Blogs and Websites I Support

The following are blogs and websites I endorse support.  This list will likely expand as I continue to blog and connect with other writers in the blogosphere.

A Voice for Men

My journey to manhood has been a lifelong process, and is still a work in progress.  In the last 10 years I’ve come to grips with what I didn’t know in terms of being a man, what I wasn’t taught at home, and many of the societal challenges of being men in general.  I’ve learned a lot over the years through reading and talking to other men, and I then I recently stumbled on Paul Elam’s “A Voice for Men”.  Actually I found his “Ear for Men” channel on YouTube first.  It’s must see content and reading for all men.  Ladies this content may not sit well with you, but it’s important information nonetheless, and it’s for men – one of the few resources of its kind in today’s world.

Money Magnet

One of my first interviews for my blog was with Simone Griffin of HomeFree USA who has her own blog titled “Money Magnet”.  There she writes about money-related topics similar to our interview, but she also ventures into other financial areas in addition to homeownership and real estate.

Myron Ottley Photography

The formal pictures on my blog were taken by Myron Ottley Photography.

Positive Health Wellness

Health & Wellness are areas which I also consider to be very, very important.  I thus endorse Positive Health Wellness which is a blog about various aspects of diet, health and lifestyle.  In addition to their writings, there are also recipes and very informative infographics.