Routine Tasks For Your Business Premises

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ business, it’s critical to keep you business premises in top condition. In order to do that, there are some tasks that you have to stay on top of regularly. The following contributed post is entitled, Routine Tasks For Your Business Premises.

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Your business premises are much more than just the place where you physically work. They’re a reflection of your company, they can help solidify your branding, they give your visitors and customers an insight into who you are as a business. So it’s important that you’re spending some time to ensure that your office or store is in tip-top condition. If you don’t, you may be unnecessarily hurting your venture, for no good reason at all. Below, we take a look at a few of the routine tasks you’ll want to complete to keep your premises in tip-top condition.

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General Wear and Tear

Anywhere that sees flurries of activity is going to suffer from general wear and tear over time. As such, you’ll want to conduct regular checks to ensure that there’s nothing that’s seriously undermining the quality and appearance of your premises. When you’re so “close” to your surroundings (you work there, after all), sometimes it happens that those small damages pass us by. But if enough of the small matters are left untreated, we’ll eventually end up with one big issue that seriously compromises the quality of our building. Stay proactive, and promptly take care of any damages.

Maintaining Standards

It’s not just the little scuffs and damages that you should be aware of, either. You’ll also need to work on maintaining the overall standards of the building, so that you’re not inadvertently presented with a big problem. Think of your business premises in the same way you do your house: you can’t let things run on autopilot, they need to be actively managed. Some areas of your building, such as your roof, can severely disrupt your business operations if they suffer damage. To ensure you don’t arrive to a damaged interior after heavy rainfall, looking at having your roof inspected by a commercial roofing contractor. Other areas include the electrics and the heating system; if they’re not working properly, both of these things can cause long-term damage.

Updated Decor

Your decor might have looked the part when you first opened, but this isn’t going to be the case forever. After a few years, it might be that your interior is beginning to look a little dated and worn. While it might seem like one of those tasks that can be delayed for another day, just think about the first impression your visitors will have of your company. It won’t be positive! And talking of first impressions, take a look at your exterior, too. Some businesses have well-designed, modern interiors, yet forget to do anything about the outside area of their premises.

Clean and Tidy

Finally, remember that there really is no substitute for having a clean and tidy office or store. It’s an essential ingredient! What type of cleaning your premises needs, and how frequently, will depend on the type of space you have. If you’re not sure which way you need to go, then work with a company that offers cleaning services to do the job for you.

Heading To A New Commercial Premises In 2019? Here Are Some Things You’ll Need To Consider

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Most successful business enterprises eventually reach a point where moving to a new location makes sense. A change of location requires a lot of thought and consideration. The following contributed post discusses this and is entitled, Heading To A New Commercial Premises In 2019? Here Are Some Things You’ll Need To Consider.

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Who knows what new heights of growth, prosperity and productivity 2019 will bring for your business? You may well find that this is a transitional year for you. A year in which you outgrow the limitations of your current business model, throw out the rule book and rewrite a new one as you go along. This can be extremely exciting and liberating… It can also be kinda scary! As you take baby steps down the path to sustainable growth you may feel like a novice all over again, grappling with the inherent challenges of growth like you’re still a year one entrepreneur.

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This is all part of the learning curve of entrepreneurship and should be embraced. Take searching for a new commercial premises, for example. When you first started out and were trying to make waves in your community and industry, your selection criteria for a premises was probably pretty simple. The only real question was “what’s available”. Now that you’ve reached a period of growth, however, you need to think a little more strategically. You’ll need to consider…


Not only will you have to consider footfall in a very general sense, you’ll also need to consider exactly which feet are falling as they pass your business. Do the passers by match your target demographic? The best market research you can do is position yourself outside for a couple of hours and take notes about the age groups, genders and groupings of people who pass by your prospective new place of business.


Whether you’ll be moving into a purpose built commercial premises or making one from scratch on a newly acquired plot, you may need to consider the surveying needs of the project. These may have a knock-on effect on your budget and moving date. Potential surveying needs may include;

• Topographic surveys
• Property boundary surveys
• Zoning and land use investigations
• Subsurface utility mapping surveys

Knock-on effect on punctuality

Your new premises’ location may well have a knock-on effect on your employee punctuality and productivity. How easy is your new premises to get to from where they live? What is the parking situation like compared to where you currently do business? You may find that even if you’re able to find a spot in a great location in terms of customer footfall, it may be harder to get to and park in for your employees which could have a residual effect on punctuality and productivity, especially if employees wind up fighting over parking spaces.


Your premises’ layout can have a knock on effect on productivity and profitability whatever the nature of your business may be. For retailers, for example, it’s essential to have your store set out in a way that makes the products easy to find and showcase, while lending a sense of journey and progression as customers move around the store.


Security is an important consideration for all kinds of businesses. Will your site be safe and secure from prospective thieves or saboteurs? Will the site have its own security staff or will you be expected to provide your own? Will the lease agreement prohibit the installation of CCTV cameras, fencing, window bars or other anti-theft measures?

Physical security is important, but let’s not forget digital security too. Premises using a shared Wifi network, for example, can face potential security risks that could compromise your data.

If you shop around for a new premises with the above in mind, you’re likely to find a great fit for 2019!