How to Turn Your Business Premises Into a Fortress

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. One of your chief concerns as a business owner is its security. Optimizing this your security will ensure your business’s operations and profits. The following contributed post is entitled, How to Turn Your Business Premises Into a Fortress.

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Let’s face it: all business owners want to ensure their premises are as secure as possible. For some businesses, physical and digital security is of utmost importance if they deal with extremely valuable resources, tangible or otherwise.

With that in mind, those organizations want to ensure their physical premises are virtually impenetrable by unauthorized persons. You’re likely reading this because you want to ensure that your building is fully protected 24/7. Here’s what you can do:

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Make Your Security Obvious

Did you know that many burglaries only occur due to opportunity? If a thief sees easy access to valuable items in a property, they will strike without a second thought. However, if they spot plenty of security, they’ll look for another target elsewhere.

That’s why it makes sense to have security measures in place that are obvious to members of the public. At a minimum, your business security should include internal and external security cameras monitoring all entry and exit points 24 hours a day.

You should also strongly consider having a security team that makes their presence known to the general public. Such measures alone are enough to ward off the vast majority of security threats.

Install Access Control Systems in All Rooms

There’s no denying that the oldest access control systems ever used are locks and keys. However, the trouble with those traditional ways of protecting properties is they are very easily bypassed – even by people with little to no tools.

Thankfully, technology provides many ways to install state-of-the-art access control systems for all rooms at your premises. For example, you can have installed key card systems where authorized employees wave a security key card at a reader.

If you’re looking for a more advanced technology solution, you could instead opt for biometric access control systems. Those systems can use an employee’s fingerprint to allow access, or they can conduct retina scans from one of their eyes.

Another example is voice recognition. It’s possible to use multiple access control systems at once for extra layers of security.

Make Your Secure Rooms Blast-Proof

Do you have specific rooms at your premises that must get protected at all costs? If so, you want to make sure no-one can try to gain entry to them using forcible means. You could consider making your secure rooms blast-proof.

The technology involved in making secure rooms blast-proof is similar to what gets used in bank vaults. Several layers of concrete and steel, among other materials, can ensure that your secure rooms are impenetrable – even if someone tries to blow them up!

You might be wondering what makes a room blast-proof. Aside from making the walls thick with steel and concrete, building materials can get reinforced with several micro-thin layers of mesh steel to absorb any impact.

For windows, thick bullet-proof glass like you’d see in presidential vehicles, for example, also help to absorb the force from any blasts.

Filter All Internet Traffic

Of course, you don’t have to physically gain entry to business premises if you wanted to steal something. Almost all businesses that deal with valuable and commercially sensitive resources go online from their premises.

Criminals could turn to the Internet and find vulnerabilities in a company’s Internet and network connection. Once access is possible, they could then find a way to disable access control systems and make it easy for them to gain physical access.

To that end, it’s crucial to filter all Internet traffic and prevent cyberattacks from happening. There are many ways to secure network and Internet connections:

● Enforce VPN (virtual private networking) connections for all employees going online so that all data gets encrypted;
● Installing hardware firewalls to filter all data packets and prevent malware from entering the network from Internet sources;
● Disabling wireless Internet access and enforcing Ethernet-only connections to the network and Internet.

You should also ensure that all computers used at your premises have the latest hardware. All operating systems should be up-to-date to prevent vulnerabilities from security holes at the OS layer, and all computers should have up-to-date anti-virus solutions installed.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why a business wants to adopt as much security as possible to protect its assets. The good news is that it’s possible to turn your organization’s building into a fortress and ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to it.

When combined with several security measures, the above examples work well and can make your building virtually impenetrable by criminals.

Extra Security Measures Your Business Should Put in Place

The focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. An important part of your business is its security. Assuring that all of your security measures are in place will increase the likelihood of your business performing and operating for a long period of time. The following contributed post is entitled, Extra Security Measures Your Business Should Put in Place.

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If your business is facing risks of various kinds, it’s important to combat them effectively with the right security measures. If you’re currently in the process of looking for better and stronger extra security measures, we’ve got some ideas to discuss with you which should help you to get to where you want to be. Each of the tips below will make your business better prepared to deal with the security threats you face.

Carry Out Regular Risk Assessments

First of all, you should try to carry out risk assessments on a regular basis. When you do this, you’ll find that you spot problems with your approach to business and see where risks are being taken unnecessarily. From there, you can start to cut out those problems and address risks better. You don’t want to wait for something to go wrong or someone to get hurt before taking action.

Train Staff on Security Threats and How to Combat Them

Everyone working for your business should be aware of the security threats the business faces. When they have that understanding, they’re able to deal with situations better and combat security threats more effectively. All of that comes from the training you offer though. If you’re not going the extra mile to offer strong training to your staff members, they won’t be able to deal with these situations.

Secure Sensitive and High-Value Items

If you have anything in your workplace that’s of a high value or that contains sensitive information, you should do more to ensure these things are properly secured and protected. A safe that you can keep in the office and lock away your items in is a good option if you want to protect your possessions while the office is closed.

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Dash Cams for Company Vehicles

If you want to make sure that your fleet of vehicles is being used in a safe and secure way when out on the road, you need to find ways of monitoring and tracking their use. That can be done in a variety of ways, such as with a dash cam fleet system. You can also use GPS tracking systems to see where your vehicles are traveling. These things will improve safety and costs, so make the most of them.

Install a Modern Alarm System

Having a modern alarm system setup inside your business’s premises is a good idea. That way, you can be alerted to any suspicious activity, no matter where you are. With these modern systems, you can get alerts sent directly to your mobile device or whatever device you want. It’ll also help deter potential burglars thinking of breaking in.

Your business has a responsibility to do more to ensure it’s fully secure and safe. As we’ve discussed, the threats out there are developing and changing rapidly. And it’s the businesses that are not up to date and not aware of those threats that are most likely to be seen as easy targets. Don’t let that be you.

Preventing Security Risks In Your Business

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. When you’re running a business, one of the things you want to do is make your operations as secure as possible. Ensuring your business’s security will likely ensure its profitability. The following contributed post is entitled, Preventing Security Risks In Your Business.

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Every now and then, you may decide to look at your security measures to see what you can do in order to improve it. For instance, you might feel like your doors are a little weak, you might be concerned about your office network or you might even find yourself hiring more security personnel.

Regardless of what type of business you run, it’s always a good idea to think of ways to improve your security so that you can avoid potential business risks. Unfortunately, not every business makes enough capital to warrant hiring a security service to help them out. With that said, you can still manage your own business security with relative ease as long as you approach it the right way.

A lot of people think that business security is something that requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge. However, the reality is that it’s more common sense than anything. Yes, there are certain aspects of business security that will require expertise and knowledge, but those situations are surprisingly few and far between. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can prevent potential security risks in your business.

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Have a proper security system that you maintain on a regular basis

One of the issues with outdated security systems is that they tend to get in the way. Perhaps you’re still using big and bulky CCTV cameras or maybe you’re using old locks on your doors that can easily be broken or picked. Your security system involves basically everything in your business from your locks and doors to your firewall and antivirus software. If you want to protect your business, you need to have a complete security system that is maintained on a regular basis to detect flaws and exploits.

When you start taking your security seriously, you’ll find that you often have to replace things to ensure that it’s functioning correctly and able to protect you against all kinds of threats. A good example of this would be with antivirus software. Since there are new viruses and threats being created every day, it’s important to update your software and systems to ensure it can detect these new viruses.

Partner with local services to get the most out of your security

You should always be looking for local services to work with when it comes to security. Not only are local services more affordable, but you also build relationships with them much more quickly. This means you’ll be offered a better service, affordable prices and immediate service since they’re physically close to you. This can also be a great way to look for niché security services.

For example, you can find an affordable locksmith to help with any master key issues you’re having, or you could hire local security personnel if you want to protect your store from thieves. These people will have a better understanding of the local market and they’ll also be able to respond at a moment’s notice since they’re local. This is perfect if you’re worried about someone breaking into your business at night and not having anyone to rush to stop the thieves in the middle of the night.

Train your staff to protect your business from various threats

Criminals tend to exploit your members of staff because they’re usually out of the loop when it comes to security concerns and protocols. In fact, one of the most common ways for a hacker to break into your systems is actually through social engineering. They could trick one of your employees into giving them a password or remote access to your computers. They’ll then cause havoc and make things difficult for your entire business.

Make sure you train your staff to avoid things like accidentally clicking on keyloggers, scam websites or falling victim to social engineering. The more well-trained your team is regarding security, the less likely they’ll be exploited.

Improving the security of your business is a major consideration that needs to be taken seriously. Protecting your business means less time spent worrying about data breaches or thieves breaking in. Those scenarios can cost your business a lot of money, ruining your chances of becoming a successful business and setting you back financially and also in terms of reputation.

This is why it’s vital that you prevent security risks in your business by taking the right countermeasures first. We hope that this article has given you some useful information to get started with your business security or to improve it drastically.

Technology To Keep Your Home Secure

Two key focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Technology. For individuals who own their homes, their primary residences are their largest investment. As such those investments must be protected and their ways to use technology to do so. The following contributed post is entitled, Technology To Keep Your Home Secure.

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Keeping your home secure and safe has always been at the top of many people’s priorities. It is just as important as ensuring the security of your business. We all know that it is important to close your windows and lock your doors before you go out, but as technology develops, there are more and more gadgets and tools that we can use to improve our home security. Many of the security items will be familiar, but they now have added technology that can help to make your home safer than ever:

A doorbell with a camera
No longer do doorbells just alert you to the fact that somebody is at the door, they can now show you who is at the door. This is useful for those unexpected house callers, as you can talk to them to find out who they are before you open the door. The camera doesn’t usually run all the time; it triggers when somebody comes to your door. There are even doorbells that allow you to connect to your phone so that you get alerts when there is someone at the door, and you can talk to them, even when you aren’t in the house.

A secure padlock
Padlocks are known for making things secure and safe by preventing people without a key from opening whatever you have secured. However, they have become even more secure with the invention of the biometric padlock. Biometric padlocks allow you to use your fingerprint, smartphone, or a password to unlock. No more losing keys, or getting your lock picked!

Home security systems
Home security systems are a great way to deter burglars and alert others if there is an intruder around. Many alarm systems set off an alarm when movement is detected in your home, but now there can be much more to home security systems. Many come with security cameras, some with excellent night vision. If your camera detects that someone is there, some will send you an alert and image of the person. This allows you to decide what to do if there is someone you don’t know outside. The alarm will still go off if someone breaks in, but this extra level of security acts as more of a deterrent and will provide authorities with an image of the perpetrator if anything happens.

Online security
Breaking into your home is no longer one of the only ways people can find your personal details and steal from you. There are now many cybercriminals out there that will try to do this online. You can put things in place to prevent any breaches of data from happening. All the passwords that you choose should be complexed and include numbers and special characters. Make sure that your device and the software on your device is regularly updated, encrypt anything private, and install effective firewalls. If you run a small business, it may be a good idea to get some advice from an IT professional who specializes in cybersecurity so that you can be sure everything is secure.

Four Ways To Secure Your Office Building

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Whichever type of business operation your running, one of your top concerns should be security. If you have an office building, there are ways to secure it. The following contributed post is entitled, Four Ways To Secure Your Office Building.

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As much as you may think your office building could never be compromised, it’s that laid back viewpoint that might end up causing it to happen. When it comes to the security of your building, it’s good to always look at how you can update and improve it to keep your staff safe and the workplace secure. Here are four ways to secure your office building.

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Install CCTV Surveillance

CCTV can be really handy to help you in a situation where your building has been damaged or broken into. Not only that, but it does help as a deterrence from any criminal activity a lot of the time. Depending on where your business is located and how valuable it is in terms of its financial value and worth, it’s important to have an extra layer of protection. CCTV is something that for many was not something people wanted purely because it felt like it was an invasion of privacy. However, in order to help stop crimes from happening and to deter anything bad from happening to the workplace, it’s good to have eyes on your property constantly, even when the office is closed. So invest in some surveillance where you can for the sake of your building.

Have A Lock Up Procedure All Staff Now

A lock up procedure is worth having written down as an official document and taught to all those staff members who might be responsible for opening up and closing the building. That might be a select number of people who are key holders, but it also might be for those who want, on occasion, to work later than usual or on the weekend. By having a document outlining the steps on locking up properly, you avoid anything from being left unlocked and being a potential danger. Not only that, but making sure all appliances are off and therefore there’s no fire risk is also important.

Invest In A Keycard Entry System

For the main entrance of your building, it can likely be a hub of activity for the most part. However, whatever layout your business is in, whether the entrance is attended to or not, it’s good to have an extra layer of security in the form of a keycard/barrier entry system. That way you know that no one can get in without a card or fob. You can get these easily from, and it’s worth having in order to help protect your staff and any guests that are in the building throughout the day.

Hire Security

And finally, if you’re a company that has a significant amount of staff and is a business that’s known very well, it might be best to hire security. Having a doorman – or doorwoman – at the front entrance of your building can be good. That extra muscle might be something that’s needed to usher out unwanted guests and to just give more peace of mind to your staff.

Securing your building shouldn’t be something you ignore, so try to find ways to make it even more secure than it already is.

Does Your Retail Store Need Security?

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. I key concern for any business is its security. Tightening up the security of your business can increase the likelihood of its continued operations in addition to continued profits. The following contributed post is entitled, Does Your Retail Store Need Security.

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As a customer, you might have been into shops that have abundant security. They might have security guards at the door and wandering around the store as well as tags on clothing and CCTV cameras. You might have wondered why the owners were bothering to throw so much money into security. Surely it can’t be worth it, just to stop a little shoplifting?

If you own a retail store of your own, you should certainly consider upgrading your security to the same levels. Let’s take a look at why.

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Keep Your Stock Safe and Avoid Loss

Shoplifting might only be a small problem. But, over time, that problem can grow. Every time you lose stock, you lose money. While big businesses might be able to cope with a little loss here and there, if you run a small company, during a quieter period, this can make a world of difference.

Increase Staff Comfort

Even if you aren’t concerned about a little shoplifting, what about the safety of yourself, your customers, and especially your staff, who will most often be the ones on the front line, confronting any shoplifters or other signs of criminal activity? Hiring a security team, as well as installing other security devices, can help them to feel more safe and secure. It can improve staff morale, increase loyalty and decrease staff turnover. This could save you money, and help you to create a happier, well-run workplace.

Decrease Other Threats

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Shoplifting isn’t the only threat that your business could face. Other criminal activity in the area could affect your reputation and the footfall in your area. Having security in, and around your store will decrease these threats.

Helps You to Build a Reputation

Every time someone successfully steals something from your store, they see it as a win, and you start to become known as an easy target. Shoplifters begin to sell your stock on cheaply, and you begin to get a reputation as a cheap store, as well as one that is easy to steal from. The shoplifters return, bringing criminal friends with them. Your customers might not if they hear they can get your good cheaper elsewhere.

Improved Customer Service

Getting a Security Company in could even improve customer service. If you have the same guards in store all of the time, they’ll become part of the team even if you don’t employ them directly. They’ll develop relationships with your customers, and help you to offer excellent customer service.

Customer service will also be improved because your staff will have more time to interact with customers, knowing that other threats are taken care of.

Security Options

Security staff are an excellent option. Having someone in your store full time, or at least during busier periods where your staff might be less vigilant, or less able to watch all areas of the shop, can be exceptionally effective at improving safety and decreasing crime. Alternatively, if you are based in a small shopping area, you might want to work with other businesses to share a security team. CCTV, tags and alarms are also worthwhile.

4 Ways To Improve The Security Of Your Business

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. No matter how novel and exciting your business idea is, you must secure it. You must optimize the security of your business on numerous fronts. The following contributed post is entitled, 4 Ways To Improve The Security Of Your Business.

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Regardless of the kind of business that you operate, you’ll want to keep all of your assets safe and sound. Whether it’s stock, technology, data, or money, there are several ways that you can enhance your security.

1 . Invest in CCTV

A good CCTV system is a must-have to keep your premises protected. CCTV cameras can function to deter criminals from targeting your property. As well as this, a CCTV monitoring system means that you’ll have evidence should a crime occur. The theft or damage of equipment or data will cost your business time and money both. CCTV can serve as a good damage control solution should the worst happen. Should extreme damages occur in the event of a break-in, it’s a good idea to call upon commercial restoration companies to provide help. Such companies can also assist in the event of high scale damages; from extreme weather to other structural disasters.

2 . Hire a security guard

To protect your business premises, a security guard can be a great call. Having a well-trained security professional will provide you with peace of mind that your building and employees are safe. A security guard will be able to monitor video surveillance around the building and ensure the correct access to the correct people. They can check ID and direct visitors as needed. Again, a security guard alone can be a great deterrent to potential thieves.

3. Cybersecurity

In the modern business world, cybersecurity is just as big an issue as physical security. It’s essential to put means in place to protect yourself online. When employees are accessing your network, ensure that you implement a multi-factor authentication system. Such a system involves several different checks to prove the identity of the employee. From biometric traits like fingerprints to codes sent via SMS; you can be sure that the right people have access. It can also be useful to hire an IT professional to perform a cybersecurity audit. An audit can identify and fix the weak points in your security system. When you implement new security solutions, ensure that you train your staff in terms of best practices. Using the internet to help your business can only be successful if you know how to stay safe online.

4. Install an alarm system

An effective alarm system is a great way to improve the security of your business. Such systems can alert the police quickly and efficiently should there be a break in. Regardless of an alarm system, it can be a good idea not to store all your valuables on-premises. Some businesses like to invest in storage solutions to have another place to keep valuable data or assets. Spreading your assets over multiple locations can be a good damage control solution.

Lastly, make sure that you backup your valuable documents and data and use the cloud as much as possible. If you’re concerned about cybersecurity, it can be beneficial to invest in a cybersecurity insurance policy. These policies can cover you in the event of a data breach, including any loss of revenue incurred as a result.

How You Can Maximize The Security In Any Business

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. One of the most important parts of any business is it’s security. Maximizing the security of your business will insure that can continue doing what it’s supposed to do, and that’s to make money. The following contributed post is entitled, How You Can Maximize The Security In Any Business.

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In order to ensure that all the work you’ve put in reaps all of the rewards it deserves, you need to be able to get over the line safely. You can put in all of the effort, and get all of the formalities sorted, but you never know who or what might get in the way of your prosperity. That’s why you need to have all kinds of security. Keeping everything safe and away from trouble is key, and every successful business has all kinds of measures in place.

If you’ve started up a new venture, and you feel as though you lack in terms of some fortification, then you should probably look at what you can do to shore things up a little. For now, though, here are five additions you could introduce to your business:


If you’ve got some pretty valuable items or your workplace requires a lot of privacy, then bringing in some big guns to stand guard might be a great idea. Whenever people see a place with a large individual stood outside it, they immediately think twice before misbehaving. Even those that aren’t scared of guards, stewards, or bouncers still back away because they don’t want to cause a scene. There will be heaps of security firms out there that will have trained and experienced guards readily available.


You’re probably going to be spending an awful lot of time on your computer or laptop during your working hours, so you’re going to need to make sure everything is safe and sound digitally. IT companies can help you out with all of that stuff with what’s called ‘managed IT support.’ They’ll oversee everything that your computer systems do and feel. They’ll be able to detect any threats, and put out fires before they’ve even thought about starting. You can also get many Data Backup Solutions from lots of IT companies – they’ll basically store all of your valuable files and data, and keep everything secure on their end.

Cameras And Alarms

Nowadays, we have lots of great technology that can deter criminals from causing any trouble. CCTV cameras work wonders for companies trying to protect themselves. Again, people will see the piece of high-tech equipment and think twice and commit anything stupid. If they do, in fact, go through with it, then they’ll be caught. Alarms will also help out – if any ne’er-do-wells decided to break in, then everyone will be alerted to their presence.

Fences, Gates, And Locks

Finally, literally adding a few more pieces to fortify your premise would be a good idea. People won’t be able to reach you if you have genuine obstacles in the way. Have some extra fences or gates build around the perimeter if you’re able to do so.

You’ve probably got some locks for all of your doors, windows, safes, and everything else, but you could always do with more. The more puzzles in the way; the more problems criminals are going to have.

Five Ways To Improve Security

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. A part of running your business is putting the proper security in place. Doing so will ultimately lower your expenses and increase your chances for success. The following contributed post is entitled, Five Ways To Improve Security.

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Office security is an important part of any business. The hub of your work needs to be safe for your staff, products and equipment. Office security doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective, however. Here are five ways you can improve your office security.


Invest In An Alarm System
An alarm system is the first and most obvious tool to keep your office secure. Choose one that is easy to set, so you don’t have to worry if it’s been properly done if someone else is the last to leave the office. Make sure the system you choose is reliable; wireless systems like MeshWrx Alarm Monitoring have less in them to go wrong.

Decide if you want an alarm that automatically alerts you or the police (or both) to a break-in. Knowing immediately there is a problem can be very helpful.

Look After Equipment
Make sure any valuable equipment, such as laptops, is properly labelled. Mark these items with ID tags or barcodes so it’s immediately obvious if something isn’t returned. Keep an inventory of kit so it can be checked in and out easily.

Make sure any onsite storage for electronics is secure. A sturdy cabinet or cupboard with a strong lock is an easy way to do this. Ask employees to return any kit they won’t be taking home to this cupboard at the end of every work day. A laptop properly stored is far less likely to go missing than a laptop that was left out on a desk over night.

If staff will be taking any equipment home, make sure you provide them with a suitable carrier to protect it, such as a good quality laptop bag. If you need to, put in place rules to stop employees leaving laptops or other gear in unattended in the car or in public places.

Keep Track Of Who’s Coming And Going
Ask your staff to wear ID badges that prominently display your company logo and their name. Give visitor passes to any site visitors that are equally prominent. Anyone without an ID badge or pass will immediately stand out as someone who shouldn’t be there.

Locking the office with key card or fob access can be an effective way to keep out unauthorised people too.

Install CCTV
CCTV is another obvious choice to keep you secure. In the case of a breakin or other incident in the office, CCTV can be a valuable evidence tool. Prominent signs telling people that you have CCTV also acts as an effective deterrent to would-be thieves.

Set Office Security Policies
You’d be surprised how many office break-ins or security breaches occur that could be avoided with a proper protocol.

Make sure that the office is never left open and unattended. Impose the same rule to any rooms or storage areas that are used to keep equipment or sensitive data. Ask your staff to lock their computers if they leave their desk, and to secure any desk drawers or filing cabinets that contain sensitive or confidential paperwork.

Are Thieves Stealing Your Business Dreams?

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you’re opening a ‘bricks and mortar’ store, an important consideration is theft which can significantly cut into your bottom line if it goes unchecked. Security is thus a key consideration. The following contributed post is thus entitled; Are Thieves Stealing Your Business Dream?

*  * *

If there’s one bain in retail, it’s theft. This could unravel your company finances if you aren’t careful, as you’re finding out the hard way. Ever since opening your store, you’ve seen a real drop in profits due to customer theft. And, you don’t have a clue what to do about it.

It’s a worrying situation, and one many business owners face. You’ve worked hard to build this thing up, and people are taking it without paying a penny. It’s a crushing experience, but, it’s important to remember that you aren’t at the mercy of thieves. It’s well within your power to address this problem. All you need to do is consider the following reasons you haven’t managed to do so until now.

You don’t have a visible security presence

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If you don’t have a visible security presence, is it any wonder theft is rife? It would be a mistake to think that the odd security camera is going to stop you feeling the sting of crimes like these. Like anyone, thieves know their trade. They know that no one will be watching those cameras if there’s no security guard on your door. You need to show them that you have a security presence they don’t want to mess with. That means employing a physical security guard. Bear in mind that you want someone who knows their stuff for keeping your store safe. Your best bet would be to work in conjunction with a company like Ops Security Group who have gained recognition from the security guard company award in the past. That way, you know your security will be in good hands from now on. Then all you need to do is station them by your store entrance and watch your theft losses come crashing down.

Your products are easy to pocket

It’s also worth thinking about your products. Large items like televisions are pretty hard to get away with. While theft does still happen, it’s a less frequent occurrence. If particular products are stolen often, ask yourself whether they’re too easy to pocket. If a thief sees a small unsecured item, they’re going to grab it. To make sure that doesn’t happen, it’s worth placing your smallest items in security boxes. That’ll make a massive difference to theft on the whole.

Your store has too many blind spots

Thieves love nothing more than blind spots. These make for prime pickings, and you can bet theft will increase if you have too many of them. A blind spot is an area where thieves know you can’t see them. This is most commonly on the ends of aisles, but corners cause issues here, too. If you think this is where you fall, it’s time to open your eyes. Going for an open-plan layout in your store may well be best. Do away with aisles, and display products on tables instead. Failing that, make sure that you cover areas like these with security cameras which are plain for everyone to see.