Home Work: 4 Ways To Ready Your Home-Based Business For The Next Phase

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Home-based businesses are some of the most effective enterprises out there. If you’ve had some initial success, you’ll want to take your business to the next level. The following contributed post is entitled, Home Work: 4 Ways To Ready Your Home-Based Business For The Next Phase.

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The vast majority of us have no choice but to start our business in modest surroundings. While you might have dreams about acquiring a commercial property when you are running a home-based business you need to put a lot of leg work into it. And whether it’s become a full-time endeavor or a side hustle that’s making significant inroads, what do you need to do to ensure that your business is ready for the next phase?

Getting Your Finances In Order
For those people who start with a modest side hustle, it can get to the point where you’ve got to have your books in order. When you are at the point where you’ve got to start paying your tax it can benefit to get a QuickBooks accountant so you don’t have to keep track of everything. If you are somebody who has already been in charge of your finances, an accountant can give you a new perspective of things. It’s not just about cooking the books but it’s about addressing areas that can be reduced. Accountants can also provide you with invaluable information relating to tax breaks.

Diversify Your Marketing Efforts
Whether you’ve been using affiliate marketing techniques or have been able to get a dedicated group of customers without necessarily advertising your products, when you start to improve your efforts you will begin to see significant returns. Marketing is one of those things that can seem like an expensive investment. While so many people use social media as the one singular way of marketing, setting up your own website and creating marketing strategies to acquire extra custom will make sure that you stay competitive.

Focus On Fine-Tuning The Processes
Look at what you’ve done right and start to see if the process can be shortened. Working at home means you have your own way of working but when you struggle to find a new approach you might be losing time, and therefore, money. There are numerous ways to help a business improve its processes. Automation is one of the best ways to help any company make more of its processes. A small home-based business usually means that you do everything. And even if you’re not able to automate if you can find ways of doing things quicker, for example, dictating emails rather than typing them gives you the opportunity to multitask more effectively.

Start To Employ
Part of readying your business for the next phase is about getting additional help to push your products. It’s all about supply and demand. Even if you have the money you might think that it’s worth purchasing more products to be ready for market demand. The same applies to employees. To begin with, it might just help by getting a family member to help you out. This is cheap labor after all! But when you need to make significant inroads and require people with skill this is when you can start to hire freelancers and then get a full-time employee. It’s not as anxiety-inducing as you may think. The key is about looking at what you really need and finding a person that fits the mold.

How to Find Your Perfect Home

A key focus of my blog is Financial Literacy/Money. Does the perfect home exist? If so, how do you find it with all the houses available in your particular location? There are a couple of key considerations when searching. The following contributed post is entitled, How to Find Your Perfect Home.

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Are you looking for a new home? Or maybe a first home. Everyone wants a home as it is a valuable asset, and owning one gives you that peace of mind you have been craving. There are a lot of options on the market, and it may not be very easy to narrow down precisely what you want. For a lot of us, money is the major driving factor in purchasing a home, and there are also considerations such as the area, school, vicinity to shops, etc. Not to mention the house itself, does it tick all the boxes and more. Whatever type of home you are looking for, here are some tips on how to find that perfect home.

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Make a list
Talking of boxes, well it is a good idea to create a list of things you want, and another list of things you do not want. If you want the perfect house, you have to know what you want. Price is going to have to be on the list for some of you a ceiling price you cannot surpass. There are also considerations such as the number of bedrooms, if you want a house, or would settle with a flat, sharing entrances and exits. Have you thought about a fixer-upper? It may be worth thinking about how much work you would be willing to do yourself. Once you have your list then, you can search with a narrowed focus.

If you want the perfect house, you are going to have to put in the leg work. Start online, adding all the desired parameters into the real estate search engine sites, and create as big a radius area as possible. Then you need to go out and start looking. View as many houses as possible. Only through this will you get the best idea of how the reality of what you want stacks up against the dream. Perhaps this will alter some of your immovable items on the checklist. You may decide that a Bellriver house & land package is the best option for you. Anyway, the more you hunt, the more you will develop a feeling about houses, and when you finally walk into the one you want, you will know. Everything will fall into place, and it will have that home feeling.

Be a tough bargainer
In this world, the only person you can rely upon is yourself. Searching the real estate market is no different. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by beautiful salesy talk. Stay focused at all times, and know what you like and don’t like. If they see a crack in your resolve, they will go for it. Bid low and negotiate. Ensure you go through all the correct routes like having the house surveyed, and do not overlook the basics. If you see something you do not like, point it out. Make another list of all the potential problems and ensure you discuss them with the agent. The more problems you spot, the cheaper you will be able to get it for.

Tips To Help Sell A Home Quickly

Two of the key focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. For many people, their primary residence is their greatest investment. As with all investments, it’s important understand how to resell your home and as expediently as possible. The following contributed post is entitled, Tips To Help Sell A Home Quickly.

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Selling your home can be a whirlwind, but it can also be something that takes a lot of time and effort to make successful. Whenever you are selling a property, you want to be able to do it efficiently and with the best results. So here are some tips to help sell a home quickly.

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Think About First Impressions

First impressions are something that really matters, and when it comes to selling a home, you want to do everything you can so that they leave that property with wanting to sign on the dotted line. Create an environment that makes the buyer want to live in your home right there and then. Display some flowers in the living space and set up the dining table with all your nice cutlery and crockery. Make sure the property smells nice and that there’s lots of natural light shining through. Think about curb appeal and ensuring everything is pruned and trimmed nicely when it comes to the outdoor space. The more you do as the owner, the better you have of securing offers on the home.

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering is essential even before you go letting a photographer into your home to take photos. Whether your home is in Griffith Park or tucked away down an unfamiliar street, a messy home isn’t going to be enjoyable to view. Try to remove everything that’s causing a mess or creating a problem area in your home, and that might be obstructing a view of your property. Whether that’s toys thrown in a pile in a corner or clunky furniture leaning haphazardly against a window or door frame. Declutter and organize your home so that it’s functional for people to walk around freely and without discomfort.

Choose The Right Agents

The agents you pick will influence how quickly you sell your property. You want to make sure that they are familiar with the type of property you have and that they have potential buyers lined up to view the property as soon as possible. The longer it stays on the market, the more dangerous that can be for the value of your home. So choose your agent wisely and don’t be too quick to jump into a partnership unless you are really sure that they are the right match for you.

Be Careful With Your Price

The price you set for your home is important because if you set it too high, then you might not get anyone who is interested. If you set it too low, you could end up missing out yourself on a good deal. Try to discuss your prices with the agents and be sure to do some research in the surrounding area. Look at what you may or may not be in competition with. Set a reasonable amount and know what your lowest would be in terms of asking price.

Selling a home quickly isn’t always something that’s achieved, but with these tips, you can give yourself the best chance possible.

Giving Your House Its Groove Back

Two key focus of my blog is Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. The greatest investment many people will make is their house/primary residence. In addition to enjoying your home in the here and now, it’s important to also think about reselling it one day which may require some updates and renovations. The following contributed post is entitled, Giving Your House Its Groove Back.

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From time to time, we all get bored; after all, we are only human. Boredom can strike at work, with a partner, and most prominently, it can strike at home. We are all guilty of taking a look around the home and wishing things were different.

For most people, they want to give their home a new lease of life, but available finances can often get in the way. In this post, we are going to be examining what exactly gives a house a new feel, and then we will take a look at a few things you can do around the house to really give it a brand new spark of life.

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Things To Consider When Updating Your Property

When it comes to updating your home, there are a few reasons you may want to give it a boost, and depending on these reasons, there are certain things on today’s list you may wish to consider.

The first reason most people give their home a little update is just that they want a fresh feel to their home; secondly, people also choose to freshen up their home in more extreme ways, and these ways will often be to add value to the home.

Whichever of these groups you fit into, there are a few things to consider, for those looking to add value, you will need to spend a little in order to see some return on your investment. For those who want to achieve a little freshness in the home, it’s probably not a great idea to spend huge amounts on things that won’t do a lot to the value of your property.
What Gives A House Its Groove?

When we look at the things that really give a house its spark, on the outside, we think of how appealing it is to onlookers, and on the inside, we have to consider not only how the house looks, but also how the house feels.

Now, when we talk about how the house feels, we don’t mean a system based on where your furniture is, we mean how your house feels based on psychological facts. If you aren’t quite sure what we are on about, worry not, we will be explaining a little further into the post.

Give Your Garden A Revamp

Something that often gets left until last when it comes to updating the home is the garden. If you are blessed with having space in the garden, there is no better time than now to really put some love into it.

While the inside of the house is incredibly important, having somewhere to escape to that’s peaceful and that allows you just to appreciate the world can be equally, if not more important. When it comes to giving your garden a revamp, you may consider lawn treatments and flowers as a standard, but there are some additions that will really give your garden a little extra life.

A great and cheap addition to every garden could be an awning close to the house. These awnings can provide protection from the weather, both bad and good, and can also be a great separator in the garden.

If you just want to simply clean up your garden, then you should consider Industrial Pressure Washing on any paving or decking. While some will opt for standard pressure washers, the performance levels are generally quite low, and you won’t get the same crisp, clean finish.

Create Some More Space

The next item on the list is great for both people wanting to stay in their forever home and for those hoping to increase the value of their homes, and that is some form of extension.

One of the most popular forms of extension nowadays is to create a ton of room by having the basement renovated. Unbelievable, there are over 132 million homes in the US with a basement, and most of them go completely unused.

By converting your basement, you can extend the space in your home exponentially, and if you ever come to sell the home, the renovation will usually pay for itself and then add some profit on top of that too.

Alternatively, should you not have space on the lower levels of your home, you could always aim higher. Another addition to the home that adds space and value is an attic conversion.
Just like basement conversions, a loft conversion can have many uses. Unfortunately, there are some things that cannot be used for, and this is usually why basement projects are more popular.

Update Your Flooring

If you haven’t updated the flooring in your house for some years, your house may have a certain aged feel that no amount of decorating will shake.

If you have an old carpet, this can really drain the personality from your house, and the only solution to getting it back is an extreme one. One of the best ways to really give a house that modern and sophisticated look is to update the flooring throughout.

In today’s world, the most popular option for flooring seems to be hardwood or laminate. Flooring like this is so popular generally due to its simplicity to manage. While carpets may be wonderful, warm and homely, they take on dirt very easily and can stain and be destroyed in no time at all.

When it comes to laminate or hardwood, you can set your Roomba to clean all day, and you can tackle any dirt with a simple wipe over with a mop or cloth.

Hardwood floors can also add a little extra value to the home, but it’s recommended to go with laminate should you be considering selling up.

Get Spring Cleaning

The final thing to make the post today is the one that costs nothing. While this tip is completely free, you may find yourself amazed at what a real clean and declutter can do for your home.

As we mention briefly, early when your house has its groove back, it will have psychological and visual benefits, and this is the main one that will really make your house feel amazing. When you really start to deep clean a house, you often find yourself getting rid of years of accumulated junk. The moment you start to get rid of junk, this is when you start to realize just how much space you really have in your home.

A lot of people store so much stuff that’s collected over the years, and this post isn’t saying throw everything away; it’s simply saying be mindful of keeping things around when you don’t use them.

If you have items that you could store, you should do so, as a simple spring clean can completely give your house a brand new lease of life.


As you can probably imagine, there is so much that you can do with your house to give it a brand new feel. Whether it’s spending to create space or even just doing a spring clean, the options are almost endless.

While we have only mentioned a few things in this post, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just these. Maybe this post can just serve as an inspiration to you when you are trying to give your house it’s long lost groove.

Managing A Busy Home And Helping You To Stay Sane

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and a key focus is Health and Wellness. Keeping our homes properly running is a job all in itself. With careers and in some instances having additional commitments and tasks can make managing a home a gargantuan task. The following contributed post is entitled, Managing A Busy Home And Helping You To Stay Sane.

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When it comes to the home, we can all feel a little overwhelmed and lose our minds with bills, tasks and keeping things running smoothly. However, no matter how hard you try, life can always be a busy and hectic. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to manage a busy home effectively.

Image source – Pixabay – CC0 License

Stay on top of the bills

When it comes to a busy home, it is understandable that the finances can get a little ignored over time. This is when you tend to let things leave your account, or just let a direct debit run its course without realising that you could be making a saving. This is when it is vital to ensure that you get regular checks such as energy deals and car insurance quotes to ensure that you are always paying the best possible price.

The food bill is one of those weekly or monthly expenses that we need to have, but we also have complete control over. As a mom, this job can often be down to us, so it’s important to ensure that you manage it right, rather than overspend. After all, every little saved can be put towards other things like vacations or days out. If you find that the food bill is getting a little out of control, then consider writing a list before you head to the shops. Changing the supermarket in which you shop in, or even consider batch cooking or meal planning as an alternative habit.

Create a cleaning schedule

Cleaning is one of the biggest pet hates of many people. No matter how hard you try, it can often feel like huge task each and every time you take it on. However, there is a solution to this dilemma, and it can help you manage the cleaning activities for your home, rather than feel drowned by them. Creating a cleaning schedule can help you keep on top of the chores in your home. From the things that need to be done daily such as cleaning surfaces or wiping down toilets, to weekly and monthly chores, it will help you keep accountable for what needs doing, and also help you manage it more consistently. It helps to spread the jobs out over the course of a week and a month which means that the tasks themselves shouldn’t feel too demanding on your day, and subsequently should free up more time for you as a mom.

Delegate chores

While on the subject of cleaning and managing your home this shouldn’t be something that is left solely to you, no wonder many of us can feel too overwhelmed by the task at hand. It’s important to delegate some jobs. Children as young as four can be accountable for their own bedrooms or make their beds. Older children can put their clothes away and even take on some of the general chores like vacuuming or dusting the furniture. You can ask your partner to take on some other chores like putting the bins out or doing some of the bigger tasks like cleaning windows or clearing out the gutters. There are plenty of jobs that can be shared amongst the family and this can really take some of the stress away from you, freeing up time to do other things that will ultimately be helpful towards you family and your home.

Let’s hope these tips help you to manage a busy home.

Home Renovation Preparation Tips

A key focus of my blog is Financial Literacy/Money. One of the biggest investments any of us will make is our home. One way people increase the values of their homes is through home renovations. Renovations are tricky in that sometimes they can add value, while others don’t. The following contributed post is entitled, Home Renovation Preparation Tips.

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Planning for a home renovation can be a really exciting but daunting prospect. Once you have decided what you’re going to do – loft conversion, garden overhauls, kitchen makeover or maybe a full conservatory and extension – it is time to get down to the details.

With the proper planning, you can trim the fat on the budget and get exactly what you want.

Photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash


Everything should start with how much you have to spend. Significant renovations can wolf a lot of cash – even more, if they run over the time, you had allocated. It is often the case that people will take a loan to cover the cost of the renovation, in which case you’ll need to carefully factor in repayment to your monthly budget for the duration of the loan.


Once you have decided on the budget, you can start working out what is realistic. If you have 1000 to spend, then you might have to be content with repainting and some new furniture rather than a whole extension build.

Consider what the most critical parts of the project for you are. Is it just giving a quick makeover or do you need the extra cupboards? With everything item that gets added to your ‘must-haves’, more money will be eaten in the budget too. You will need to consider your construction site preparation also, because the more you have done in advance, the more likely it is your contractor can hit the ground running – saving time and money.


Long before you speak to a contractor, you should have an idea of the materials that you want and do as much research as you can about if those materials are actually going to work. Because while you might want a particular type of wood, there might be an issue with sourcing, importing or the suitability for what you had in mind. So you can write the ideal material down, and then add some alternatives that you would be happy with too. It also pays to find the most budget materials too. So if you have to reduce the spend somewhere, you will already have a clear idea of where that could happen.


Beware of suddenly thinking you can do 50% of the job yourself just to save money. There will be some things that you can do. The finishing touches, cleaning and smaller jobs are almost certainly no problem. But unless you are in the trade or you are a professional, then the chances are you are going to be better leaving it to people who do it for a living. It can be worse if you think you can tackle a job yourself, don’t hire the appropriate people – only to find you can’t, and someone needs to be called in asap.

Hire Well

Get references and ask to see examples of work too. Ideally, you will have lined up a few different companies to interview and make sure that you talk them through what you are thinking, and let them talk about how they would do it and the time frame. Watch out for any work that seems too low priced or if they are cutting weeks of the projected timeline.

Finally, you will need to mentally prepare yourself for weeks on end that there will be noise and mess while the work is being done. People often underestimate how much of an impact home renovation work takes.

Best Ways To Get Your Home Warm Weather Ready

A key focus of my blog is Financial Literacy/Money. If you’re a homeowner, management of your home’s finances is critical to your overall financial health. A key piece of that is managing your temperatures of your home during all seasons. The following contributed post is entitled, Best Ways To Get Your Home Warm Weather Ready.

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Warm weather is here. The clocks have gone back and sweater weather is a distant dream. Like many of us, your home upkeep has more than likely been neglected in favour of some more weather suitable pursuits, like curling up under the duvet for marathons of your favourite TV show.

Interior Design can be huge amounts of fun but many smaller exterior problems can spiral out of control if not rectified quickly. Now the weather is getting warmer, it’s an exciting time to get up and get motivated so you can enjoy the coming sunshine!

Ready, Set, Roof!
Winter can wreak havoc on all parts of your home, none more-so than your roof. Wind, rain and other elements can leave your home open to a variety of safety concerns. Something as simple as cleaning rain gutters and ensuring pipes are secure can save you a huge hassle once the weather turns cold again. Before choosing a company ensure your contractor is legitimate, skilled and experienced.

Get Some Greenery
City life means we may not all have the luxury of green space on our doorsteps. However, research has proven that plants and flowers within the home are good for us. So bring the outside to you! Not only do plants add colourful and uplifting decorative accents to the most sparse of living spaces, they also provide extra oxygen that can boost your mood and brain functionality. Browse your local garden centres and botanic markets for container gardens or floor plants that will bloom in the next few weeks.

Colour Chameleon
Breathe a breath of life into stale and grey surroundings, with a fresh lick of paint. If you’re stuck for time, or just aren’t sure about making the commitment, consider an accent wall in a bold, zingy lemon or even a happy pink to refresh your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Even a few sheets of printed contact paper can upgrade your interior in seconds. Stuck with magnolia walls in your rental? Consider a gallery wall instead!

Get Cosy
Something as simple as a new set of soft furnishings or a new lighting scheme can make your living space feel re-balanced and refreshed. The benefits of LED Lighting can make a room feel inviting when it would otherwise be unwelcoming. A room with textures, patterns and prints, draw the eye in and can make your living space feel larger. Create a plush, cosy space with throws, pillows and blankets in warm and creamy shades. Want something a little more eye catching? Unique and one-of a kind geometric and abstract pieces are easy to find at flea-markets and garage sales.

Deep Clean
The final step is to get rid of all the clutter accumulated over the colder months! It’s a great time take stock of what you have, to donate what you don’t want and even make some money by selling your unwanted goods. Invest in storage boxes, drawer dividers and shoe racks to ensure that the mess doesn’t creep up on you, as it’s sometimes prone to do!

4 Questions About Homeownership

A key focus of my blog is Financial Literacy/Money. Homeownership is a key pillar to building wealth. It can also wreck your finances if you don’t understand the pitfalls of it. The following contributed post is entitled, 4 Questions About Homeownership.

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Homeownership is for many the ultimate American Dream. Indeed, we have to remember that the Americans of today were once immigrants who had come – or been shipped – to the country in the hope of making a living. What Thomas Jefferson called the pursuit of happiness is, after all, nothing else than having a place we can call home. However, purchasing a home doesn’t come without risks. Indeed, it doesn’t matter how many of us dream of homeownership; not everyone is ready to become a responsible homeowner today. Indeed, investing in a property is a commitment that requires a change of mindset. Some might even refer to it as the first step of adulting. The truth is that you can’t buy a home if you can’t answer the following questions:

Learn frugality

Can you avoid unnecessary expenses?
Buying a home is an expensive adventure you need to budget. There is no secret; unless you’re lucky enough to have inherited a substantial income, you will need to embrace a frugal lifestyle to save ahead of your property purchase. Frugality being the art of living within your means, it’s an essential skill to develop at the beginning of your homeownership journey. Indeed, it allows you to save money without depriving yourself. More importantly, it’s the key to keeping your budget under control safely.

Can you be part of a neighborhood?
You never buy just a house or an apartment. You buy your entry into a neighborhood. It’s the ability to embrace living at the heart of a community that makes your home a safe investment. Why so? Because your property becomes part of an ensemble that shares common values and interests, such as keeping the community safe and clean, for instance. As a homeowner, you agree to participate in the local activities and to get to know your neighbors. Ultimately, active communities are a magnet to shops and other amenities. Additionally, they significantly improve your quality of life. But it only works if you are ready to become a part of it.

Be part of your community

Can you fix things?
Things break. As a tenant, you can call your landlord to get it fixed. As a homeowner, you have to roll up your sleeves and sort it out yourself. While some repair jobs should be left to the pros – such as electrical and plumbing matters – anything else could be fixed with some DIY skills. Prepping and painting a room, for instance, doesn’t require expert knowledge. Dealing with a door that sticks shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes in most cases.

Can you visualize your decor?
Ah, the dilemma of decorating your interior! Many first-time homeowners feel confused when it comes to creating their own style. Indeed, for many, living in a rented place reduced their involvement in interior decor to a minimum. Therefore, it can be tricky to visualize all the options in a room. You’d be surprised to know that many home decor projects end up becoming a waste of money because people fail to take measurements and test their design ideas first.

In conclusion, if you can answer yes to the previous four questions, you are ready to buy your first home. However, if you’re still struggling with some of these elements, it’s a good idea to delay your purchase until you are more confident with your budgeting, community engagement, DIY skills, or decor planning.

3 Home Improvements The 21st-Century Landlord Should Make

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Real Estate is a major wealth-building tool. Landlords who own property must understand how to maintain and even upgrade their residential home properties in order to keep them up to code and also compete with other landlords. The following contributed post is entitled, 3 Home Improvements The 21st-Century Landlord Should Make.

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Nowadays, first-time homeowners are more likely to be in their 30s and sometimes even their 40s. Compared to our parents and grandparents, it makes no doubt that the real estate market has evolved dramatically. The price tag has increased tremendously, making it more challenging for buyers to secure the deposit and find an affordable mortgage. As a direct consequence, buy-to-let landlords find that their tenants are more likely to be interested in mid- to long-term tenancy agreements.

Indeed, the difficulty to enter the property market presents a valuable opportunity for landlords. As most tenants are keen to stay for several years, they also seek modern days comfort and facilities in their rented property. The shoe-box, dark property with a low rent doesn’t run the rental market anymore. Tenants want to feel at home, and they expect landlords to create a space that is fit for purpose.

Concrete floor

No tenant wants to look after the garden
The idyllic suburban house with a little garden is a home cliché that nobody cares about anymore. The truth is that your tenants work hard during the week to pay the bills and save money ahead of a deposit. They don’t have any time or interest in maintaining the garden. From lawn mowing to watering, a pretty garden requires a lot of effort – without mentioning money. Your tenants don’t want to spend their weekends clearing the lawn. They want to relax, and therefore, they prefer a front yard that is easy to manage. Consequently, it’s a good idea to work closely with concrete paving contractors to transform your yard into a smooth surface that can act as a cozy patio in summer. Additionally paving slabs are perfect as an impromptu parking space when your tenants receive guests.

Help your tenants save money on energy bills
Windows that let the cold air in and inadequate attic insulation have earned a place in the top ten worst rentals in history, but they are nothing modern tenants are ready to compromise. Indeed, your tenants have no desire of being cold in winter. Many know exactly what to check when they visit a property, and therefore, no landlord can afford to run rentals that waste energy. As most tenants will pay close attention to your windows, your heaters, and the overall temperature in the property, they will quickly spot any issue. But you can also provide additional support towards energy bill management by installing smart technology, which tenants can control with an app. Smart appliances and systems offer a compelling control argument for budget-focused tenants.

Give your tenants control

Switch the carpet for eco-friendly and easy-care solutions
What is the most common flooring solution? If you’re still thinking in terms of costs, you’re approaching the problem from the wrong angle. As a landlord, you need to consider flooring solutions that are easy to maintain – and therefore don’t require replacing each time you put your property back on the market. Concrete floors can be not only elegant, but they are durable, easy to clean, and non-traditional. Wood carpets share the same qualities and can be used for centuries!

Making your rental property appealing is all about putting your tenants’ needs first. Your tenants want something that is easy to manage, that provides great cost control, and that is durable – therefore, they don’t need to worry about it. From your curb appeal to your flooring solutions, it’s time to transform your rental.

Best ways to save money through efficient heating and cooling

The first principle of my blog is Financial Literacy/Money. A major component of everyone’s personal finances is their utilities. Depending on where you live, keeping your dwelling at the appropriate and comfortable temperature can be costly. It’s important to know how to control this cost. The following contributed post is entitled, Best ways to save money through efficient heating and cooling.

* * *

Alex Perz

When you think about saving money, heating and cooling for your home would probably be the last things in your mind. It’s really hard to save money if you have your AC running during hot, humid days, or your heater going on cold, winter months.

But what if there’s a way for you to save money, even when you’re not depriving your home of heating and cooling?

The key to substantial savings is to keep your heating and cooling systems efficient, so even with prolonged use, there won’t be any wasted energy, and you’ll only get the right amount of coolness or warmth that you need.

If you’re really keen on saving every cent possible for your home’s heating and air conditioning, start by ensuring that your hardware is up to the task, and that it’s not wasting energy due to dirt build up or presence of leaks. Regularly checking the system that you have will save you a lot of money from repairs in the near future. Keeping them in top condition saves you more by ensuring that they don’t deteriorate with every use, thus the need for new units.

Here are some of the areas you need to consider if you want to see substantial savings.

Right-sizing the heating and cooling systems for your home.

This is easily one of the most overlooked factors when buying a new HVAC unit for your home. Instead of thinking about the size of your home, you were easily swayed by the price, as well as the big savings when compared to competitors. The right size will save you a considerable amount, especially if you’re using them regularly. You can also have an energy audit or calculation from your local dealer. With that, you’ll know exactly what you need for efficient cooling and heating.

Bigger is not better when it comes to heating and cooling systems.

As mentioned earlier, getting the wrong sized heating and cooling equipment would be wasteful and inefficient. They’ll cost a lot more to operate and maintain, so aside from the initial purchase price, you’ll also be dealing with the maintenance cost. Getting a unit that’s too small for your space drives up the utility cost as it will struggle to heat or cool your home. Overexerting to produce the necessary heating and cooling can also be taxing to the hardware, thus effectively reducing its durability.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is a must.

Now that you have the right size heating and cooling units installed, you’ll slowly begin to reap the benefits of what you’ve sown. You can also focus your savings efforts on properly maintaining your hardware. For example, by regularly cleaning the vents and filters of your HVAC, you’re able to prolong its life and keep it working optimally. Always follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, so that you’ll have it cleaned and maintained accordingly. The vents and piping of your HVAC unit are always clean and ready for anything. Any obstruction or dust build up in these can cause the efficiency of your hardware to drop.