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“Why do you use those Big Words all of the time?” – Classmates from the Campus West/College Learning Laboratory back in Buffalo, NY in the late 1980s

Welcome to the Big Words Blog Site – created by Scientist and Writer Anwar Y. Dunbar, Ph.D. to discuss topics including, but not restricted to: Education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Financial Literacy, and Social Issues. I originally started the Big Words Blog Site to establish myself as a writer. Likewise, the bulk of the blog’s earliest content was written by me. I’ve since published a myriad of pieces by collaborators and the site has thus evolved into more of an information hum. If you’re interested in submitting guest content, I’ve created a page designating my guidelines and pricing. I’ve created a site more literary writing entitled, Big Words Authors. If interested, you can also follow me on YouTube where I have four channels. I’ve listed out some of my most notable posts by subject below. My most popular and recently published content are in the left margin. Finally consider subscribing to the Big Words LLC newsletter.

The formal photographs of me throughout the Big Words Blog Site were taken by Myron S. Ottley Photography.

Notable Posts By Category

Personal Blog Posts and Stories

The benefits and challenges of using articulate speech
Challenging misconceptions and stereotypes in academic achievement
Mother’s Day 2017: One of my mother’s greatest gifts, getting engaged, and avoiding my own personal fiscal cliff
Mother’s Day 2018: Memories of my grandmothers
Father’s Day 2017: Reflections on some of Dad’s money and life lessons
Mother’s Day 2019: Thankful for my upbringing
Father’s Day 2018: Dad’s doctor and his lawyer, and a discussion on careers
Two well-behaved boys left to figure things out on their own: Reflections on growing up ‘Blue-Pill’
Father’s Day 2020: Some More Of Dad’s Tough But Helpful Money Lessons

Athletics and Sports

Lasting lessons basketball taught me: Reflections on three years of basketball camp
Jason Rowe discusses Buffalo Traditional Basketball, the Yale Cup, and State Tournaments
Niagara Falls coaching legend Pat Monti discusses building, and leading the LaSalle basketball dynasty part one
Niagara Falls basketball legend Tim Winn discusses playing in the LaSalle basketball dynasty part one
Niagara Falls basketball legend Carlos Bradberry discusses playing in the LaSalle basketball dynasty part one
John U. Bacon presents his new book Endzone to Michigan’s D.C. Alumni Club: A look back
Ohio State 62, Michigan 39: My short take
The 2016 Michigan-Ohio State game, the Big Ten officials and the College Football Playoff

General Education

Reflections on the classroom from a veteran of the school system revisited
The keys to learning college-level general chemistry revisited
The keys to learning college-level Physics
Should HBCUs teach their students financial literacy and about the business of higher education
Johnson C. Smith University opens its new center for multidisciplinary STEM education and research revisited
Researching your career revisited: Wisdom from a STEM professor at my HBCU
Jetblue discusses initial findings from book vending machine program part one

Black History

Whose job is it to teach Black History?
A Black History Month look at NASA’s Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Anderson
A Black History Month Reflection on Percy Julian
A Black History Month Look at West Indian Archie: A Story of Wasted Scientific Potential
A discussion about class in the Black Community
Ben Carson’s education story and what it means
Who should be in the African American History Museum and who shouldn’t?

Financial Literacy/Money

Your Net Worth, Your Gross Salary, and what they mean
A look at the Law of Compounding Interest and why you should care
Are you getting your Matching Contribution? A discussion on saving for retirement
Is there Power in Budgeting Your Money?
My personal experience with Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball revisited
The difference between being Cheap and Frugal
We should’ve bought Facebook and Bitcoin stock: An investing and technology story
Challenging misconceptions and stereotypes in class, household income, wealth and privilege
What are your plans for you tax cut? Thoughts on what can be done with heavier paychecks and paying less tax

Notable Interviews

A discussion on the dangers of cell phones, social media, and technology and Dr. Ralph Perrino
Simone Griffin of Homefree-USA discusses homeownership and the African American community part one
Chris Brown discusses true stewardship and financial peace
Hill Harper discusses Honor Your Future Your Now campaign
Dr. Jonathan Mathis discusses Honor Your Future Now campaign
Dr. Quin Capers IV discusses Implicit Bias and the #DropAndGiveMe20 campaign
Dr. Quinn Capers, IV discusses his path, #BlackMenInMedicine, and the present landscape of medical education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The story of how I earned my STEM degree as a minority
A look at STEM: What are the Basic Sciences and Basic Research?
The transferable skills from a doctoral degree in the basic sciences
A look at STEM: What is Regulatory Science?
A look at STEM: What is Pharmacology?
A look at STEM: What is Toxicology?
A look at STEM: What is ADME/Drug Metabolism
A look at STEM: What is Inhalation Toxicology?


A look at STEM: Blockchain Technology, a new way of doing business and record keeping
A discussion on the dangers of cell phones, social media, and technology with Dr. Ralph G. Perrino
Are we losing our soft skills due to technology?
Why SEO is the key to a successful online business
Tableau hosts discussion on educating in a data driven world revisited
Exploring The Key Issues With “The Cloud”
Why Is The IOT Important To Your Business?
The Benefits of Running IT As Intended