In Case You Missed It: Astrophysicists Authoritatively Weighing in on Endocrinology and Gender

“A major question facing everyone is whether transitioned women should compete in sports with natural women. Is it fair to the natural women?”

Science, Culture, Politics and Religion

I discuss numerous science- and technology-related topics on my YouTube channel entitled, Big Discussions76 Science and Technology. Science stories are all around us and in some instances, they overlap with culture, religion, and politics even when they should not. This is not a good thing, and this is the case with gender and now athletics. A major question facing everyone is whether transitioned women should compete in sports with natural women. Is it fair to the natural women?

Who Should Compete in Women’s Athletics?

Two famous individuals recently made headlines in this area. They are Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Martina Navratilova. Dr. Tyson is a world-renowned black astrophysicist and Navratilova is a legendary female tennis player who is lesbian. What is the intersection between the two? In this era of gender transitioning, many men of have transitioned to being women and are seeking to participate in women’s sports. As a result of their underlying biology, these transitioned women still have physical advantages over natural women in terms of speed and strength, allowing them relatively easy (sometimes brutal) victories in athletic competitions.

Factions Within a Larger Group?

Interestingly Dr. Tyson stepped out of the astrophysical world to advocate for this type of thing. The retired Navratilova courageously spoke out against Dr. Tyson and others regarding allowing transitioned women to compete with natural women. Regarding gender, the rainbow groups are typically lumped together in our modern culture. Navratilova’s position in all this interestingly shows that even lesbians still want to retain the biological lines separating natural men from women at least in the realm of athletics. These two figures and this whole discussion inspired me to create the livestream embedded below. It involves not just science, but also how it gets entrenched and intermingled in culture, politics and sometimes religion. If you watch the video, please give it a like and consider subscribing to my channel. Best regards.

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Look Fashionable on a Budget: A Guide for Women

A key focus of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success. As a woman, your appearance matters a great deal. Looking good doesn’t mean you have to break the bank though. The following guest post is entitled, Look Fashionable on a Budget: A Guide for Women.

* * *

What you wear can influence your performance. Clothes that fit properly are more comfortable to wear and can help improve your posture, boosting your confidence and productivity. Comfort is key when it comes to clothing as well. It will likely show in how you perform at work if you’re uncomfortable or don’t feel like yourself.

And looking fashionable doesn’t have to mean spending all your hard-earned money on designer clothes. With creativity and an eye for style, you can look fashionable without breaking the bank. This blog post will offer tips and advice to help you find budget-friendly fashion pieces that will make you look stylish without costing too much.

Shop Around For Sales and Discounts

The first step in looking fashionable without breaking the bank is shopping for sales and discounts. Many clothing stores have markdowns at least once a month, so it pays to keep an eye out for these deals.

You can also shop at vintage stores. Vintage stores are a great way to find unique pieces that add style and character to your wardrobe. Vintage clothing can be expensive. But you can still find great deals by shopping around for items in good condition but don’t have recognizable labels. Additionally, many vintage stores have sales throughout the year, so keep an eye out for those.

Shop Online

The pandemic saw many people turn to online shopping for their needs. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can deliver your favorite items to your doorstep. The convenience online shopping offers has made it a popular choice for many.

You can also look for promotions online. For instance, you can check out the items sold through the Furla online shop. Items sold in these shops are usually cheaper and offer additional discounts to customers. Many online shops also offer sales and discounts during major holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Be sure to take advantage of these promotions to save money on your purchases.

But you should also consider the quality of the items you purchase online. It’s essential to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. This will help ensure that you get the best deal and that you are getting high-quality products.

Finally, always check the return policy of any online shop you buy from. Some shops may not accept returns or only do so in certain conditions. Read the return policy and understand it before making a purchase.

Mix and Match Your Clothes

Another way to look fashionable without breaking the bank is to mix and match your clothes. For example, if you already own a pair of black pants, try pairing them with different tops or jackets to create new looks each time. This works especially well with shirts and blouses since they come in various colors, patterns, and styles.

When you mix and match your clothes, you should pay attention to each item’s fabric, color, and texture. Make sure they go together well and look like they belong in the same outfit. Different prints can make a nice combination as long as they complement each other.

For instance, if you have a floral top, it could be nicely paired with some plaid pants or a striped skirt. If you’re feeling bold, try mixing different textures like velvet and corduroy.

Mixing and matching your clothes can be a fun activity that allows you to express your creativity without spending too much money. Experiment with different combinations until you find something that suits your style.

Invest In Quality Basics

It pays to invest in quality basics like t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, etc., as they can be worn multiple times without showing signs of wear or damage. That said, don’t forget about accessories such as jewelry or scarves, which can instantly transform any outfit into something more stylish.

Investing in quality basics will save you money in the long run, as these items will last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Furthermore, since these items are timeless, you don’t need to worry about them not being in style when the current trend cycles out. Quality basics can be a great way to build your wardrobe and save money.

Finally, make sure to take care of your clothes by following the care instructions found on each item’s label. Storing your clothes properly, washing them in cold water, or even dry-cleaning them will help preserve the quality of each item. It also keeps them looking new for longer.

You can spend some of your money on designer clothes to look fashionable. With creativity and an eye for style, you can look trendy without breaking the bank. Taking the tips in the article into consideration will allow you to create stylish outfits that won’t cost an arm & a leg. It’ll also mean you can rock any fashion trend on any budget.

Why Women Should Participate More Often In Golf

Two focuses of my blog are Athletics/Sports and Health/Wellness. Many people find out that they actually enjoy the game of golf for numerous reasons. It’s classically been considered a men’s sport but more and more women are starting to play golf both professionally and leisurely. The following contributed post is entitled, Why Women Should Participate More Often In Golf.

* * *

Photo: Unsplash

On June 6, the International Day of Women who play golf, was celebrated in 46 countries. This day was created to celebrate all the female players in this sport and give them visibility within the industry. If we ask ourselves how many times we have seen images of women practising golf, the almost certain answer would be none.

Today it is no secret that women are increasingly climbing more positions in all areas of human development as women carry out such a wide range of activities today. Men often dominate the world of sport, and this stigma is something that should be eradicated in modern times. Women can certainly demonstrate what they are capable of achieving. Today we know a sports world full mostly of men, but it is also known that gender differences have been decreasing, with fewer spaces between women and men. It is seen with football, basketball and others. The world of golf is also one of them. Here are some of the most important reasons why women should practice golf. Once these practices are set firmly in our minds, it will be difficult to stop playing.

1. Golf is an ideal sport to keep fit. Golf is a medium intensity activity in which the joints do not suffer. Also, it is good to maintain the muscles and to fight against the loss of bone mass. And best of all, it helps your cardiovascular health!

2. There are usually numerous golf clubs in and around your area where you can practice it.

3. Golf is a great way to relieve stress. Besides, it improves concentration, which carried to other areas of life, can become an important weapon.

4. Playing golf, and in general, any physical activity favors the generation of endorphins that provides a feeling of well-being.

5. It is an ideal sport to practice with friends, family, co-workers. It allows you to do a different and exciting activity. Competition can be very positive.

6. It will aid sleep and help you rest better. Playing golf will allow you to have a more restful and effective rest.

7. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor activity with all the benefits that they entail.

8. And as women, one of the most important reasons is fashion. Despite being with a look that is not at all executive or casual, the dress code and appropriate dress for women golfers are both sophisticated and stylish. It allows you to learn about sporting fashion and purchase some incredible women’s golf clothing.

Many women today feel so sure of themselves, and all admire their high level of play. The golfing world is not just limited to sport. It can become a place of socializing too. Women are likely to invite their boyfriends or spouses to join them. Golf clubs are also a great place to meet like minded people who share similar interests. Let’s also remember that an 18-hole course can last more than 4 hours and also, so it is a way to unwind and the time dedicated to the sport should be paramount.

4 Important reasons why women are more affected financially due to the COVID – 19 outbreak

Two focuses of my of my blog are Current Events and Financial Literacy/Money. There are so many layers to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Crisis/Pandemic. In addition the human health issues, there have also been financial after effects in the area of jobs. Something that’s not being discussed in all circles is the effect of the pandemic on the finances of women. The following guest post is entitled, 4 Important reasons why women are more affected financially due to the COVID – 19 outbreak.

* * *

The coronavirus outbreak has devastated the entire world economy and it has almost reached the middle of this year. But still, humankind is eagerly waiting for a cure to stop this pandemic. Till now, approx 2,941,218 active cases were found worldwide, and nearly 357,979 deaths were reported due to this pandemic. Doctors and healthcare providers are working day and night to provide good medical treatment to the infected people. Medical researchers and scientists are working hard to find an antidote to this virus infection. Unfortunately, we still need more time to get the results.

According to CNN, the COVID-19 pandemic has heavily affected health care associates worldwide more than common people. Most of those associates are young and among them 70% are women. Institute For Fiscal Studies (IFS) director Paul Johnson informed the BBC Today programme“There are those young people who are in those jobs at the moment or were in those jobs before COVID[-19] hit, and if they’re not able to get back into work then there may be longer-term consequences for them. We know that periods of unemployment when you’re young can have long-term effects. Traditionally you’re going to be looking to start work in September, [but] now couldn’t be a worse moment to be doing it.”

In China’s Hubei Province, about 90% of healthcare associates are women. In the U.S., that number is around 78%.

So, practically women are more exposed to the COVID – 19 virus than men. As a result, women are experiencing the impact of the pandemic more than men, on physical and mental grounds.

According to a report given by PayScale, financially women have faced the biggest hit from the COVID – 19 outbreaks within the last 6 months. Another report revealed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation And Development, new jobs are being created mostly considering the men, not women during this difficult economic situation. This might be a reason why women are financially getting down day by day. During the lockdown, it is also becoming difficult to find another income source.

In the UK, nearly 70% of the two million single parents are currently employed, but 3 out of 10 single parents working are living in poverty. Unfortunately, approx 90% of single parents are women.

These aren’t the only reasons women are experiencing hardship due to COVID – 19 pandemic. Check out the below-mentioned causes that should get your attention.

4 Important reasons why women are more affected financially due to the COVID – 19 outbreak

1. Women play a key role in family caregiving

After reviewing the above-given data, it is clear that women are the prime workers who saved time apart from their work, to provide care to their families. Due to the lockdown, most of the schools and workplaces are closed now. So, kids, elders, and other family members are at home 24-7. Due to this reason, most of the female workers have to be at home and away from work. They are attending family members who are ill or can’t take care of themselves.

When these female workers return to their work or try to rejoin, they’re being offered 7% less salary compared to male employees, who are working in the same designation. PayScale’s director of research, Sudarshan Sampath, verified this situation in PayScale’s 2020 State of the Gender Pay Gap report this way – “The coronavirus pandemic has exposed these cultural faults with our economic system. There is a strong likelihood they will not get rehired or they’ll come back on reduced terms.”

2. Unpaid sick leave creates a financial hardship

During the coronavirus outbreak, nearly 67% of private sector employees, and only 30% of low-wage workers who earn $10.80 or less/hour, may get the benefit of paid sick leave. Apart from that, only less than 50% of part-time workers may get the option of taking sick leave.

According to the report given by OECD.ORG“In some countries, sick-leave compensation only covers a small fraction of the previous wage and / or is shorter than the recommended period of self-isolation for people with COVID‑19 symptoms. For instance, Korea and the United States have no generally applicable statutory obligations for employers to continue wage payments in case of illness and also do not provide for statutory public sickness benefits (OECD, 2018[1]). Comprehensive spending data on employer-provided sick pay is not available for the United States, but a quarter of U.S. workers do not have access to paid sick leave at all (rising to one half for low-wage workers), and two thirds of workers who do accrue less than 10 days of paid sick leave per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019[2]). With the “Families First CoronaVirus Response Act”, the United States introduced two weeks of paid sick leave for workers impacted by the COVID‑19 virus, which will initially be paid by employers but be fully reimbursed by the federal government.”

Fortunately, from the very beginning of the COVID -19 outbreak, international organizations such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Salesforce, utilizing few problem solving tips for business and employees, agreed to provide help to their workers. The companies allowed their workers to get increased benefits during sick leave.

The American government has also worked hard on a bill that would help employees to get paid leave benefits. President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The bill is focused on providing paid leave to employees who did not have it and extending paid leave for employees having only a few days. The benefits are applicable to the employees stuck at home due to the pandemic.

“The new law grants two weeks of paid sick leave at 100 percent of the person’s normal salary, up to $511 per day. It would also provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave at 67 percent of the person’s normal pay, up to $200 per day.”

*Data courtesy – the washington post

But there is a catch! According to the emergency legislation, only 20% of employees can avail paid leave benefits. Apart from that, small and midsize companies may provide these benefits for employees impacted by the coronavirus. Companies having 500 or more workers aren’t allowed to provide such benefits to their employees.

As per a calculation by the Center for American Progress, approximately 19.3 million U.S. employees (about 12% of 159 million workers) may face financial hardship without getting paid during sick leave.

3. The wage gap and job loss trigger monetary problems

62% of minimum-wage and lower-wage workers are female. These workers may experience a greater risk of job loss when businesses such as restaurants, departmental stores, hotels, and airports are shutting themselves down and firing their employees.

Even if women perform well in their designation, and maintain regularity, they may lose their jobs due to the business shutdown. Though women are less paid compared to the men, working in a similar job profile and designation, the effect will be quite harmful. This is also a reason that women are experiencing too much stress, and unfortunately, they don’t know how to remove that stress at work.

Women are affected more financially as a disproportionate number of women work in industries that are severely affected by the lockdown. These may include retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors. 17% of female employees are working in lockdown sectors, whereas mem workers are merely 13%.

In the country, 1.4 million citizens lost their jobs in March., with a 0.9% increase in female unemployment and a 0.7% increase for men.

If you analyze the controlled pay gap, the difference in payment will be seen clearly between men and women, having a similar job profile. Women earn 98 cents per $1 earned by men. According to PayScale, women are now getting 81 cents for every $1 earned by men (the ratio of median earnings).

During this outbreak, the wage gap is getting bigger than before. Female elementary school teachers earn 92 cents per $1, and women doctors earn 94 cents per $1, compared to men doctors. Female registered nurses earn 98 cents as usual. Unfortunately, black women earn 62 cents on the dollar and Hispanic women 54 cents for the same designation.

With such low income, women employees often experience difficult financial problems, such as unpaid credit card debts, medical bills, utility bills, kids’ education costs, housing costs, etc. As low-income earners, women may opt for help from non-profit credit counseling agencies and seek options to become debt free again.

Fortunately, the discrimination between genders and the wage gap has been gradually changing in a positive direction. As per PayScale’s survey – In 2018, women employees earned 78 cents per $1 earned by men. In 2019 the amount becomes 79 cents (+1), and in 2020, 81 cents (+3).

4. Unpaid caregivers are mostly women

Women around the world provide most of the unpaid caregiving work. As per the International Labour Organization (ILO), women employees normally render 76.2% of total hours of unpaid caregiving work, and it is more thrice as much as men employees.

Women employees are experiencing a shortage of paid caregiver policies. Currently, only 16% of private-industry female employees are allowed to receive paid caregiver leaves. Due to this reason, women taking too much sick leave for family members may trigger monetary problems in their lives.

● Approximately 43.5 million caregivers have provided unpaid care to an adult or child in the last 12 months. [National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2015). Caregiving in the U.S.]
● About 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the last 12 months. [National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2015). Caregiving in the U.S.]
● 65% of care recipients are female, with an average age of 69.4. The younger the care recipient, the more likely the recipient is to be male. 45% of recipients aged 18-45 are male, while 33% of recipients aged 50 or higher are male. [National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2015). Caregiving in the U.S.]
● Upwards of 75% of all caregivers are female, and may spend as much as 50% more time providing care than males. [Institute on Aging. (2016). Read How IOA Views Aging in America.]


As health care services are getting unavailable day by day due to the increased number of infected patients, many COVID-19 positive cases need to be treated at home by women caregivers. This may also increase the possibility of becoming infected during such an awful time.


So, these are the 4 prime reasons why women are getting the hit more than men. Women share a large chunk of employment in various industries such as healthcare, restaurants, social assistance jobs, preschool, kindergarten teaching, flights, etc. Due to the outbreak, most of these industries are shutting down their business. Due to this situation, women all over the world are experiencing huge financial difficulties to maintain their lives.

Author Bio- Patricia Sanders is a financial content writer. She is a regular contributor to . Her passion for helping people who are stuck in financial problems has earned her recognition and honor in the industry. Besides writing, she loves to travel and read various books. To get in touch with her (or if you have any questions regarding this article) email her at

Holding Your Own as a Woman in Business

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Now more than ever, women are competing and forming their legacies in the business world. There are unique challenges and distinct for women learning to compete in this arena. The following contributed post is entitled, Holding Your Own as a Woman in Business.

* * *

The big world of business, as well as many other industries, is unfortunately very much still a man’s world. Men still dominate many companies, and certainly upper management. Women are still less likely to start their own business as men, partly because they are put off by male domination or because they are worried about going into negotiations and meetings with a room filled with strong, powerful men.

But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t women doing it. Many mothers start their own businesses to avoid having to find expensive childcare or leave their children. Women with experience in industry are eager to go it on their own, knowing that their unique skills could make them very successful and many of these women are more than holding their own.

Women are often well organized and great at managing their time. They are passionate, and great at arguing their cause. Women inspire others and don’t take risks without preparation. All of these skills can make them excellent in business. But only if they have got the confidence to take a chance on themselves. Here are some of the ways that you can hold your own in the man’s world of business.


Find Strong Role Models

There are many, many strong women in business. They launch their own startups, they become CEOs of major firms, they slowly climb up the ladder, and they do it with confidence, grace, passion and even style. Women like Belinda Stronach can be fantastic role models, and having them will help you to pick yourself up on the bad days and draw strength when things are tough.

Build a Support Network

Role models are all well and good, but as a woman trying to hold your own in business, you might also need people close by. You need a strong support network of supportive and understanding people. Friends and family that will pick you up when you are down, understand that you need to work long hours, and commit time and effort to your job if you want to do well. This might also mean cutting those people that bring you down or tell you that you can’t do it. Make sure that you are surrounded by people that make you feel confident and like you can take on the world.

Dress for Success

As a woman in business, you’ve probably heard some frightfully sexist comments about how you should dress. You might have even worked in places that insist upon skirts and high heels.

Well, dressing the right way can have a significant impact on your career. But, the right way should be right for you, not everyone else. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and powerful, but also comfortable and ready to work.

Never Stop Learning

As a woman, you might feel as though you always have to prove yourself and that people are always questioning your knowledge and experience. It might help you to feel better if you know the answers. Keep an open mind and never stop learning and you’ll always be on top of your game.