How to Cultivate Successful Employer-Employee Relationships

Two key focuses of my blog are Career Discussions and Professional Development/Skills. In any workplace, employer-employee relations are absolutely critical and are the lifeblood to achieving the mission. The following contributed post is entitled, How to Cultivate Successful Employer-Employee Relationships.

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In any business, human relationships are key. Whether you are working in a small start-up environment, or in a multinational conglomerate, personal relationships will always have an effect on the mood of the office, staff morale, and productivity. When thinking about business, it is often too tempting to boil it down to numbers and cold hard facts – and forget the humans who will be processing and creating all that data. This is a mistake, and it is only by considering a business holistically that you can start to truly understand and perfect how it operates.

The most important, and perhaps most tricky, relationship to manage is that of the boss or line-manager, and their employee. There is a thin line to tread between resentment, mutual respect, and an over-friendliness that can damage objectivity. However, there are standards and cultures you can implement in any setting that will help create successful and productive relationships.


Honesty is key. Without it, relationships can fester and stagnate – as true in a business setting as it may be in a romantic context. If any problems do arise between managers and their staff, it is important that both feel able to immediately express this in a calm and productive manner. You can help this along by implementing clear structures for performance management, including consistent feedback and reviews.


It may seem frivolous to some, but team-building exercises can be fundamental in building a feeling of camaraderie around an office, and levelling the ground between supervisors and workers. Consider taking a group of employees who may need to work closely together to a team building day out. If this is unfeasible, put together a smaller package of activities you can introduce for an hour in the office. This will increase morale, help your staff feel motivated and appreciated, and encourage honesty and team-work across other areas of the workplace.

Lines of Responsibility

Whilst keeping everyone feeling like a team working on the same level is helpful, it is also important to have clearly delineated lines of responsibility. Often, feelings of resentment can spring from people suspecting others are ‘treading on their toes’, micromanaging or interfering unnecessarily in their work, creating an atmosphere of distrust. This can be solved by ensuring everyone knows clearly what their roles and responsibilities are, drawing clear lines that can be adhered to, and avoiding the muddy waters that can cause tension.


Perhaps the most important aspect of the supervisor-supervisee relationship to cultivate is that of mutual respect. It is also the hardest to create and quantify. Mutual respect will allow employees to disagree, debate and even discipline each other, whilst remaining in a productive headspace free from resentment or anger. Through team-building and clearly drawn lines of responsibility and feedback, a culture of respect can be created in your workplace.


If discipline is to be effective, there must be a carrot as well as a stick. Workplace rewards are a great way for employers and their managers to signal appreciation for each others’ hard work in a way that is professional and within company policy. By introducing systems of peer-to-peer recognition, and appreciation that can move up the hierarchy as well as down, you are helping to create an environment where everyone will want to work for each other as well as for themselves.

Picking Up New Skills for Better Personal and Professional Development

Two key focuses of my blog are General Education and Professional Development/Skills. No matter what your professional training is in, you can never have too many skills. Likewise, you never know where certain skill sets are going to translate for the betterment of your life. The following contributed post is entitled, Picking Up New Skills for Better Personal and Professional Development.

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No one should ever stop learning if they want to reach their potential. Learning anything offers a variety of opportunities no matter who you are, and it gives you the chance to explore new ideas and experiences that others – especially those who gave up on learning – could never imagine.

But, there is so much to learn that it’s challenging to decide what to focus on. There are a variety of options to choose from. You can try something creative, you can learn to follow and expect current trends, or you can consider improving on what you are already proficient at. Regardless of what type of learning you indulge in, you can feel confident that it will open a world of opportunity for you.

Do Something Creative

Creativity is something that too many people believe you are just born with. However, anyone who works in the creative industry, or indeed likes to spend their free time flexing their imagination, will tell you that what it really takes is hard work.

Learning to do something creative, whether it’s learning how to draw or paint or mastering the Piano in 21 Days, among a wide range of other adventures, will be a welcome change from the daily monotony of work.

Giving your mind a break from the serious is excellent for your mental health. Furthermore, with enough practice, you may even find yourself with a useful side hustle to take advantage of in retirement.

Predict Trends

Being able to predict trends will allow you to stay ahead of the pack in the business. By anticipating the next big thing, just like the social media giants did with Facebook and the like, you could find yourself pioneering your industry and taking strides that competitors could never dream of.

There will be times where you get ideas and predictions wrong, but you were never supposed to be some Nostradamus-esque magician.

You can use your knowledge of the industry and its history to consider what might come next, and if you put enough work into it, there is plenty of success waiting for you.

Improve On What You Are Already Good At

While it’s useful to learn a new skill, there’s also plenty of benefits from perfecting what you already know. This can apply to anybody, whether you are a snowboarder or a salesperson. There is always more for you to do and learn.

Becoming the leader in your business will set you apart from those who became satisfied with their current skill level. However, if you become comfortable, you also risk becoming complacent.

Continuously striving to be better than one person: yourself is sure to give you a challenge every day, meaning you’ll never get bored and always have someone to compare yourself to.

Thinking of Your Future

It’s vital to think of your future no matter what you do. By opening up your skillset, you give yourself even more potential to succeed in whatever you do. All skills take a lot of hard work and dedication, but if you care about discovering better personal and professional development, you understand that it is worth it.

5 Ways to Enrich Your Life While Working 9 to 5

Three focuses of my blog are Career Discussions, Health/Wellness and Professional Development/Skills. Many people stagnate once setting into a 9 to 5 career/job while others continue to grow and thrive. There are ways to continue thriving both personally and professionally while working your 9 to 5. The following guest post is entitled, 5 Ways to Enrich Your Life While Working 9 to 5.

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Time is a precious resource not everyone has. This becomes especially relevant when you reach your adulthood. The typical set-up for most working adults is a 9-5 job. Some work for as long as 10 hours, or work during nighttime. You might be cursed with daily 3-hour commutes. Much of your adulthood will be spent on earning a living and a lot of times you won’t have a weekend well spent aside from lounging around.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t live your life to the fullest while working hard. There are many ways you can enrich your life and get the most out of every situation-if you make time for them. Here are some ways you can step out of your 9-5 box and enrich the moments in your life:

Learn New Skills

The advent of new technologies like the Internet and smartphones paved the way for easier access to things you might not know yet. More often than not, if you don’t know something, you Google it. You can go to online schools and open universities to learn something new. Better yet, you can even learn new skills from YouTube, like learning how to cook or fix the sink.

Also, if you can manage your time, you can try to go to take vocational courses from accredited institutions or continue your education and take a graduate degree. All these can add something new or further hone your skillset, which can help you in the long run.

Declutter Your Life

Take a page from Marie Kondo’s minimalistic way of living and declutter your life. Fill your life with things that spark you joy; get rid of things that don’t make you happy or you have no use of anymore. You can donate old clothes, recycle your stack of papers, or even cut contact with someone toxic from your life. When it comes to work, categorize and sort everything. Make everything in your life valuable and it’ll help you in the long run.

Practice Mindfulness

Become more self-aware. Mindfulness brings you to the forefront of your very situation instead of being stuck in the past. You can do this kind of meditation whenever you’re feeling pressured with your work, or with making a very important decision. You can do things with a clear mind. It lets you become objective; you attune to what’s happening right now, regulating your emotions.

Apart from being a good stress reliever, you gain control that otherwise would’ve been lost when you panic or freeze.

Don’t Forget to Relax

When you have no plans for the weekend, sometimes you might be thinking to yourself: “How do I make the most of my weekend?” Well, there’s more to life than doing a Netflix binge, so do whatever relaxes you. If it’s reading by a warm fireplace, then do that. If you’re more of an extrovert, try doing volunteer work. Be creative, express yourself.

Take Control of Your Narrative

“Live your life so it’s a story to tell,” says one lifehack. Sometimes, there are things that hold you back from achieving great heights. Although, other times, it’s you who’s holding you back. You need to gain the courage and confidence to step up and take a leap of faith. You know yourself well; you know well what you can do.

You don’t have to leave your 9 to 5 to do anything rewarding for your life. Go in headfirst with no regrets. If you stumble along the way or get to the finish line in the end, it’ll be a rewarding, learning experience for you.

4 Careers To Consider That Will Keep You On Your Feet

Two key focuses of my blog are Career Discussions and Professional Development/Skills. For some individuals, there comes a time for a career change. There numerous exhilarating careers which take place outside of the office and require small or large-scale movement. The following contributed post is entitled, 4 Careers To Consider That Will Keep You On Your Feet.

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Are you looking for a different type of job? It’s possible that you’re not suited for a career where you’re going to be stuck behind a desk. Not everyone is a match for these types of positions and that’s okay. Does it mean that you’re going to be stuck in a dead-end position or that you are not going to be fulfilled on your professional journey? While it is going to depend on the position you choose, in most cases, an active position can be just as rewarding as those where you spend most of your time in the office.

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Law Enforcement

You might want to consider working in law enforcement. This will be the perfect career for you if you have a passion for justice and are keen to help serve your local community. Pay levels can be strong too, particularly as you rise through the ranks. It is important that you receive the right training for this type of position. However, police training is available from numerous companies and can easily be arranged before or during your career path.

Fitness Instructor

Of course, if you want a lighter career path that has a little less pressure and stress attached to the role then becoming a fitness instructor could be a great choice for you. As a fitness instructor, you will be able to push your body to reach its max potential and encourage other people to do the same. You will also be able to stay on your feet for most of the day and thus remain in fantastic shape. It’s a tiring career but it is one that can provide tremendous benefits. Particularly, when you start to think about setting up your own brand or running your own full fitness business. You can branch out too, providing online support as well as gym sessions.

Travel Wonder

If you’re looking for one of the best and most fulfilling active careers, then you should definitely consider a life traveling to places unknown. Now, you’re probably wondering whether you can earn money while traveling. You definitely can but it won’t work for everyone. There is an element of luck involved and yes, it does help if you are conventionally attractive. However, more than this, you need to have a great personality or charm that people can connect with. They have to want to follow you on your journey. This will earn you online followers and will lead to money-making opportunities.


Finally, you might think that journalism is precisely the type of career that is going to keep you behind the desk. But this is not the case. The reality is that you will be out in the real world, talking to people, connecting with people and running interviews. You will actually only spend a few hours in the office at any given time in most journalism roles. It provides a lot of the freedom that people often seek when pursuing a different type of career.

We hope this helps you find the perfect active career for you.

Tips For Dealings With Employees In Business

Three of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and Professional Development/Skills. Whichever business setting/enterprise you’re in, properly dealing with your employees is essential. Effectively doing so and not effectively doing so will have far reaching consequences. The following contributed post is entitled, Tips For Dealings With Employees In Business.

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Dealing with employees within a business can be different for every boss or company out there. They’re dealing with different types of people, and every staff member can be different to the next. So being able to manage everyone with the same value and respect can be a constantly balancing act. Here are some tips for dealing with employees in business, and that will hopefully work for all the staff that work in the company.

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Create A Healthy Working Environment

A healthy work environment is important to get right for your employees because they’re spending most of their day working in the office or work environment. That is a responsibility that the business has ownership over, and staff can share their input on how things can be made better, which you should do if you’re finding that certain changes aren’t helping. The happiness and health of your employees is key because as long as they’re both of these things, they’ll continue working. If one of these is missing, it can affect productivity, and that’s something you don’t want to be sacrificing or lacking at any point during your company’s growth. So, create a space that’s healthy to be in, is clean and tidy, and that you’ve thought about the layout and features of the office that are going to help your staff feel good on a daily basis whenever they’re at work. From meth testing to ensuring there is enough lighting in the room, it’s all important.

Make Your Staff Feel Valued

Your staff feeling valued is one thing that some businesses don’t do often enough. As an individual, we’d all like to be valued a lot more, especially in the workplace and when we’re given that recognition it helps. It can help improve our attitude to work and how we can change as individuals for the better. A simple thank you and praising in the company newsletter can end up going a long way, and further than most companies would think. So try to make your staff feel valued on a daily basis and do this through a number of ways. You can hold more staff meetings to bounce around ideas and to make praises to those who’ve worked hard over that week or month. It could be treating a department to a free lunch for putting in the extra effort where it’s been needed. The little gestures can make a big difference.

Offer A Better Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is one that might take some time to achieve for most of us. It’s not until we’ve got ourselves into a role that we’ve defined ourselves in that we usually get benefits from work. However, it’s important that no matter who it is within your company, everyone deserves to have control over their work-life balance, and demanding more of someone that creeps into their life, needs to be reimbursed. They should be able to decide whether they do that overtime, and if that overtime is done, they should get given that time back in lieu or in payment. Nothing in life is free, and it’s never right to put someone in the position when they’re working for a company, where they need to work longer hours for nothing. Give them the flexibility where possible to take time off or to work from home. It’s only going to better your relationships with the employees themselves.

Encourage Them To Take Their Lunch Break

A lunch break is another important element to your staff’s working day because it gives them an hour to do something different that what’s being done at work. Whether it’s sitting down for an hour to watch their favourite television program while eating their lunch or going out for a walk. That hour or however, much time they have for a break should be honored at all costs. If you’re not encouraging breaks, then it’s only going to reduce their work productivity as a whole.

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Help Provide Further Career Progress

Career progression is important to some people and when they enter your company, they might be at the point where they’ve joined to rise up through the ranks. And as a business, it’s important to provide the further career progression where you can. If you’re not able to offer certain positions or it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon, you can still help boost their experience through training and relevant courses. As a company, you should have a staff training budget that can help your staff gain more knowledge and skills that will not only benefit the company but will help your employees become more elevated in what they can achieve.

Sit down with each staff member on an annual basis to run through their hopes and career prospects. Some may have changed what they want to do and where they want to go, and some may not have. It’s good to stay up to date with what they’re up to and what they’re thinking of doing next. Regular meetings can be helpful in most cases to get more of an understanding of your staff and who they are as individuals. Any concerns or worries they may have can also be addressed through this too.

Recognize And Reward Improvements

Improvements and successes within a business are critical to recognize firstly but to also reward. When your company is going well and making financial progress, some of that profit needs to filter back down to the people who made it happen. Rewarding your staff is one thing you want to do to help encourage them and others to continue the great work that they’re doing for the company. It adds a level of respect that they’ll give back to you in return. So whenever you can, reward people’s hard work.

Dealing with employees in the business is one to get right and maintain. Without it, you could end up losing staff or suffering as a company with the growth and success you could be getting.

3 Ways You Can Become a Better Boss

Two of the focuses of my blog are Career Discussions and Professional Development/Skills. Many individuals want to be the boss, but it comes with a great deal of responsibility and risk. In many instances it requires constant learning and evolution. The following contributed post is entitled, 3 Ways You Can Become a Better Boss.

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Looking after your workforce can have many benefits for your business. If you have a high turnover rate, this could possibly mean that staff morale could be low due to the frequent number of employees that have been replaced amongst other things.

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As the owner of the business, the last thing you want is for this to reflect badly on your company. For this reason, you will need to be proactive in making sure you are giving your employees what they need to be able to the job well. And also enjoy the job they are being employe to do and want to stick with you.

A happy workforce has the potential to totally change your company’s fortune. After all, chances are, if you have people working for you, you realistically can’t do this all yourself. So what can you do to change the fortunes of your company by focussing on your employee’s needs?

Staff Training

Are you taking the time to properly train employees when they start work with your company? It can be tempting to rush training, especially if you need to replace employees quickly to keep things ticking over. But in short, this could harm you in the longer-term rather than help you.

Sending an under-qualified, under-trained member of staff to do something they are confident doing could have a detrimental effect on your company. Resulting in poor customer service, flouting of health and safety regulation and again, poor staff morale. Invest in their future with you and make sure they have been thoroughly trained to help them do what they need to do well.

Look After Their Emotional and Physical Well Being

Have you taken the time to get to know your employees and what they require to be able to work? A lot of people have different physical requirements to help them be able to do their jobs. Being able to accommodate this or make allowances or adaptations will make you feel that you care about them and have their best interests at heart.

Contracting a company such as Jobfit Health Group can help you provide healthcare for your staff including pre-hiring checks and workplace injury assessments. Making the health of your staff a priority will instil trust throughout your workforce.

Provide the Correct Equipment

Sure training the team is highly important, but so is making sure they have the correct tools for the job too. Employees can’t expect to do their jobs well without the correct equipment for what they need to. From the right, suitable safety clothing, to stationery, or even company cars to keep in touch with clients. People work better when they have everything they need to do their job easily. Unsure of what they need? Ask them! After all, they are the ones performing the job day after day, they will know what will make things easier for them.

At the same time, if what they need is more flexibility, can you see how you can offer this to. From the working parents who need to start at slightly altered working hours or even the option to work from home to reduce days taken off sick to those with health issues who struggle to do things able-bodied people take for granted.

Advancing Forward In Your Career

Two key focuses of my blog are Career Discussions and Professional Development/Skills. Everyone has to think about how to advance their career forward. Many people have the desire to do it, but don’t know how. The following contributed post is entitled, Advancing Forward In Your Career.

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There often comes a time in your employment that you get a little bored of your surroundings – your role may no longer challenge your abilities or interest you as it once did, and you may be unhappy with the amount of responsibility you have as well as the amount of money that you earn. Researching ways in which you can advance your career will aid you in opening up new opportunities for you to advance forward and reach new heights, and it couldn’t be easier to get started and improve yourself for the benefit of your employment situation. There are several simple tips that you can make the most of to ensure that you can break free from your dull 9-5 to reach ultimate job satisfaction in no time at all, so if you would like to find out more then read on for some of the best tried and tested steps that you can utilise now.

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Seek Out Extra Qualifications

One of the best things that you can do to enable yourself to reach your career goals is to seek out extra education and qualifications that you can add to your resume. Showing your commitment by heading back to school will allow future employers to see that you are dedicated to self improvement and willing to put in the time and effort to learn new skills and advance forward. Whether you decide to attend school full time to achieve an integrated design degree, or opt for a remote learning course that fits around your current lifestyle, just do a bit of research online to identify which pathway will best suit your current needs. Having those extra qualifications on your file may just give you the upper hand over another candidate, so it’s vital that you can grab any education opportunity with both hands.

Network Among The Right Circles

Another great concept that can really support you in advancing your career involves networking among the right circles to gain new industry connections. Getting yourself out there to build a positive reputation and meet with other professionals will allow you to essentially ‘get your foot in the door’, or get noticed by potential future employers. If just one of the reputable people you converse with sees your capabilities then they may decide to invest in your career and offer you guidance and support, so it’s definitely worth the effort you have to put in. Networking can be done in several different forms, such as visiting industry conferences and events, joining business groups on social media and blog sites, and so much more. You may have to work on your confidence before deciding to take up such a feat, as it requires you to strike up a conversation with many people that you might never have met before, whilst really selling yourself and pushing your own personal agenda.

Advancing forward in your career has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the information detailed above.

How To Make Sure You Land The Job You Want

Three of the focuses of my blog are Career Discussions, General Education and Professional Skills/Development. The job hunt can be very competitive depending on your employment history, the current state of your field and location. If you can, you want to set yourself up to beat out the competition and have the best chance of getting the position you want. The following contributed post is entitled, How To Make Sure You Land The Job You Want.

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When it comes to our professional lives, it’s safe to say that we all want to work in a job that we’ll love. Not all of us get to have that luxury all of the time, unfortunately, but it’s certainly something that everyone looks for. Working takes up an awful lot of our time, after all.

It’s not just a case of picking a field and walking straight into it, as you probably know by now. There are all kinds of people with all kinds of skills looking to take your opportunity away from you. You have to, therefore, put the work in and show you’re better than those alongside you. It’s by no means a walk in the park, but it’s also not an impossible task.

If you’ve found something that you’d like to pursue and feel as though you need to up your game, then here are a few things you should probably do if you want to increase your chances of landing such a gig:

Do Your Research

If you know what you’re talking about, then you’re obviously going to have a better chance of getting the job. If you were to stumble into the interview with limited knowledge, then you’ll be laughed out of the room. You obviously know that you’ll need to know a thing or two about the job at hand, but you should probably go one further and research all kinds of finer details. Whether it’s regarding home building projects, or whether it’s to do with types of machine tools, learning more and more will only benefit you. Not only will it help during the interview, but it’s always nice to have those extra pieces of knowledge going forward.

Present Yourself Perfectly

We all know that there’s no such thing as perfection, but you can do your best to get darn near. If you want to impress potential employers, you’ll need to make sure you look the business! This means getting your resume spot-on and dressing to impress. If you get these initial steps right, then that stands you in good stead going forward.

In terms of the resume, you’ll obviously need to get all of the vital information written down. But you’ll also need to make sure that it’s attractive to the eyes, too. Many employers have been known to toss resumes in the trash if they look a little untidy! Be warned!

Practice Confidence

Yes, that’s right. In order to become a confident person, you need to drill it into your own head. Practice speaking in the mirror – this is a simple one, but it’s great if you want to get into the habit of confidently getting your words out. Constantly work, too. If you’re lounging around and doing very little, your overall confidence levels will drop. Your confidence in the field you’re looking towards will also dither.

Don’t Put One Place On A Pedestal

If you don’t get the job in the company that you were expecting, then that’s okay. There will have been lots of people vying for that role, too. Never put all your eggs into one basket – that’s a sure-fire way of being disappointed. If you have lots of different options with an equal amount of importance, then you’ll constantly be focused, and your chances of success will increase.

3 Reasons Not to Be Disheartened by Your Personal and Professional Setbacks

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and two key focuses are Career Discussions and Professional Development/Skills. Most career tracks are not straight lines and do involve some adversity and setbacks. Reaching your goal will ultimately require perseverance. The following contributed post is entitled, 3 Reasons Not to Be Disheartened by Your Personal and Professional Setbacks.

* * *

Pixabay CC0 License

Whether in our personal or our professional lives, setbacks and failures are an unwelcome but ever-present reality and inevitability.

While, of course, success can and should be pursued and achieved, it is seldom ever won without a significant dose of trouble and challenge along the way. But one of the things that most consistently separates high-achievers from the rest of us, is that high-achievers know not to be disheartened by their personal and professional setbacks.

Here are a few reasons not to be disheartened by yours.

Because failures and setbacks are an excellent opportunity for addressing a weak point and improving for the next round

First and foremost, failures and setbacks identify some kind of weak point or error in your plan, system, approach, attitude, or business model.

On the one hand, you could allow those setbacks to completely crush your confidence and convince you that the particular weak point in question is insurmountable – but how accurate is this sentiment actually likely to be? And more importantly, how does it help you to give up all hope?

A much better and more productive approach is, instead, to treat your failures and setbacks as excellent learning opportunities that show you the way to strengthen and improve yourself or your business, so that when it’s time for the “next round,” you will be in a much better position to meet and overcome your challenges.

If, for example, you ended up in a situation where clients of your business were indebted to you and were in no way holding up their end of the bargain and actually paying, that could be a great lesson to outsource some elements of your business going forward and to utilise the services of a collection agency.

The most capable businesses and people are generally that way because they have systematically identified and addressed many weak points along the way.

Because your destiny is largely shaped by how you respond to circumstances and occurrences

There are always going to be things in life that are out of your direct control, but that nonetheless significantly affect you or your circumstances or environment.

That’s true for everyone. But it doesn’t do any good to sit around feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about circumstances that you can’t do much about.

When all is said and done, your destiny is primarily going to be shaped by how you choose to respond to circumstances and occurrences. There are always more and less proactive and empowered ways of dealing with things. Your challenges, then, are an opportunity for you to show and develop your character.

Because all the best stories ultimately include an element of adversity

We are all the protagonists of our own stories, and life should be an exciting, fulfilling, and gripping tale for each and every one of us.

So, when was the last time you heard or read a great story that didn’t include any element of adversity whatsoever?

In all likelihood, it’s impossible to find a story that anyone cares about where nothing challenging ever happens, and where no failures or setbacks are encountered by the protagonist. As a human being, you need challenges in order to keep life interesting, and to keep you on your toes.

Of course, some challenges and setbacks are going to be absolutely tragic, and it might feel completely inappropriate to use the metaphor of a “plot device” to refer to them. The point remains, though, that you are the one with the ability to shape the course of your life – of your story – largely by how you respond to the challenges that confront you.

Instead of allowing your challenges to break you, meet them in as heroic a way as possible, and write a story that can uplift others.

What Kind Of Masters Is For You?

Three of the focuses of my blog are Career Discussions, General Education and Professional/Skills. Many careers require education beyond the bachelor’s level. As such, many individuals pursue Masters degrees. Choosing the right degree is important as it will affect your career long-term. The following contributed post is entitled, What Kind Of Masters Is For You?

* * *

When you’re looking at finishing college, or you’re thinking of further your education, you may find that you’re considering getting your master’s. However, the most important question of all, is often what should you study? Sometimes, it’s easy to work out – you may find that you want to follow your major. But it isn’t all that easy. Sometimes, you need some inspiration. Here are some great options to contend with.


To start with, you may find that you could consider getting your Master’s in Business Administration. An MBA can be really handy for a lot of people that want to either move into the business field or get a professional career in the future. Whether this is right after a bachelors or not.


Another really great idea is education. Sometimes, you just want to think about the way that you can further your intellectual career or shape a future generation. If you’re passionate about one topic in particular, then this could be the route for you.

Political Management

Then, we also have political management. This could be a really great master’s field for a number of candidates. There can be a huge benefit to a number of different industries and professionals, not just politics itself. These can include social media manager, attorney, intelligence analyst, public affairs specialist, marketing specialist, and communications director.

For more information on the master’s in political management, just take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By George Washington University