


Like above, you can have your house professionally painted; you can also do it yourself. Whatever the case, giving your home a fresh new coat of paint (both on the exterior and interior) will breathe new life into your living space. A new coat of paint may seem like a very basic idea, but it can do wonders, especially if you decide to change up the color palette.

Smart Home Renovation Ideas To Increase Your Home Resale Value

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living and Home/Property Discussions. When you purchase a home and own it for some time, a key consideration is reselling it depending on you individual life and trajectory. The following contributed post is entitled, Smart Home Renovation Ideas To Increase Your Home Resale Value.

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What if you could boost your home resale value by 5%? While this seems small, that is approximately $16,000 on the average $374,000 US home. Statistics have shown that about 69% of US households have at least one smart home device, while 12% have more. Smart technology is now a mainstay, and incorporating it in your home renovation will significantly increase its resale value. Fortunately, there are many other upgrades you can increase your home’s resale value while adding functionality. Here are a few strategic home upgrades you should consider to achieve this.

1. Revamp your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the important places in your home and can use an upgrade. Enhancing your kitchen with a modern look will improve its value significantly. You may want to consider ditching a dull color for a more neutral one, for example, white, to attract more potential buyers. Additionally, you should go for suitable materials if you intend to replace them rather than a simple restore. Using suitable material can increase your home value by almost 20%. Other upgrades such as granite countertops can increase your home value significantly, yet they quickly build up your home renovation cost. You may have to complete a cost vs. ROI analysis before making a decision.

2. Go for a bathroom upgrade

Like the kitchen, an outdated bathroom can affect the overall value of your home. Refurbish your cabinets and avoid passé colors and wallpapers. Your bathroom can include eco-friendly toilet installation. However, take note that not every feature requires replacement or change. For new build construction projects, ensure to include items that add personality and uniqueness to your home, like modern bathroom doors. You can likewise maintain swan handles and crystal beaded tiles.

3. Secure your entryways

The various entryways into your home are a vital aspect that affects the value of your home. Understandably, a house with weak entryway security would have less value than one with sufficient and robust security. Therefore, you should consider functional and adequate security measures. For example, you can install a video doorbell to monitor and record activity around your entryways or an alarm system to alert you of intruders. These smart technologies keep you connected to your home even when away, adding functionality to your home.

4. Add some energy-efficient fixtures

Nothing turns away a potential buyer than old energy-consuming devices. For example, although air conditioning is excellent, it may increase your energy bills. Therefore, installing a ceiling fan allows the potential buyer to select a more energy-efficient choice, which increases your home value. You can consider installing energy-efficient products like a smart thermostat, energy monitors, and renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Energy-efficient fixtures aren’t only great for reducing your energy bills and improving your impact on climate change, improving your indoor condition and energy consumers’ price risks.

Implementing these home renovation ideas will fetch you a reasonable price for your home in today’s market.

Revamping Your Living Space Into A Modern Room

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living Discussions and Home/Property Discussions. Whenever you acquire property, one consideration is to keep it as modern as possible, especially if you have the knack for interior design. The following contributed post is entitled, Revamping Your Living Space Into A Modern Room.

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Have you grown a bit tired with your living room? Does it somehow not feel as comfortable as it used to? Maybe it needs an injection of modernity?

Perhaps you are starting a new build project and in the process of hiring dump truck hauling services and designing the interior of your home?

Whatever it may be, you can easily achieve a modern look with white high gloss furniture. Read on to discover why this is a must-have trend for any living room.

You will struggle to find a trend more modern than white high gloss furniture. If it is a contemporary vibe you are going for, this style of furniture is a must. You can easily achieve that stunning minimalistic vibe that is popular right now. You don’t need to go to the effort of dressing this type of furniture up either, as the shiny surface does all of the hard work. The sheen the gloss produces is unlike anything else; when the light hits the surface, the result is pure magic. This creates a clean, contemporary, and sleek feel in any living area.

As it plays to the minimalist trend, it also enables you to have a clutter-free and clean living space, which is the perfect setting for relaxing after a hard day at work. Plus, high gloss furniture is really versatile too. You can match the white finish with a wide array of fabrics and other materials, making it easy to incorporate gloss furniture into your current style of living room. Or, if you are embarking on a full redecoration, you will have great fun picking furnishings and accessories to go with your white gloss pieces.

A clear sign that your living room is in need of high white gloss furniture is if it feels dark and dingy. If you have a small or awkward shaped living room, this can easily happen. The great thing about high gloss furniture white, in particular, is that it really brightens up a room and opens it up. This makes it appear much more welcoming and a lot bigger too. Basically, the light will reflect off the surface and back into the living room, and this is how it makes the space seem larger. So, white gloss furniture is definitely the easiest way to cheer up a room, giving it a festive and bright atmosphere.

Also, it gives you the platform to benefit from one of the most beautiful, timeless and striking combinations – black and white. White gloss living room furniture teamed with black accessories looks incredible. Or, you could opt for black flooring or have one of the walls in your living room painted black. This is the easiest and most effective way to create a living room that looks like it belongs in an interior design magazine.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about white high gloss furniture. A few simple pieces can change the look and feel of your living room, giving it a modern design and a clean and calming ambience.

What To Think About Before Installing Solar Power In Your Home

Three focuses of my blog are Home/Living Discussions, Home/Property Discussions and Technology. Many people want to make their homes “green” so that they can take advantage of the abundance of solar power available from the sun. While it’s a good idea, it’s important to be smart about it. The following contributed post is entitled, What To Think About Before Installing Solar Power In Your Home.

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Solar panels are an accessible way to start benefiting from solar power in your home. You get the benefit of renewable energy, helping you to be kinder to the planet and eventually save some money too. Before you start installing solar panels, there are some things that you should consider. It’s not necessarily the right choice for everyone, so you need to think about what it entails and whether it’s going to benefit you. There are both pros and cons to consider, as well as some practicalities to take into account. Think about some of these things before you make a choice.


The cost of solar panels is the first thing that many people want to know. Is it going to save you money each year? How long will it be before you’ve made your money back? It’s important to research prices to find out how much you could be paying. But it’s also a good idea to check a couple of other things. Firstly, check if there are any grants or subsidies to help you pay for your solar panels. Secondly, check if you can be paid for feeding any excess power for your panels back into the grid.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Amount of Power Needed

You should think about the amount of power that you want to generate with solar panels. Are you hoping to power your whole home or most of your home? The amount of power you need will determine how many solar panels you want and how much space you’ll need for them. One solar panel can generally produce around 250W of power, which means that ten panels will give you a 2.5kW system. Most people probably don’t have the space to power their whole home, unless they have the space and money to pay for it.

Work to Be Carried Out

The process to install your solar panels also needs to be considered. If you’ll be installing them on your roof, you need to make sure that the roof is strong enough. Any problems with the tiles on your roof could be an issue after the panels have been installed because replacing the tiles will mean you need to remove the panels. So before installing, get your roof checked. A Level 2 Electrician will help you to install a meter for your solar system. They can also carry out other electrical work that might be required if you choose to install solar panels.

Alternatives to Consider

Solar panels are often the go-to choice for renewable energy, but there are other options available too. Consider whether there are other options that could meet your needs instead. Some of the renewable energy choices that you might consider include air source and ground source heat pumps, wind turbines, and even hydroelectricity. Think about what your goals are, your budget, and other factors that might affect what you’re looking for.

Before you install solar power in your home, consider these important things that could influence whether solar panels will work for you.

Things To Consider When Renovating

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living and Home/Property Discussions. If you own a home, one thing you will consider at some point is doing some renovations. The following contributed post is entitled, Things To Consider When Renovating.

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When planning to renovate there is so much to think about and focus upon. You might have grand plans when it comes to making your home more aesthetically pleasing and forgets to consider final touches when it comes to updating your bathroom and other homely spaces. By considering these few points you can ensure that your home ends up being not only attractive but functional as well.

Think Ahead
When renovating it is important to plan this not only for the now but also for your future life within your home. Try to consider how your and your family’s needs will change as you all grow and develop and factor this into your plans. Not only will this save you further renovation time and cost in the future it will make the home more enjoyable for you all.

Know Where Your Items Will Go
Having a strong idea of the end result and where you are intending your furniture to go will help you be able to make a strategic plan as to where to best place things such as light sockets and plugs. It will also help you remain focused on the goal you are looking to achieve and will stop you from changing your mind throughout the process and ending up with more work to complete.

Have A Plan
By knowing what work needs completing you will be able to plan the most effective way to get it all done and set a realistic expectation when it comes to timescales. It will also help you plan and research the best route to get the work completed. For example, if you are going to change your roof, you will be able to spend time researching what is the best elastomeric roof coating?

Go Eco-Friendly
When renovating it is the perfect opportunity to review or make changes to make your property more eco-friendly. You may choose to upgrade and install smart technologies that allow more control of lighting and heating from smart devices such as mobile phones. This way you can control what energies you are using and can be more conscious of waste. Not only will this help with the efficiency of your property but small changes such as this can help the environment as well.

Think Flooring
It can be easy to get carried away thinking about the overall image you are looking to achieve. But, remember to think about how practical this will be for you and your family. There are so many options available so with some consideration you will be able to strike the perfect balance between something functional and attractive. For example, consider the benefits of hard flooring versus carpet when it comes to your living room. Carpet can add the effect of a cozy space however the upkeep of this may be harder if you have a young family and it makes be more practical to have hard flooring that can be cleaned easier and use a rug to make the room more inviting.

Home Renovation Issues To Be Aware Of

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living Discussions and Home/Property Discussions. Renovations and repairs are an aspect of home ownership whether it’s your primary residence or an investment property. The following contributed post is entitled, Home Renovation Issues To Be Aware Of.

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When it comes to home renovations of one the biggest budget destroyers is the unexpected. While contingency funds are not uncommon when undergoing large-scale renovations they are rarely sufficient to cover all the unexpected expenses that occur. A healthy contingency fund should be around 10-20% of your build cost. Try to remember that a contingency fund is just that. It shouldn’t be used for last-minute purchases or optional extras. Keep it until the very end of the project as it could be needed at any stage, including the latter ones.

One of the most common problems when undergoing renovations is water and when water is a problem it will eat into your budget like nothing else. Whether it is water damage or unexpected problems with accessing water, it is notorious for hampering home renovations. A particularly common problem is unknown water leaks. These can often be lurking behind walls or under floors and have seemingly gone undetected. It is only when knocking down walls or tearing up the floors they come to light. The effect of damp can be devastating and extremely costly. Water can also pose problems where renovations are likely to take place over underground water pipes or third-party access points. It may be that your property contains the access point to the water supply for you and your neighbors.

It is essential therefore that appropriate surveys are carried out before undertaking any big build or home renovation project. These should help bring to light any potential issues that may arise and highlight the property’s waterways. If any issues are identified it is imperative that all domestic water services are handled by professionals. Adam drillers, for example, specialize in domestic water supply, and by using professionals you will ensure the work required is completed to the highest standard and in line with any legal or third party requirements. This should also prevent you from any future unwelcome surprises. The last thing you want to do is pay for work that is doesn’t meet its legal requirement to then have to spend more money ensuring it is up to standard.

Photo Credit Rene Asmussen from Pexels

On the subject of professionals, it is vital you use highly qualified and trusted tradespeople. After all, this is your home. It needs to be safe and secure. Renovations commonly require the use of builders, drillers, electricians, and plumbers to name a few, all of which play their own essential role in completing the renovation successfully. When choosing the professionals to work on your renovation obtain several quotes and do not always be drawn by the cheapest. It can be the cheapest quote for a reason, perhaps they have forgotten to include a costing or got their sums wrong.

What is more, if you are outlying large sums of money on large home renovations you want to be able to trust the people you pay to do it. If they get it wrong it will only end up costing you more in the long run. Any money you saved on that cheaper quote will be redeployed to rectify their mistakes. Finally, experienced professionals are the best people to have around should those unexpected issues come to light. They will have the knowledge and know-how of how best to solve the problem. Research your tradespeople, look for reviews or recommendations and ask to see a portfolio of their work to help make your decision.

Whether you’re revamping your tired bathroom or doubling the size of your property never underestimate what is involved in home renovations. Remember these three words to help get you through all aspects of the project: Research, Plan, and Budget.

Update A Tired Bathroom With These Tips

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living Discussions and Home/Property Discussions. One of the most important rooms in your home is the bathroom. Likewise a key room to update is the bathroom. The following contributed post is entitled, Update A Tired Bathroom With These Tips.

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Our bathrooms are a necessary component of our house. They are arguably the busiest room in the house after the kitchen, especially in the mornings when the whole family is attempting to shower and get dressed. The bathroom must appeal to more than just the family. In the event of guests or visitors, it must also be attractive and pleasant. Of course, a decent shower and bidet toilet combos are a must for comfort but the smaller details can make a big difference.

Your bathroom will not make a good first impression if it is outdated and drab. The issue is that entirely renovating a bathroom may be pricey. But have no fear: here are a few basic strategies for updating a tired bathroom on a tight budget.


#1 Storage solutions

Even a large bathroom can appear cramped and small if there is a lot of unwanted clutter and rubbish in it. Get rid of anything you do not use or need, and try to finish a bottle of shower gel or soap before purchasing another. Look for storage in cabinets and cupboards loaded with beautiful baskets and tubs to help you become organised and provide the illusion of more room.

#2 Give it a fresh coat of paint

This applies to almost any space, but notably a bathroom, which can rapidly become grimy and tired-looking. A fresh coat of paint, even if it is simply plain white, can breathe new vitality into a room. If necessary, colours can be added later with accessories. If you do not use a paint specifically made for bathrooms, it will fade very quickly, so pick the right one.

#3 Purchase some new towels

A new set of brightly coloured, fluffy towels can transform a bathroom. Consider how you will display them: will you roll them up and place them on shelves or in boxes, or will you think outside the box and use antique ladders set up against a wall as a towel rail, which is quite popular right now?

#4 Clean up the grouting

Grouting between tiles that is grubby will always detract from the appearance of a bathroom. Buy a grout pen, which can be found for a low price at any DIY or hardware store, for a quick remedy. Grind away the previous grout and replace it with a new compound for a better look. It takes a little longer, but it looks better in the long run.

#5 Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

This could be the most enjoyable part. Polished chrome accessories are the way to go for a timeless style – towel rails, toilet roll holders, door handles, and robe hooks are just a few examples of easy and inexpensive upgrades. Vases of artificial flowers and candles, as well as paintings for the walls, can all provide a beautiful touch.

Giving your bathroom a whole new lease of life does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. Sometimes, it can be the smallest and simplest things that make the biggest difference.

Transforming Your Loft (Making It More Than A Place For Your Christmas Tree)

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living Discussions and Home/Property Discussions. If you own a loft, you may want to upgrade it and increase its functionality. The following contributed post is entitled, Transforming Your Loft (Making It More Than A Place For Your Christmas Tree).

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One of the big problems with any family home is that there isn’t enough room to have everything you want. This means that with a constant overflow of kids’ items we struggle to store stuff, so this is when things go up into the loft. But that loft is going to waste. No doubt, right now it’s full of junk, not to mention the Christmas decorations that come out once a year. But a loft has plenty of scope to turn it into whatever you want, not to mention a place for storage. Let’s show you what you need to consider if you want to turn the loft into a recreation space.

The Practical Conditions

Of course, you’ve got to make sure that your loft is going to be able to house everything you want. There are things you can do to make your structure stronger, such as adding insulation. You can get spray foam insulation, which sounds too good to be true, but when you consider the overall spray foam insulation structural strength, it can make a difference in improving structural strength, especially when you apply it to walls and ceilings. You should also think about storage solutions that fit around the sloping roof. A loft sounds fantastic in theory, but is it going to be an uncomfortable experience? It’s also worth making sure that the roof is actually sturdy because you don’t want the conditions to hamper your enjoyment of the space.

Controlling the Environment

The loft is one of the greatest spaces because of its sheer length and breadth, but this usually means it’s not the most comfortable, because it’s close to the roof, and therefore closer to the elements. Ensuring that you can personally control them is crucial. Think about the temperature and light levels, and how you can regulate them to guarantee the optimum amount of comfort. You can incorporate blinds to control the sunlight, but you must also think about insulating the space if it’s not warm enough. A loft is a wonderful place for storage, but if you want to turn it into something more, it’s got to be comfortable.

Making it Look the Parts

When you’re designing a space like a loft, it will feel different from the rest of the home. It’s important to make sure that, when you are setting up a loft to help turn this space into something with more recreational uses, you’ve got to choose the right ambiance. This means picking warm and neutral colors but also recognizing that the loft could serve as a space for storage. It’s important to not get clutter built up because this could cause a very stressful environment. There are ways for you to get around this, such as floor storage spaces but it’s always worth getting into a minimalist mindset and decluttering on occasion.

The loft is the perfect space that can be used for many different things, this is why you’ve got to make it look the part, but also feel right.

Pre-Emptive Ways Of Saving Money On Home Repairs

Three focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Home/Living Discussions and Home/Property Discussions. You home is a major financial consideration once you move into it. Repairs and maintenance will be necessary over time and a major key is to be ready for them. The following contributed post is entitled, Pre-Emptive Ways Of Saving Money On Home Repairs.

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Pexels – CC0 License

Trust no one who tells you that running a property is easy. Even if it’s just a small family home, caring for it, cleaning it, maintaining it and repairing it can take time, effort, and a fair amount of organizational skill. Add limited time to get to all that with a family and career and it can seem quite rough.

That said, our homes are more than worth the investment. You’ll come to love mowing your lawn or tending to your garden when you can, and there’s something deeply satisfying about doing a good DIY job. However, while it’s true that home repairs can be fun to take part in, not all of them will be under your control. Furthermore, sometimes, if an issue is left to stagnate for a while, it can get truly expensive.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss a few tips new homeowners can keep in mind when figuring out how to manage their place, including what repair issues you can pre-empt by frequent inspection or figuring out how to achieve a good approach now. Let’s get started:

Plan Ahead

It’s a great idea to plan ahead if you can. This might involve using firms like Dry Tek Environmental to make sure your cubbyholes and crawlspaces are perfectly weather protected, insulated and cared for despite the promise of flooding this Autumn. PLanning ahead might involve hiring a tree surgeon once a year to check your treeline and make sure that everything is in order and in place. Planning ahead gives you the chance to save thousands in aftercare and repairs, so don’t avoid it.

Attend To Issues Now

Attending to issues now is almost always the best rule of thumb to follow when it comes to identifying a home issue. Seeing cracks in the wall that imply the presence of subsidence is not necessarily one of the most fun realizations you’ve had that week, but ignoring it because of the apparent immediate cost will only lead the issue to grow, and potentially become untenable, overly expensive, or require evacuating your home for a period while the issue is resolved. Best you attend to issues now, if not for the health of your wallet, then the safety of your family and friends.

Check For Possible Leaks

It’s good to check for possible leaks from time to time. In fact, this can make a tremendous difference in preventing an issue from getting out of hand. Homes are built to standard, but it’s impossible for them to prevent every leak 100% of the time and especially if the property is somewhat old. This means that routine checking for leaks can be important, from seeing potential damp in your attic to inspecting behind the storage runoff in your garage from time to time. Clearing your gutters can serve as a great opportunity for this, too. As you can see, taking it step by step and leaving nothing to chance is essential. This way, you can prevent the long term and expensive damage that comes from a nasty, unwanted leak.

With this advice, we hope you can focus on the best and most pre-emptive methods of saving money on home repairs.

The Minor Details Make The Biggest Kitchen Changes!

Two focuses of my blog are Home/Living and Home/Property Discussions. One of the most important spaces in your home is your kitchen. As such, it’s important to understand how changes can make a difference. The following contributed post is entitled, The Minor Details Make The Biggest Kitchen Changes!

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We do not always want a completely new kitchen that requires heavy renovation and a long list of troubles. Sometimes the existing infrastructure is enough for us to upgrade the existing one and enjoy some innovations and renovations, without completely replacing it. It is of course possible to fully renovate but also an upgrade will give you the desired and surprising result even without spending so much money. So how do you upgrade your kitchen? There are companies and consultants who will explain to you how to upgrade your kitchen yourself or with the help of a design company. However, there are also some methods and explanations by which you can smartly upgrade your kitchen yourself without a big upheaval.

Photo: Unsplash

Just upgrade the lighting

Sometimes all we need is a wiser and more accurate design of the lighting, so that it will be more efficient and help us work in the kitchen in a good way without straining our eyes. Older kitchens from the past don’t have any of the innovations we know today. To make the modern switch, it is recommended to look at LED lighting which is several times more powerful and very economical, and it lasts much longer than any other lighting fixture. It is also advisable to consider lighting at the bottom of the cabinets above the work surfaces, because then we will get direct lighting on the surface and this will allow us to work even in darker hours. Another upgrade in the kitchen can be with additional and more efficient lighting which is lighting inside cabinets or pantry, and special lighting for the dining area if it is located in the kitchen.

Upgrade your kitchen yourself – DIY

When trying to figure out how to upgrade a kitchen, many will answer that it is probably a do-it-yourself job, when buying the parts from a kitchen store or putting in all sorts of design elements that you can do yourself. Also, having appliances in good working order is vital; do you need to fix your temperamental washing machine or do you need to consider commercial refrigeration repair? These minor changes will also add a lot of ease to your upgrade.

You can also look to assemble dining tables and chairs for the dining area yourself, add different cabinets to corners and spaces that you have not used before and there is really no need to order a carpenter for this, or also add various shelving facilities from ready-made furniture stores that can be assembled modularly. Another way to upgrade a kitchen is with color. Upgrading the kitchen using paints can turn the kitchen into a completely different and exciting design experience when the base remains and only the color changes. Painting kitchen cabinets or walls will make your kitchen look completely different. With a steady hand you can improve plain white cabinets into pale pastel blue or jet black. Just make sure you choose moisture and heat-resistant paints, so that you can clean the kitchen cabinets over time and that the paint will last.