Getting Your Kids Excited About Sport

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Health/Wellness. Sports can play an important role in the lives of young people and stay that way into adulthood. The key is getting them properly introduced to it. The following contributed post is entitled, Getting Your Kids Excited About Sport.

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It can be hard to get your kids excited about sports because not all kids are interested. You can get their friends over and watch sports games together to make it more accessible to them.

Play Your Sport Together

It’s a great thing when your kids enjoy the same hobbies as you. This makes magical memories and helps you bond with your children in ways that last. Playing sports together as a family is one of the simplest and most effective ways to do this. But remember, not all kids are natural athletes. So gentle sports may be best used here. For example, you can take your kids along to pick their own golf clubs for juniors which will help them form an attachment to the sport.

Get Their Friends Over

Your kids are more likely to join in an activity if their friends do. And that includes taking part in sports and physical games. This is great if you want to get a little more exercise rather than playing video games. Great family sports in the garden include soccer, basketball, and cricket if your yard is big enough. But you can also play some physical games when the weather is fine. Simple games like tag are great. But in summer, water guns and laser tag make it more fun.

Get Kids Excited About Sport by Keeping It Fun

Speaking of fun, any sport your kids play needs to be just that. It isn’t fair to push your children to do something they don’t like. Additionally, you must remember that kids aren’t naturally competitive, so pushing them too hard will ruin the fun for them and make it more likely they won’t develop healthy habits. So ease them into a sport, encourage them to do better, and try to teach your kids about good sportsmanship when they play a specific game or activity.

Watch Sports Together

Family time often revolves around watching TV. Streaming shows or watching cartoons with the kids is common. But you can also bind over watching your favorite sports teams together. When a child associates good memories with a specific sport, they will be more likely to want to take part in it. Or you can enhance the magical memories by taking your kids to their first live sports event, such as baseball, football, or even wrestling. These are memories that last a lifetime.

Play Sports Video Games

You may be concerned about how much your kids spend playing video games. But there is no harm in this as long as you do certain things. You must regulate the content they see and limit their screen time so it doesn’t get in the way of their lives. Then you’re good to go. And you can get them excited about your sports by playing sports video games. There are cute sports like Mario Golf for younger kids. And EA Sports and 2K Games Sports titles for older kids and teens.


Getting kids excited about sports can be hard. But you can play sports as a family, always keep it as fun as possible, and even take up playing sports video games with your gamer children.

Using Sport to Enrich Your Family’s Lives

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Health/Wellness. Sports fulfill a lot of needs, but one can be to strengthen your family’s lives. The following contributed post is entitled, Using Sport to Enrich Your Family’s Lives.

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Sports bring people together. There’s a reason that watching and playing sports are among America’s favorite pastimes. The excitement and the rush of a great game or race get the heart pumping and a good result can make your day.

Playing sports can also be fantastic for your health. Humans are supposed to move, but modern lifestyles involve far more sitting down than running around. While some people are motivated to work out for their health, some people need different motivations. But if you enjoy playing sports, then moving around and working out becomes a natural part of your routine.

Children exercise through playing games and sports. True, not everyone is a natural athlete, but this doesn’t mean that sports can’t be a part of your family’s life.

Encouraging Children to Play Sports

People have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as different hobbies and interests. While sports are undeniably beneficial, not everyone will be as interested in sports as you might expect. Some parents push their children into certain sports.

If the child is naturally interested in that sport, then there’s nothing wrong with encouraging them, but issues can crop up when you try to force an interest that doesn’t exist. However, there are some ways to foster interest in sports.

First, make sports fun. Yes, many sports are inherently competitive, but this doesn’t make them very fun for people who aren’t naturally good at them. Use sports to bond with your children and play with them. Give them different options. Just because you’re a baseball fan, it doesn’t mean that your child has to be as well.

While it’s nice to share your hobbies with your children, get involved with their interests as well. If they aren’t as interested in sports, then encourage whatever hobbies they do have. Encourage them to find something active, but don’t try to force them to stop creative outlets or other hobbies that have other benefits. Find a balance.

The Art of Being a Good Sports Fan

As mentioned above, sports bring people together. Enjoying sports can introduce you to a community of people. Your kids can play sports with other children, building their social skills as well as keeping active.

The more you get involved in your favorite sports, the more you will get out of it. There’s no gatekeeping the term “sports fan”, and it’s healthy to have other hobbies and interests as well as sports to make sure that your personality continues to develop and become well-rounded.

However, you can find more ways to involve sports in your life. Playing your favorite sport as well as watching it is a great start. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy a sport and you might find that, as you regularly play, you get better each week.

Making the Most Out of Sports Events

One of the best things about sports is the spectacle. No matter what you’re into, there will be big events happening all around the world. The best way to get the most out of this is to go to a live game. There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a stadium, with hundreds or thousands of people around you watching the same game.

However, there’s something to be said about watching a great match or race in the comfort of your own home. If you plan, you can turn a watch party into an event in its own right. First, be prepared. Find out in advance when your favorite sport will be televised. For example, use the Supercross TV schedule to figure out when the next live race is.

Get some people together who enjoy the same sport. This can be a family affair, or you can invite friends around to enjoy some drinks and great food. While it’s not the same as watching it in person, you will find that you get better views of all of the action. You’ll also benefit from the live commentary, so you know more about what’s going on.

Some people find that they prefer watching sports from the comfort of their own homes. For starters, it’s so much more affordable than investing in a season ticket. It’s also more convenient than traveling miles to watch the sport.

Another option is to listen to the match on the radio. This is a great option if you’re on the move and otherwise unable to watch the live match. No matter how you prefer to watch or listen to your favorite sport, make sure that you always know when the next match is.

How To Take Up A New Sport In Older Age

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Health/Wellness. Just because we age does not mean that we have to give up competition and physical activity which are very beneficial health wise. The following contributed post is entitled, How To Take Up A New Sport In Older Age.

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More and more people are realizing the benefits of being active and playing sports as they get into older age. But for some, it still remains a daunting challenge, even if they were actively playing sports in their younger years. If you’re looking to get back into sports and enjoying the rewards that come with it, there are lots of different paths that you can take, and the tips below should help you.

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Stretch to Optimize Your Flexibility

First of all, you should get into the habit of stretching before you start any exercise. As you get older, one of the things you start to struggle with is your flexibility. If you’re not sure how you can improve your flexibility, yoga can help. But simply stretching more often will do the trick as well. So warm up before and warm down after every game you play or activity you do.

Choose a Sport That Builds Endurance

When choosing the sport that you’re going to start playing, it might be a good idea to choose one that builds endurance. This is true of most sports, but it’s not of some such as golf. Being active in a way that promotes cardiovascular activity will help you to endure more and get fitter over time as your levels of activity increase week after week.

Ensure Your Diet is Appropriate

If you’re going to be playing sports on a regular basis, it’ll make sense for you to also think about your diet. You need to be fueling your body properly when you’re increasing your activity levels. That’s true at all stages of life, but even more important when you’re getting older. There are also some sports supplements that you might want to try out to give you an added boost.

Use Your Brain Too

For many sports, the physical part of it is just one aspect. There are also mental aspects of it as well. You need to make sure that your brain is properly active and being worked out if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits that come with playing sports. Thinking tactically and outsmarting your opponent is all part of the fun. And it’ll help to keep your brain active into old age as well.

Make it Social and Fun

Sports should first and foremost be fun. So as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing something right. And if you’re not enjoying it, maybe it’s time to find a different sport that you might be better suited to. There’s a deep social aspect to amateur sports too. When you join a team, you’ll meet new people and make friends; that’s an important part of it all.

There’s certainly no reason why you should let your age stop you from playing and enjoying sports. It’s something that more and more people in your age bracket are looking to do, and there’s nothing unusual about it these days. And your body will reap rewards for it as well.

The Mental Health Benefits of Playing Sports

“While it might seem as though sports are minuscule and unimportant compared to so many other things, there are so many benefits that our children can enjoy from them.”

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Health/Wellness. Sports is a major entertainment industry around the world, but there are tremendous benefits to it even for those who only played the scholastic levels. Even playing sports leisurely as adults has tremendous benefits. The following contributed post is entitled, The Mental Health Benefits of Playing Sports.

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Far too often, people blow off sports as unimportant, especially when compared to academics or other extracurricular activities. They think that unless a child or teenager shows incredible promise in a particular sport, it’s just something to kill time or keep them active.

But, even if that were the case, what would be wrong with it? Shouldn’t we want our kids to be active in a country that has an incredibly high childhood obesity rate?

Thankfully, there are more benefits to sports than just “killing time” when it comes to how kids and teens respond.

Many studies have been done on the mental health benefits of playing a sport. Now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to focus on the mental health of our children and to pay attention to their stress levels. So much has been taken from them due to this pandemic, and keeping them active with a sport they’re interested in can be a promising and effective solution to keep them safe and reduce levels of anxiety or depression.

So, what are some of the mental health benefits of playing a sport?


It Improves Concentration

Far too often, we diagnose children with different disorders or punish them for not being able to concentrate or pay attention. Playing a sport can help them to improve their focus naturally. Most sports require you to pay attention in order to be successful in the game, whether it be football, baseball, soccer, etc. Even losing for one second can make a big difference. Those skills that your child practices on the field can easily start to carry over into other aspects of their lives.

It Boosts Their Mood

Who doesn’t need a boost in happiness right now? Playing a sport, being active, and doing something outside are all-natural mood boosters. If your child isn’t interested in a team sport, you can do something like bike riding or hiking with them. Or, get creative and check out Roller Skate Dad for the best blades for young kids.

When your child finds ‘their’ sport – the one that really appeals to them – you’re bound to notice the difference in their mood.

It’s Good For Anxiety And Depression

Engaging in sports offers a powerful benefit in the battle against anxiety and depression. Physical activity has been shown to stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators, which can significantly alleviate symptoms of both conditions. And sometimes, when simple methods like playing sports are not enough, better steps need to be taken. Reading the Eva Carlston Academy Reviews will show that specialized programs can offer targeted support and a structured environment that is beneficial for those struggling more deeply.

The sense of accomplishment, belonging, and physical well-being gained from sports, along with the personalized support from a therapeutic setting, can be a potent combination for tackling anxiety and depression.

It Helps With Self-Confidence

Does your child or teen struggle with self-esteem issues? Playing a sport is a great way to improve their self-confidence. They’ll learn new skills, make new friends, and feel as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

The old stereotypes about “jocks” being self-centered are outdated and irrelevant. Sports are a great way to boost confidence, but they don’t need to make your child conceded. Instead, they can help them to come out of their shell and find a place to feel more like themselves, no matter what sport they decide to play.

The reality is, we’re living in an uncertain period of life. While it might seem as though sports are minuscule and unimportant compared to so many other things, there are so many benefits that our children can enjoy from them. So, don’t throw out the idea of letting your child play. By watching batting videos and giving them that opportunity, you could be doing more for their mental health than you realize.

Why Women Should Participate More Often In Golf

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Health/Wellness. Many people find out that they actually enjoy the game of golf for numerous reasons. It’s classically been considered a men’s sport but more and more women are starting to play golf both professionally and leisurely. The following contributed post is entitled, Why Women Should Participate More Often In Golf.

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On June 6, the International Day of Women who play golf, was celebrated in 46 countries. This day was created to celebrate all the female players in this sport and give them visibility within the industry. If we ask ourselves how many times we have seen images of women practising golf, the almost certain answer would be none.

Today it is no secret that women are increasingly climbing more positions in all areas of human development as women carry out such a wide range of activities today. Men often dominate the world of sport, and this stigma is something that should be eradicated in modern times. Women can certainly demonstrate what they are capable of achieving. Today we know a sports world full mostly of men, but it is also known that gender differences have been decreasing, with fewer spaces between women and men. It is seen with football, basketball and others. The world of golf is also one of them. Here are some of the most important reasons why women should practice golf. Once these practices are set firmly in our minds, it will be difficult to stop playing.

1. Golf is an ideal sport to keep fit. Golf is a medium intensity activity in which the joints do not suffer. Also, it is good to maintain the muscles and to fight against the loss of bone mass. And best of all, it helps your cardiovascular health!

2. There are usually numerous golf clubs in and around your area where you can practice it.

3. Golf is a great way to relieve stress. Besides, it improves concentration, which carried to other areas of life, can become an important weapon.

4. Playing golf, and in general, any physical activity favors the generation of endorphins that provides a feeling of well-being.

5. It is an ideal sport to practice with friends, family, co-workers. It allows you to do a different and exciting activity. Competition can be very positive.

6. It will aid sleep and help you rest better. Playing golf will allow you to have a more restful and effective rest.

7. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor activity with all the benefits that they entail.

8. And as women, one of the most important reasons is fashion. Despite being with a look that is not at all executive or casual, the dress code and appropriate dress for women golfers are both sophisticated and stylish. It allows you to learn about sporting fashion and purchase some incredible women’s golf clothing.

Many women today feel so sure of themselves, and all admire their high level of play. The golfing world is not just limited to sport. It can become a place of socializing too. Women are likely to invite their boyfriends or spouses to join them. Golf clubs are also a great place to meet like minded people who share similar interests. Let’s also remember that an 18-hole course can last more than 4 hours and also, so it is a way to unwind and the time dedicated to the sport should be paramount.

6 Side Hustles For Sports Lovers

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Career Discussions. While many youngsters have aspirations of playing sports at the highest levels, the reality is not everyone will ascend there as players. The good news is however that there are multiple ways to continue to be involved in the world of sports. The following contributed post is entitled, 6 Side Hustles For Sports Lovers.

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Want to turn your love of sports into an income? While not all of us are able to dedicate our lives to a career in sports, there are still ways to make a bit of extra money on the side. Here are just six examples of sports-related side hustles.

Sports coaching

If you have experience participating in sports and feel you have a good understanding of your chosen sport, you could consider looking into coaching. It’s possible to coach a kids’ team or privately coach individuals in your free time. Certain sports may require you to first obtain a license from a professional body. You’ll also need to consider expenses such as renting out a field or a gym hall, as well as insurance. It’s ideal for those that enjoy the participation aspect of sports and for those that want to pass on their knowledge.

Sports betting

Sports betting definitely isn’t a certain way of making money. However, with a good strategy and sensible budgeting, you can minimise your losses and maximise your chance of winning. There are lots of sites set up to offer tips on sports betting. By shopping around bookkeepers, you can also find the highest paying odds.

Fantasy sports betting

Fantasy sports has become very popular in recent years, with many sites setting up professional leagues offering huge prizes. It’s best to start off on smaller DFS sites – these sites offer smaller payouts, but also have smaller entry fees and a greater range of less experienced players. By doing your research, you can increase your chance of creating that winning team. You can find tips on individual fantasy sports online such as these winning DFS NHL hockey picks. As with regular sports betting, it’s important to manage your bankroll effectively to minimise your losses.

Selling sports memorabilia

People pay a lot of money for sports memorabilia. This includes items signed by athletes and rare sports collectibles. In order to make money selling sports memorabilia, you need to be able to hunt down authentic items that are under-priced so that you can buy them and sell them on at a profit. You can also invest in certain items by holding onto them and letting them gain value.

Sports blogging

A sports blog could be used to provide sports news, advice or other information. Succeed in getting enough readers and you may be able to monetise your blog by providing ads. You may also be able to run sponsored content such as reviews of sports products and sports-related affiliate pieces. You can find tips on making money blogging here.

Sports vlogging

A vlog is similar to a blog but is made up of video content. Your video content could be dedicated to news, commentaries, advice or even memes. If it gets enough views, you’ll similarly be able to monetise it by displaying ads. There may also be the option of running sponsored content to make money. YouTube is the best platform for starting a vlog on.

How Has Covid Changed The Sporting World

Three focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports, Business/Entrepreneurship and Current Events. The Coronavirus/Covid-19 Crisis/Pandemic has exerted a lot of changes on our world. One aspect which has been particularly affected is the sporting world, and it’s yet to be determined if it will recover. The following contributed post is entitled, How Has Covid Changed The Sporting World.

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COVID-19 has triggered an unprecedented hit on the world. Some businesses have been forced to close their doors while entire countries have been impacted by deep recessions. Everyone is struggling with how to keep things as normal as possible and the reality is that this may no longer be an option. Instead, we might be forced to adapt to a new normal and whatever that entails. This is certainly true for the sporting industry which has been dealt with massive blows due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s worth exploring the impact the virus has had on the sporting world and the potential solutions of tomorrow.

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Keeping Things Safe

The first challenge faced by the sporting world is continuing to operate while keeping everyone safe. By everyone, this includes the players and the spectators or viewers. So, let’s start with the viewers. Currently, the primary mindset is that there shouldn’t be any spectators. Instead, sporting events are using and relying on virtual crowds to provide the cheers and energy of a typical game or match. Spectators are not permitted to be in the stadiums or arenas and this does make a lot of sense. After all, it’s difficult to maintain social distancing measures in an arena filled with thousands of people.

This puts the players in danger too. Speaking of the players, certain leagues have taken drastic measures to protect the wellbeing of their teams while allowing them to continue to play. This has been necessary in the case of contact sports like basketball. Indeed, the NBA is currently operating in a bubble and using an arena to play matches in Disney World Orlando. This might seem odd however it’s working quite well. Players stay at the Disney hotel, get shuttles over to matches, and keep separate from everyone else. Disney even manages to generate a solid revenue which the company desperately needs as they fight their own COVID-19 battle in the trenches.

There is also controversy as some leagues including the NBA have managed to gain access to fast testing kits before other communities. The official response to this was that the NBA is a business and therefore can pay the premium to gain tests for its employees. It’s easy to forget this but at its center, the sports world is a business machine or rather multiple business machines. So, perhaps it’s worth exploring how COVID-19 has impacted revenue.

Recovering Losses

The sports industry is estimated to be worth more than $471bn. This number has been climbing steadily for a number of years. It’s worth noting that there are numerous sections of the industry including broadcasting, sponsorships, and advertising as well as match day revenue. It’s also worth noting that every aspect of this industry, every piece of the puzzle has been hit by COVID-19.

So one of the biggest issues right now is the lack of live entertainment. While there are exceptions, and we’ve already mentioned a couple of these, in most cases live games are simply not happening. So sports businesses have to find new ways to engage and interact with their players. Take bets as an example. Businesses have run virtual events for pundits to bet on instead of actual games. This happened with horse riding in the UK. The good news is that you can now take bets on things like Browns Super Bowl 2021 odds, but things aren’t fully back to normal just yet. There’s still a long way to go.

Some sports broadcasters are currently focusing on showing classic games. This might be enough for some people to continue to pay a subscription but others won’t be convinced that it’s worth their time or their money. However, certain businesses have seen success here. The NFL ensures that every game since 2009 was available for streaming and increased daily signups for their service by 500.

Other broadcasters have been searching for other events to broadcast. This has led to an increased focus on e-sports. It’s a lot easier to run and stream e-sports events remotely and maintain social distancing measures between players. As such, it has been the obvious choice of replacement but it’s nowhere near as popular as typical sports events.

Delays And Cancellations

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Certain sports events have been canceled or postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The action taken seems to differ depending on the country, the type of sport, and the people in charge. For instance, there are some questions surrounding whether the NFL season will be postponed to a later date but there is no confirmation as to whether this will happen right now.

The Olympics has been shifted back an entire year which was the only plausible option. There was no way to run an event like that during a massive international pandemic. For several weeks, it looked as though those in charge would press forward with the plans but this quickly changed as the pandemic grew worse.

National lockdowns have led to the postponement of various sporting events. The premier league in the UK was stopped for numerous weeks before starting up again so that a champion could be named. In other countries like Africa, semi-finals of the African Champion League were postponed indefinitely. The Belgian cup final has also been put on hold and the CONCACAF finals have moved to a later date as well.

Why Is The Sports Industry Crucial?

If you have no interest in sports, then you might be wondering why it’s so important that the sports industry bounces back from this. The reality is that we have already provided the answer to this question. The sports industry has tremendous value and covers a large chunk of the economy. If it goes down, it will have a ripple effect. People will lose jobs, companies will close and the entire entertainment sector will have to shift. Luckily, there is virtually no chance that this is going to happen. While the sporting world has taken a nasty hit, it will bounce back. It will recover.

When Will Things Return To Normal?

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Obviously, a key question that people want to be answered is when are things going to return to normal. When are we going to be able to enjoy sports the way we used to. Unfortunately, the answers are cloudy at best. While we can hope that things are back to normal by 2021, this is unlikely to be the case. Many businesses are preparing for a long haul in terms of the coronavirus with some experts predicting that it could remain a major issue for several years. This will all but certainly be the case if no vaccine is found. Don’t forget, when a vaccine has been found it will still be nearly a full year before it has been administered to the general public. So, we are still quite a way off of a miracle cure.

It seems then that instead of preparing for things to return to normal sports companies and businesses are going to have to learn how to adapt in a variety of different ways. Ultimately, this is going to be the deciding factor that determines whether the sports industry continues to survive in its current form.

Will We Watch Sports Again The Way We Used To?

With a high level of uncertainty floating around when things will return to normal, there’s another question to answer. Will things ever go back to the way they were? Thankfully, the answer is likely to be yes. There’s a lot of fear currently surrounding how the general public is going to react. For instance, cinema owners are concerned that the longer things remain closed, the more accustomed customers will become to simply watching the new movies at home. While the days of the cinema might now be numbered, it’s worth remembering that cinema was already on its way out. Ticket prices were too high and people were finding it easier than ever to get the same type of content at home thanks to resources like Netlfix. However, sports are a whole other type of beast. Sporting events provide a group think that is virtually euphoric when you’re part of a crowd. It’s irresistible and for many completely addictive. That’s why there’s no doubt that once it is safe, people will return to the stadiums to watch their favorite teams play.

For the time being, sports fans will have to settle for enjoying watching games and events in a virtual world. When stadiums do reopen to the public, it will only be a smaller crowd that’s allowed in. There are going to be even more safety measures in place too. However, fans are going to adapt to these changes, and more than that they’ll embrace them. Yes, these changes are likely to be with us for a number of years but it’s nothing new. It’s just like when metal detectors were introduced and bag checks came into force. This is just a different type of threat and the sports industry needs to adapt.

We hope this helps you understand the key ways that COVID has changed the sporting world and why this is so important.

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The Unusual (But Healthy) Relationship Between Combat Sports and Office Work

Three focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports, Career Discussions and Health/Wellness. There are a number of health drawbacks to office work where you’re sitting most of the day, staring a computer screens and enduring the potential stress from working with other people. A potential way to balance this out is combat sports. The following contributed post is entitled, The Unusual (But Healthy) Relationship Between Combat Sports and Office Work.

* * *

Office workers tend to have a very mundane weekday. They get into the office, sit down for most of the day and work on stressful things from start to finish. While many people have gotten used to this kind of lifestyle, others are still struggling to cope with the boring schedule and tiring work. As such, it’s a good idea to have a hobby that you can look forward to when you get home.

Ideally, it should be able to relieve stress, help you stay active and also train you in other skills. Some people like to play video games, others like to go for a jog and some enjoy cooking. However, of all the hobbies that you could pick up, combat sports are an unusual but surprisingly good pairing for your average office worker.

Source: (CC0)

Combat sports come with health benefits to counteract office work

While most sports can help you counter the effects of sitting down all day, combat sports can go a step further and actually train you to become more flexible, to lose weight and also improve your muscles. In addition, learning a combat sport can teach you about self-discipline and controlling your emotions, and the techniques you learn can be used to defend yourself. While you should never learn a combat sport for the sake of hurting someone else, it’s perfectly acceptable to use the knowledge to defend you and your loved ones.

It’s also convenient to purchase training equipment. With websites like The Fight Factory, you can easily get your hands on training gear, apparel and even punching bags to keep at home. These at-home workouts are a great way to release some stress and train your body at home without needing to sign up for a gym membership. This means you can get into combat sports and reap the health benefits even if you work at home.

Combat sports can help with mental health concerns

Office environments can quickly wear down your mental health. Even thinking about being stuck in a small cubicle every day can make some people shiver in fear. On top of that, you also have to deal with snide co-workers and a pushy manager. It’s definitely not the kind of environment you want to be in for 7 hours a day. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a choice and we force ourselves to stay with the job.

As a result of this, our mental health can quickly decline if we don’t find a hobby to anchor ourselves. This is where something like combat sports can actually help out. There’s a strong link between good mental health and combat sports. This is caused by several different factors, such as the feel-good hormone (endorphins) that you release when exercising. This isn’t a short-term impact either, but something that helps lower depression and anxiety over a long period of time. There’s also immediate stress that you can release with explosive physical activity, such as punching a training bag or lifting weights.

The Top 5 Pros and Cons of Watching Sporting Events Live

Two of the focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Current Events. Because Covid-19 it’s it’s not possible to watch sports live right now. At some point though, we will get back to a point where we can flock to arenas and venues to see our favorite athletes and teams compete. Which is better? Watching sports live or on TV? The following contributed post is entitled, The Top 5 Pros and Cons of Watching Sporting Events Live.

* * *

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Because of Covid-19, the thought of watching a sporting event live might feel like a lifetime away. But it will return in the near future, when it’s safe to do so. And because of this, there’s no reason why you can’t get excited ahead of time for whatever event you’re planning on attending.

So many people love to attend sporting events, whether it be an NBA game, a tennis match or the MLB. Which is why it’s no surprise that the global sports market is sitting at over $400 billion. So what are some of the pros and cons of watching these sporting events live?

The pros…

There are so many plus points of watching a sports event live. Enjoyable no matter what your age, it’s an experience that you’ll remember forever.
Immersed into the atmosphere

When you attend a sporting event live, you’ll be quickly immersed into the atmosphere around you. From the moment you walk through those stadium doors, you’ll be met with a crowd of loyal sports fans, the smell of hot dogs and popcorn and the excitement of seeing your favorite players live.

When you walk into the court itself and find your way to your seats, the energy of the crowd will start to rub off on you, getting you excited for what’s to come. Unlike watching it through live streaming on the TV, you’ll be in the heart of the action instantly.
Part of the game

Following on from the above, instead of being a spectator through a screen, you’ll be part of the game seeing it unfold as you take in the sights and sounds. Whether it’s a college game or a national event, it’s the ultimate experience for any sports fan – and one that you’ll want to experience again and again.

Seeing your favorite players in real life

Seeing your favorite players in real life is incomparable. Only a few feet (or a few hundred feet depending on where you’re sitting) in front of you, you can admire their physicality and sporting skills in person rather than through a screen.

The cons…

There are, however, certain cons that come with watching sports events live. And while these aren’t terrible for everyone, they are important to consider before you look for tickets to the next planned event in the calendar.

The cost

It’s not cheap to go and see sporting events live – especially if they are a big match that’s notoriously popular. Therefore, it simply might not be feasible for everyone. On top of the cost of the match/event itself, you’ll also have to factor in the cost of food and refreshments and whether you will wager on it.

For the latter, even though it can be a quick way of earning money online and there are many sites to choose from (see the best NFL betting sites here), you could end up losing a significant amount of money.

The seats

Not only does the cost of the tickets affect where you can sit in the stadium, but the popularity of the event itself. If you attend a game and find out that you’re sitting right at the back of the stadium, you might not have the same experience that you would have closer to the players. Not only will you have a struggle seeing each detail, but the atmosphere might not be as electrifying.

Improving Your Experience: What You Need To Know

Whether it’s horse races, Formula 1, or NBA matches, if you are looking to watch your favorite sports live or have decided to place a bet, you’ll need to learn more about what’s about to happen – before you take your seat! To do so, find reliable resources online that allows you to keep up with the latest stats and news, and make you feel more confident in watching a live sports event. For example, if you are planning on betting on a horse, find websites that offer all the data you need to have at hand. Let’s say that you are looking for verified Freddie Vasquez Equestrian reviews: the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) should be your first port of call!

Final Thoughts

Those are just some of the pros and cons associated with watching sporting events live. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you opt to see it in person or in the comfort of your home/a local bar. But no matter how you watch the event, it’s bound to be an incredible experience.

A Quick Introduction To Pickleball – The Sport Growing In Popularity Across The U.S.

A key focus of my blog is Athletics/Sports. Many people don’t know about the sport of Pickleball which is gaining popularity across the United States. The following contributed post is entitled, A Quick Introduction To Pickleball – The Sport Growing In Popularity Across The U.S.

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Image credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence.

What is pickleball?

Pickleball is a paddle sport that incorporates elements of tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and squash. Played both indoors and outdoors on a badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net, the game can be played as singles or doubles by people of all ages and abilities. Invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island by three fathers whose children were bored with their usual games, Pickleball has since evolved from a home-made game to a national and international sport, played by more than 2.5 million people in the U.S alone.

How is pickleball played?

Pickleball can be played as singles or doubles and has a very simple set of rules.

1. The ball must always be served diagonally across the net.

2. Players on both sides must let the ball bounce once before volleys are allowed.

3. Volleys cannot be played from the ‘no volley zone’ which occupies seven feet each side of the net to avoid spiking

4. The player who is serving will continue to do so until a fault is made by the other player or they make a fault themselves. Then the serve moves to the other player or team.

5. The first person, or side, to score eleven points and to lead by at least two points wins.

Pickleball faults

A team, or player, takes a fault whenever:
A. If they enter or touch the non-volley zone during a serve
B. They hit the ball out of bounds
C. They do not clear the net
D. They volley within the non-volley zone
E. Or the ball is volleyed before one bounce has occurred on each side.

What equipment do you need to play pickleball?

Originally, pickleball was played with simple home-made paddles, however as the sport has grown, this has been replaced with more specialist equipment. To play pickleball, all you need is a pickleball paddle, which is smaller than a tennis racquet but larger than a ping-pong paddle, and a pickleball, which is unique to the sport and is based on the Wiffle ball. Pickleballs come in a variety of colors and differ slightly depending on whether you are playing indoors or outdoors. Ideally, pickleball will be played on a badminton-sized court with a pickleball net, however, theoretically, it can be played on any modified court.

What do you wear when playing pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport accessible to all, and no specialist attire is required. Generally, it is suggested that players wear athletic wear to allow them a full range of motion and wear some style of court shoes with the correct foot support. Although not essential, committed pickleball players often choose to purchase specific pickleball shoes and also store their equipment in the best pickleball bags to make it easier to transport their equipment and clothing to and from the court.

Where to play pickleball!

Pickleball is growing in popularity across the U.S, Canada and into Europe, and is often played in schools as well as by private clubs. If you want to give pickleball a try where you live, then if you live in the U.S then you can use this link to find an official place to play. If you live abroad, then a simple Google search will usually notify you of any local pickleball clubs.

So there you have it – a brief introduction to the world of pickleball. Have you ever played? maybe it’s a new hobby to try this year?