Maximizing Your Investment In Commercial Premises

“Up until now you might have been working remotely, renting buildings, or perhaps cousin office space. Depending on your needs, commercial premises can quite literally define the shape of your business and expand it more than ever.”

Three focuses of my blog are Business/Entrepreneurship, Organizational/Management Discussions and Workplace Discussions. A major part of your business is your commercial premises. Ensuring that this component is solid can help maximize your business operations. The following contributed post is entitled, Maximizing Your Investment In Commercial Premises.

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Taking ownership of a commercial property is a big milestone in the life of your business. Up until now you might have been working remotely, renting buildings, or perhaps cousin office space. Depending on your needs, commercial premises can quite literally define the shape of your business and expand it more than ever. For example, it’s one thing to outsource your manufacturing, it’s quite another to bring it in-house.

There are so many different type of commercial premises, from warehouse to restaurant to office block to factory that giving all-encompassing advice to every single one of these would become irrelevant after a short period of time. That’s why, in this post, we’ll discuss how to maximize your investment so that over time, this space pays more dividends on both a financial and operational level.

Without further ado, let’s consider how you might go about that:

Zoning Restrictions

Of course, depending on the zoning laws in place, how the land can be used, how local authorities can be interacted with, what restrictions are in place (such as sound pollution) and your capability for developing the commercial real estate you have will differ. For the best outcome, it’s essential to use the advice of zoning lawyers with real insight not only into the law, but your local area as well. They not only ensure you make the right investment in commercial property, but that its use is thoroughly optimized not only now, but over the years as well. For example, negotiating development rights can potentially determine exactly how the space might be used for the next thirty or so years. It’s always important to think into the future when determining the use of your commercial property.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Many companies have a sustainable mission they not only use to market their brand, but to hire conscious employees, and to make their operations more affordable in the long run. As such, it can be wise to think about how to integrate efficiency measures now, such as space for biofuel, recycling integrations, and solar panels installed atop your roofing. You can also look into green space initiatives to develop a more pleasant environment for your staff.

Integrating People-First Solutions

It’s easy to think of a building or real estate as its own functional entity, but really, these constructions have been defined to assist people in whatever their tasks might be. For example, integrating people-first solutions can be a fantastic place to begin designing the premises to your needs. That might involve purchasing part of a car parking area for your staff, integrating new smoke shelters or secure bike sheds, and defining space for staff lockers, kitchens, wider restrooms, and more. Consider how your people-first solutions will influence your staff satisfaction in the best possible light. Doing so could help you curate a better, more effective workforce.

With this advice, you’re certain to maximize your investment in commercial investment, not only via its long-term value, but in how its implementation will benefit your daily operations in the long run.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Office Space

Two focuses of my blog are Business/Entrepreneurship and Workplace Discussions. Depending on the type of organization your are running, the type of commercial space you have will be critical. The following contributed post is entitled, How To Choose The Right Commercial Office Space.

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Choosing a commercial office space is typically an exciting thing to do for many small businesses. Commercial office space is a signal that there is enough profit to support more people on the team and a space to run the business. Although not everyone wants commercial office space in the current climate – for some businesses, it makes sense for face-to-face client meetings.

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But how do you select the right office space for your needs?


The location of your office is going to have a significant impact on your team and your clients. You need to have good public transport links and access to parking as a minimum. It is also worthwhile looking at the stores and places to eat in the area too. Long-term business success can ride on how easy you are to get to.


Safety is a two-fold thing when it comes to your commercial office space. The first is that you need the building itself to be safe, and the only way to know for sure is through inspections for commercial buildings. You will get a copy of the report that will outline everything you need to know, things to be aware of, and what to change.

The second is the safety of the location itself. An office space that has an incredible price but is in a location that has a crime rate isn’t ideal. Depending on the impression you are trying to give and the customers and clients you have, you might need to pay a little more for something that is a safer place.


Initially, the office may only need to have space for under ten employees or even fewer. You’ll need to decide if you want to have room immediately to allow for the growth of the business – or are you prepared to move office again when that point arrives?

Choosing an office size that supports your current business and long-term goals can take time and effort. There is also a balance to be found between the cost of running the office and how many people are in it. If you have immediate plans to hire, then pick somewhere that has enough space to do so.

You can run a hotdesk office in combination with hybrid working – allowing you to have a smaller office space with bookable desks. So only when people need to take face-to-face meetings will they need to be there.


If your office is in a building that has nothing nearby, it can be isolating for your team and you. Being surrounded by other companies gives you a chance to network and get to know those around you. Networking can be incredibly beneficial to smaller businesses – so take a look at the other businesses around you – could there be collaboration opportunities?

When looking at commercial offices, you can either lease or buy – and your budget and long-term plans will dictate that. However, if you choose to rent the office, make sure that you understand everything that is included.

Here are some considerations to make sure that once you have selected the office, you get the best from it: Healthy And Sustainable Practises For The Office.

5 Ways You Can Improve The Way You Manage Commercial Real Estate

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you have the proper systems in place, commercial real estate can be very lucrative for you. You always want to consider better ways to manage your properties. The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Ways You Can Improve The Way You Manage Commercial Real Estate.

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Commercial real estate provides a wide range of investment opportunities. It can be a great area to branch into, but it does come with a lot of challenges too. Even if you have a background in residential real estate, commercial ventures can become an entirely different ballgame.

Finding more effective ways of running your real estate venture can help you stand a better chance of success. Take a look at these five ways you can improve the way you manage commercial real estate.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

1. Stay up to date on the latest trends
If the past year is anything to go by, it’s important to do your homework when it comes to real estate. Keeping on top of what’s going on in the industry can help you be better prepared for future commercial real estate challenges, while also learning lessons from others to help you adopt best practice.

2. Be more diligent with checks
Carrying out credit and background checks is an important part of commercial real estate leasing. Just as you would with residential tenants, you need to make sure these checks are carried out to give yourself as much protection as possible. After the events of the past year, it’s even more important to ensure that tenants have security and income guarantees.

3. Use lease accounting solutions
There are a lot of processes that need to be carried out to manage your commercial real estate venture. Using lease accounting software can help you make lighter work of your accounting, ensuring your records are kept up to date. With many areas of compliance to meet, this can be a much easier way of maintaining multiple accounts.

4. Reserve capital to cover vacancies
The world of real estate can be unpredictable. For commercial real estate businesses, nobody could have predicted that properties would become vacant on a large scale, with many businesses getting rid of their spaces altogether. It’s a difficult time, and many real estate managers have suffered by not having enough capital in reserve in case of vacancies. To protect your business going forward, you need to have a contingency.

5. Take on a more active role
Effective relationships are key for lasting real estate partnerships. Taking on a more active role when it comes to clients can help you be more visible, while also ensuring you know what’s going on. While nobody is expecting you to manually fix the plumbing or take care of maintenance, it can bring you a lot of benefits to put in more face-time with your clients and maintain better communication.

While the industry is currently facing a lot of challenges following the pandemic, there is still a bright and optimistic future for commercial real estate. Focusing on how you manage your business and how you can take it forward can help you secure its future, ensuring it remains a profitable investment for you.

Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Commercial Property

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you’re conducting business on a commercial property, it’s imperative that you take care of it. The following contributed post entitled, Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Commercial Property.

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If you own a commercial property for your business, you might not think too much about the maintenance of that building. After all, if you’re going to maintain any building, it will be the one you live in, not the one you work in. Yet there are some enormous benefits to taking care of your commercial property in the same way you would your own home. Whether it’s painting, remodeling, refurbishing, or even tearing everything down and starting all over again, there is always something to be done.

Read on to find out what they are; you might decide to implement a proper property maintenance plan once you know why it’s so important.

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Save Money

There is an old saying that goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. In other words, mending something when the problem is only tiny will prevent you from having to deal with a much larger problem later on (one stitch is quicker than nine). The bigger the issue, the more you’ll have to pay to have it put right, either because it takes more time or because you need to call in experts.

No matter what the issue is, dealing with it immediately and taking care of your property by ensuring you carry out regular checks means that you will save money in the long term, and that is important for any business.

Good For Your Staff

When you have employees, you will have to follow many different rules and regulations to ensure they have a comfortable, safe working environment. Not only are these rules the law and could result in a hefty fine or even imprisonment if you disregard them, but having happy workers means a much more productive and successful business overall. It makes sense to take care of your employees.

One way to do this is to give them a safe and comfortable place to work in. By carrying out maintenance that could include calling in commercial pest control experts or fixing the roof so that it doesn’t leak, or upgrading the heating system so that it’s not too cold, you can have a much more effective workforce.

A Good Reputation

It’s important for all businesses to have a good reputation. A poor reputation will result in fewer sales, and it might even be difficult to attract talented employees. First impressions count for a lot when it comes to your business’s reputation, and an attractive-looking premises, whether it’s a shop, office space, warehouse, or other facility, will always offer a much better impression than something that is dirty and in need of repair.

Even if you don’t have many visitors to your workplace, that is no reason to assume you never will, and no reason to neglect this critical maintenance. It might be that the one visitor you have is an important one, and the condition of your place of work, the place from which you are running your business, could make a big difference in the outcome of crucial talks.

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Commercial Property

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If your in the commercial real estate investing arena, you want to understand how to add value to your commercial property to make it as competitive as possible. The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Ways to Add Value to Your Commercial Property.

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Improvements to your commercial property will vary in complexity and cost, and which suit your building depends on the type of business you run. There are changes both big and small you can make to your commercial property that will add value. If you’re thinking about selling your property in the future, consider it an investment. With a more up to date building, you’ll also make a better impression on your clients. Here are five ways to add value to your commercial property.

Maximize energy-efficiency

Maintaining a more efficient and sustainable office will attract both potential buyers and clients. You can achieve this with a few upgrades. Insulation is important, so install eco-friendly windows. Hight Performance Spray Systems can also help to improve your installation. This is the best way to run a more sustainable workplace.

There are many advantages to a well-insulated building, especially in colder climates. You’ll save a lot of money on your heating bills and maximize efficiency, leading to a higher net operating income (NOI). Maintain all mechanical systems to ensure maximum efficiency.

Contemporary amenities

This depends on the type of building and business you run. Think of ways you can boost appeal, from offering trendy food or coffee to converting a roof garden. If you have space you could also convert a room into a gym or cafe. This will increase the appeal to buyers. You’ll also be creating more fun and comfortable space for your employees and clients.

Smart office automation

It’s worth switching to smart office automation if you haven’t already. You’ll be able to control your thermostat, electronic devices, and lighting from your smartphone. There are also plenty of gadgets available to improve your working experience. Check out some of the best smart office products.

Curb appeal

Consider investing in a new sign or revamping your branding in your reception area. This will help to add curb appeal straightaway. Give a lick of paint to any areas that need it. Don’t neglect exteriors such as parking lots. Weigh up your costs of renovation on if and when you want to sell the property.

A nicer looking building will be more attractive to both your employees and clients as well. Security is also a good investment. Install a more up to date security system to increase appeal. Pay attention to this particularly in the parking lot.

Increased occupancy

Increased occupancy in commercial property will add value. Tenants and long-term leases will make the property more desirable. This is because commercial properties are based on cap rates rather than comparable sales, so occupancy really makes a difference. Higher occupancy rates are based on the demand for rental space, so use this to your advantage.

With a few upgrades, you can really boost the value of your commercial property. Whether you’re thinking of selling or want to improve the facilities for your staff, it might be time for some new additions. Bring your commercial property into the 21st century and invest in your future.

Things To Consider When Investing In New Commercial Property

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Investing in residential properties in to the only form of real estate investing. Another aspect is commercial real estate investing which can be very lucrative. The following contributed post is entitled, Things To Consider When Investing In New Commercial Property.

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Whenever you develop the need to seek out new commercial property, whether this be down to relocation or expansion, there’s often a considerable amount of money at stake. The likelihood of losing this money can be reduced by following certain steps to complete your project in the most productive, secure manner, and it’s essential that you can acknowledge these tips and tricks to ensure that you can really make the most of your experience. Luckily it needn’t be difficult to get started, as the information below perfectly summarises the right pathway to follow for the best results. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the most handy hacks that you can implement today to achieve your commercial property goals with little stress in no time at all!

Image Source – Pexels

Enlist Professional Help

Though you may be under the impression that you (and possibly your team) can complete the project independently, the process will likely be far smoother and faster when you decide to enlist professional help. Each step of your journey can be supported by a specialist, and there are so many reputable companies and individuals ready and waiting to offer superb guidance and assistance. Whether you decide to visit a commercial estate agent to start your search for the ideal property with your best foot forward, or find a trusted real estate lawyer to cover the legal side of things, simply allowing other experienced people to take over will relieve such a huge weight off your shoulders. It’s a good idea to perform a little bit of research on the companies and services which are available to you, remembering to check reviews posted by previous customers for an unbiased opinion on the true quality of what could be provided.

Always Utilise A Surveyor

One of the most important steps that you must follow to reduce the likelihood of considerable money loss is to utilise the services of a top rated surveyor. A property surveyor will assess your potential premises from top to bottom, aiming to identify any kind of current or future faults that could affect the overall price and structural integrity amongst other factors. Failing to enlist a surveyor could mean that you purchase a property riddled with issues that you might not have been able to spot at first glance, and once the papers have been signed it’s too late to go back on your purchase. A surveyor can detail which faults have arisen in their assessments, and recommended the best fixes as well as how much these will cost – you can factor these into your offer if you still want to invest, as this is an extremely reasonable request that will most likely be accepted.

Investing in new business premises can come with a whole host of major risks, but if you take the time to implement the top tips and tricks detailed above then you can guarantee a safer, more secure purchase. Always enlist the help of professionals to support you throughout the process.

5 Keys to Consider When Searching for the Best Commercial Property Management Firm

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Once your business gets big enough, it becomes important to find a commercial property. At that point a good commercial property firm also becomes necessary. The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Key to Consider When Searching for the Best Commercial Property Management Firm.

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In 2018, the United States commercial property market value hit an estimate of $16 trillion. The industry continues to expand each year. If you own commercial property, whether it’s a retail outlet, an apartment block, a storage facility, or perhaps some offices, you will be familiar with the burden that comes with its management. You will definitely need the services of a professional commercial building management firm to coordinate the full management of your building.

By working with the most experienced property management companies, you will get good deals to maximize your financial returns. Moreover, they will ensure that your property stays in perfect condition without depreciating in value. With this in mind, here are some factors to consider when searching for the best commercial property management firm.

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1. Lists of Services Offered

More than 90% of real estate property managers are into rent collection, leasing out units, and doing some repair works. However, property management companies differ greatly in terms of the services they offer. The idea is to work with a reputable company offering a vast range of services such as commercial building pressure washing, which keeps the outside of your building sparkling clean. After all, the more services offered means that they are masters in their business, and can meet your requirements. Use the following criteria to decide on which services are good for you.

• Contract specifications
• Maintenance management
• Rent analysis
• Rent collections
• Lease negotiations
• Budget development
• Tenant relations
• Purchasing procedure
• Marketing strategies and programs
• Project management
• Compliance procedures

2. Coverage on Assets Classes

While a versatile company may manage assets across different classes, other companies just cover only a limited number of assets in one class. Assuming you are an investor who diversifies your investments, you may want to choose a company that specializes in several asset classes. Similarly, for investors who limit themselves to one asset class, your best option is to partner with a property-specific firm.

3. Level of Experience

As the saying goes, ‘experience is the best teacher.’ The greater the level of experience of a company, the better their services. An experienced firm will assist you in overcoming property challenges such as maintenance projects and marketing constraints. Inexperienced property managers may act as if they have the Midas touch, but in reality, they may end up causing you more harm than good. So, how do you know that a specific company is skillful in commercial property management? Well for one thing, you can start by considering the number of years they have been in existence. More years can suggest that the company is top-rated. Then you can ask for their clientele list and see if they service buildings similar to your own.

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4. Reputation

Two firms can offer the same services, but their reputation will vary. You will have to consider the reviews on their websites in order to arrive at a conclusion. A high number of positive feedbacks means that the brand is a reputable one, and will not take you for a ride.

5. Management Fees

In the UK, property prices rise by about 0.7% with respect to the previous month, and by about 0.9% with respect to the previous year. This is the most important deciding factor that will tell whether you can afford to pay for the services of a property management company or not. Usually, the fees are expressed as a percentage of the rental charges. For example, it can vary between 4–11%, with some management companies charging a flat fee.

In summary, the decision is always yours. Use the above factors to guide your decision-making. Whichever property management company you choose, just be sure you are budgeting for your money.

Setting Up Your Commercial Kitchen

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you have a good idea for a food service business, even if you have your own special recipes and dishes, you will likely need a commercial kitchen to sell your food to mass amounts of customers. How do you establish a commercial kitchen? The following contributed post is entitled, Setting Up Your Commercial Kitchen.

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Any commercial kitchen needs to have a good sink in place, irrespective of whether this is a large hotel kitchen or a mobile kitchen. When you are designing the kitchen for your food place this is something you need to consider carefully. After all, if the sink you select is too big, of a poor material, or positioned in an awkward area then you are only going to halt the efficiency of your chefs. This is not something that can be easily and cheaply reversed either.

When it comes to commercial use there is only one winner in the world of sinks and that is those that are made from stainless steel. This material offers a much higher level of quality in comparison to others on the market today. There are several reasons why this is the case.

One of the main reasons why commercial stainless steel sinks are recommended is because they are highly durable. Once you buy a stainless steel sink you can rest assured that you have a product that is going to last for an extremely long time. This is imperative when it comes to ensuring your money has been well spent.

Not only this, but you should also consider the fact that this is a material that is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is give your sink a quick wipe over with a water and detergent mixture in order to ensure it looks good and is clean. This is very important because hygiene is obviously imperative when it comes to commercial kitchens.

Nonetheless, deciding to acquire a commercial stainless steel sink for your business is one thing, but you need to make sure you buy the right one for you. There are several things you need to consider. Of course, you need to think about price and other aspects you can determine yourself. Nevertheless, one important area of contemplation is definitely the size of the sink.

When it comes to determining the size of your commercial sink you need to consider the size of your kitchen as well as how frequently the sink is going to be utilised. California Cart Builder can help with this if you’re having a mobile kitchen set-up, as they will ensure everything is custom to suit you. Obviously, if your kitchen is small then you cannot go for a huge sink because this is not practical. Furthermore, if your kitchen is a busy area and your chefs are going to be using the sink frequently then you need to make sure the sink is substantial enough.

The last thing you need to do to make sure you set up your kitchen successfully is to consider your layout and the positioning of the sink. It is always recommended to leave a bit of space around the sink. Your chefs need space to manoeuvre properly and things always tend to get placed around this area. Moreover, think about practicality, you don’t want to have the sink next to the door nor do you want it to be next to any other appliance that is going to be used excessively as your chefs may bump into each other frequently.

If you use this article as a guide then you should have no issue when it comes to purchasing the perfect stainless sink for your commercial kitchen and setting it up properly.

What To Look For In A Commercial Property

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Part of the success of your business is finding the right commercial property in terms of cost and location. The right property can make difference between your business succeeding or failing. The following contributed post is entitled, What To Look For In A Commercial Property.

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Restaurants, stores, and many other enterprises require commercial property to run their business. Of course, that means that choosing the right one is a pretty important task. In fact, if you select poorly, you can affect all sorts of aspects of your business that will impact on your profits. With that in mind, check out my post below that covers the most essential things a commercial property needs to have.

Image found at Pixabay – License CC0

Smart exterior

First impressions really matter when it comes to commercial property. After all, it will be hard to tempt customers inside if the exterior of your premises looks run down and shabby. To that end, you must consider three things.

The first is the style of the building you choose, as this needs to gel with your brand identity. For example, an antique store will often select an older historic building. While an on-trend clothing shop will opt for a new custom-built home.

The second is the signage that you display, which you can read about at This being something that needs to not only be a good representation of your business’s branding but look smart and well maintained too.

Finally, do not forget that the way the outside of your premises is decorated will make a massive impact on how customers perceive your business as well.

To that end using commercial wall panelling like the stuff you can get at can be very effective indeed. In fact, you can even have come with a built-in rain screen, so your window displays and ambience can stay visible even in bad weather. This being something that will help to temp more customers through your doors.

Good location

The location of the commercial property that you pick matters as well. In fact, there are two elements you must consider here. The first as highlighted in the post at is footfall. That is you need to select a location where you will get enough potential customers walking buy to meet your sales targets. Something that means a high street or retail park location is usually the best bet.

While the second is logistics. That is enough space for deliveries to be made to your business without causing chaos and disruption. Something that retail parks often do much better on. The reason being that they are designed with rear loading bays that cause no inconvenience to your customers.

Ample security

Finally, when it comes to finding the perfect commercial property for your business, you do need to think about security. Of course, some units will come with security features already added including CCTV, alarm systems, and even links to a site security team.

However, if you are looking at a property that does not have these, you must carefully consider whether you will be able to install your own effectively. Otherwise, you could end up taking a much higher risk with such a property than you bargained for. A situation that could end in disaster if you are unfortunate to have someone try and break-in. Therefore making such a commercial property anything less than ideal for your business.