How Responsible Are You For Employee Health And Safety?

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and two key focuses are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. A key concern for employers is employee safety. If not properly managed, a lack of safety for your employees can be very costly. The following contributed post is entitled, How Responsible Are You For Employee Health And Safety?

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Being an employer us something which most people don’t expect when they are going through school. The idea of having a team of people working for you will seem far-fetched, with the vast majority of the world working for someone else, rather than controlling their own destiny. This makes it very difficult to know what to do if you find yourself in the shoes of an employer, with the responsibilities you have for your team being confusing and often overwhelming. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring the most important of these, health and safety, to give you an idea of what can be done when you’re working to improve this side of your business.

In The Workplace

There are a lot of strict rules in place which govern the way that employees have to be treated in the workplace, along with the sorts of environments they will be exposed to. No matter how hard you work to keep the office or warehouse tidy and safe, though, there will always be a cable or box in the way which could cause an accident. Training is one of the easiest ways to overcome something like this, with the skills you give to your team members protecting you if they ever get hurt by something like this. Along with this, though, it will also make sense to do some research about the laws you have to follow.

Using Machines & Tools

It’s rare to find a job in the modern world which doesn’t involve some sort of machine, with a lot of today’s roles relying heavily on computers to get work done. Of course, though, a PC isn’t really very dangerous, and it will be unlikely that these devices will cause injuries. Something like a tarmac roller or forklift, though, has far more potential to do harm, and you will be responsible for making sure that everyone is trained properly to use them. Along with this, you will also be in charge of maintaining your machines, though companies offering digger and roller hire will often handle this side of the job for you.

On The Commute/Breaks

It can be easy to feel responsible for your employees no matter where they are. During their commutes and breaks, though, they will be in charge of their own safety, and you can will have the chance to step back. If someone has an accident when they’re not on your property or working for you, they will be responsible for their own safety. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that you can’t help out, with a lot of employees offering self-defense training to their team members to make sure that they are safe on their way to and from their workplace.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to start working on this side of your business. There are a lot of people out there who worry about their employee’s health, but this is usually for good reason.

Creating A Functional Working Environment For Your Staff

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and two key focuses are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. A key to your organization excelling creating optimal conditions for your functions. Doing so will ensure your organization’s survival. The following contributed post is entitled, Creating A Functional Working Environment For Your Staff.

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Your staff are an important asset to the business, they keep everything ticking over and hopefully, they work on improving the financial success and reputation of the company. So it’s important to create a functional working environment and here is how to do just that.

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Encourage Organized Spaces

The place in which your staff work in is highly important because they’re probably in it for the majority of their day. So it has to be an inviting space that staff enjoy working in, rather than one that they dread. One of the ways you can do this is by encouraging your staff to be more organized with their spaces. Set some rules about desk areas and what should be on the desk and what shouldn’t. Give your staff the ability to buy some storage units and other accessories for their working areas so that files and other documents and equipment can be stored away securely and out of sight. A clean and tidy environment will also help with improving the workplace productivity.

Bring In Light & Nature

Two of the most mood-boosting features that you can have in your workspace is natural light and nature. Natural light can transform the look and feel of a space, so get as much of it in as possible. Clear windows from anything that could block out the light and get blinds that allow light to shine through, rather than blocking it out completely. Think of the lighting in your office too, as a bright white light can be quite clinical.

Indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular both in households and businesses, and they create a cleaner atmosphere that you and your staff will be breathing in. Put them in all of the communal areas and encourage your staff to buy for themselves some desk plants to boost their own happiness for their work area.

Keep Communal Areas Pristine

Communal areas are going to get messy, so it’s important to hire in the right cleaners to keep the place in top condition. You should also think about the decor and furnishings that you put into your office. Get some comfortable sofas in the breakout space and some art up on the wall to add colour. Ensure your kitchens are stocked with all the crockery and cutlery need and make sure your bathrooms are regularly checked and maintained. For communal bathrooms, restroom mats are useful to have in order to reduce odours and keep everything hygienic.

Invest In Technology

Technology is certainly an important tool that many businesses need and so it’s beneficial that as a company you are investing in the right technology for your staff to be able to complete tasks as best as they can. And sometimes, lacking certain programmes or work stations can cause problems and there’s even a chance it can hinder the workplace progress overall.

Creating a functional working environment should always be prioritised. Keep those communal areas clean and promote an organized and tidy workspace that everyone can enjoy.

Careers For Creatives That Pay Well

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and a key focus is Career Discussions. In many instances, creative skills lend themselves well to certain careers. Once properly plugged in, those individuals stand to make a lot of money. The following contributed post is entitled, Careers For Creatives That Pay Well.

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Tired of being a starving artist? Creative jobs have long had a reputation for being low paid. Fortunately, there are careers out there that creative people can earn big bucks from. Here are just a few examples of careers where it’s possible to make a lot of money.

Industrial design

Industrial design is one of the higher paid design jobs out there and involves using creative problem solving to help design new products. Industrial designers must consider elements such as form, function, sustainability, cost, ergonomics and aesthetics when designing products. A degree in product design or engineering could be useful when entering this field. A few technical skills are required, but creativity is an important asset.


Marketing relies heavily on creativity in order to help companies attract more customers. There are so many niches within it from content writing to events marketing to SEO. Entry-level positions can be low-paid, however marketing director and management jobs can be very well-paid. You can reach these positions by either scaling the career ladder or starting your own marketing company. Whilst marketing qualifications can help, they’re not needed when breaking into this industry. You should however still do your homework to get an understanding of the industry – there are online marketing training tools that you can use as Legendary Marketer review points out. There are also plenty of books and blogs that you can use to educate yourself.


Animation is an industry that is projected to grow by 8%. It relies on a mix of artistic talent and computer graphics skills – qualifications in art or computer graphics may be needed to get into this industry, although you may simply be able to familiarise yourself with tools as found at Creative Bloq, allowing you to make a name for yourself. Animators can be very well paid.

Sound/video production

Producers are often needed in music, TV and film to help handle the editing and mixing process. It’s a job that can often be very well paid. A degree in communication or film/broadcasting could be useful if you hope to get into TV and film. Meanwhile a degree in music or music production could be useful for those that want to produce music professionally. It is possible to get into these careers without these qualifications, but you’ll still need to build the necessary skills.


A career as an architect can also be very well paid and can rely heavily on creative talents. You’ll generally need a degree in architecture to get into this industry. Architects can often have high starting salaries, however this can be a very competitive industry and you’ll need to build a strong portfolio to prove your talent.

The Ultimate Guide To Making The Most Of Your Spare Time

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of success. A major key to success is the smart use of your time. Many people waster their valuable spare time. Others use to build and propel them forward. The following contributed post is entitled, The Ultimate Guide To Making The Most Of Your Spare Time.

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If you are finding that your days are full of work, followed by watching mind numbing TV, eating the same old meals, and sleeping, the chances are that you aren’t making the most of your spare time. Sure, you might be working for eight hours a day five days a week, but that still leaves a lot of free time that you can fill with worthwhile activities. Switching off in front of the big screen once in a while is great to unwind, but you shouldn’t be filling your evenings by being a couch potato. It’s time to utilize your evenings and weekends for more worthwhile pursuits. Take a look at how you can make the most of your spare time.


The thought of giving up your free time to help others will either make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or fill you with dread. The key to making the most out of any volunteering experience is to do something that you have a genuine interest in. If you hate the thought of global deforestation and you like the idea of spending your time outdoors, you could volunteer with a local conservation project. If you are keen on playing guitar in your spare time, why not volunteer a Saturday morning to give some free lessons to the kids in your local community who can’t afford music tuition. By doing something that you love and combining it with volunteering you can help others, brush up your resume, and do something worthwhile all at the same time.

Learn Something New

Lifelong learning is something that many people aspire to achieve but most fail. Take baby steps into the world of learning by doing something new that you’ve always wanted to experience. If you want to learn Japanese, book a free taster session. If you want to try archery, enrol on a beginners course. Or if you fancy trying bowling for the first time, head down to your local bowling alley. Doing something new can give you something to look forward to when it’s raining outside or your boss is becoming unreasonable.

Alternatively, you could choose to upskill in a more formal way. People like Philip McTigue combine their careers with masters degrees or other qualifications to enhance their skill set and become more employable. If you’re hunting for a promotion, this might be worth your while.

Get Active

Rather than watching another episode of Judge Judy, whip on your sneakers and head outdoors. You might fancy taking a brisk walk to the local park, trying your hand at jogging again, or simply popping into the back garden to start a barbeque. Invite friends over, become more sociable and relearn that life is more than a Facebook feed or TV screen. By being willing to take a bit of a technology detox, you can enjoy real life once again.

Your spare time is precious so don’t squander it playing video games all hours God sends. Make a change and do something worthwhile with your free time.

Let’s Talk: Ways To Communicate Better

A key focus of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and a key focus is Career Discussions. In any office setting communication is key, especially with use of the technologies we have at our disposal. Good communication comes in several different forms. The following contributed post is entitled, Let’s Talk: Ways To Communicate Better.

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It becomes apparent very quickly when in an office setting that communication is key. If the smallest pieces of information aren’t passed on to the right person, productivity is going to be slowed down and vital data could be missed, causing all sorts of trouble. That’s why when you work in an office environment, that you should be doing your part to ensure that everyone is communicating effectively. Check out these tips on how to improve your communication in the office.

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Actually listen

We’ve all been there before, where we’re being spoken to and our mind goes elsewhere thinking about our own tasks or even personal matters at home. However, this isn’t going to help productivity in the office. Learn how to listen properly and if it helps, take down notes or make reminders so that you don’t forget vital information.

Cloud voice

Sometimes communication lacks in other places than the office. Perhaps your team are in and out of the office all of the time, yet you’re struggling to communicate effectively? There are easy and effective solutions like Cloud Voice available that will allow you to move email, VoIP, video conferencing and even fax your colleagues with ease. Visit to find out more about how it can help your office communicate better.

Use notes to remind yourself and others

We’re all busy and it’s easy to become tied up in other tasks. However, this can lead to forgetfulness and of course, that’s not good for productivity. Use sticky pads to leave notes for yourself and your colleagues so that if you can’t help them out straight away, at least you’ve set yourself (or them) a reminder for later. This can be especially useful when you have to remember specific details.

Schedule meetings

If you’re in and out of the office, or you’re concentrating on your own tasks, then sometimes scheduling a meeting can be more effective because it allows everyone to voice their thoughts and help improve the way the team works together. Give everyone plenty of time to think of questions and topics to discuss and that way, you’ll bond as a team and communication levels will be at an all time high.

Work on your body language and tone of voice

Finally, your body language and the tone of voice you’re using can have a big impact on how people listen, understand, and also feel about you. If the whole team is struggling to communicate well, then it might be worth looking at ways in which you should address each other in the office to ensure that things remain professional and more importantly, everything gets done on time.

What It Takes To Be A Great Business Leader

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success, and two key focuses are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Many people want to start businesses know much about becoming great leaders of business. There are a couple of keys to it, and the following contributed post is entitled, What It Takes To Be A Great Business Leader.

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Leadership is a funny thing. Many people compare themselves to a lion, and there are many memes that talk about how to be fierce and forceful. But perhaps a real leader looks more, a wolf. One single leader, with a pack underneath them that includes workers, managers, and the weak and elderly.

But what does it take to be a great business leader? To have the acumen of people like Kheng Ly, to take things and turn them into success stories?

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Work With Your Strengths

Not everyone is good at everything, and personality matters. Being ‘strong’ looks different is pretty much any situation. But working with your personality, knowing what makes you tick can help you as you then put that to use and learn how to get the best out of other people. Being open and knowing where your personal weaknesses are is a great asset. You don’t have to label them as a weakness either, acknowledge their existence and work with them. Your personality will be a big part of your brand, and it should be celebrated rather than broken down and rebuilt.


Business changes so quickly it can make your head spin. Being able to roll and adapt is going to make a real difference in how you run your empire. Seeing when things are going to disrupt your company and making the necessary changes will mean that your staff and support won’t feel a significant impact, but instead, they will be able to adjust too. Following the example, you have set.


While you do need to keep a keen eye on your bottom line, you also need to be aware of your staff, production line, and the people all the way down to the office cleaners. Showing that you care about their job and them as a person. Learning names, building an office ecosystem that rewards your staff and being available when you are needed will make a huge impact. Remember in Happyness, when the 5 dollars was returned? It can be something as simple as repaying kindnesses.


Focusing on your goals is going to be essential to getting things done. Avoiding distractions and not getting pulled into things that just don’t make an impact on your business is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your business.


You can’t build a global brand if you are faking it. This feeds into the point about personality and your strengths too. Develop your own voice, one that staff and customers can all trust. Leaders, in most cases, can be trusted and speak honestly on any topic – no matter how difficult.

Great leadership comes in many forms, some people are said to be natural born leaders due to their confidence and curiosity, others get there in time while growing their own voice and learning. Leadership isn’t always about leading the charge, it is often about being at the back supporting others in their goals too.

Choosing Who You Want To Be In Life: The Influences

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success. The people who we influence us when we’re young, and who we allow to influence us when we get older, have a lot of power. Your influences can impact your success in life. It’s therefore important to understand whose influence to follow and whose to avoid. The following contributed post is entitled, Choosing Who You Want To Be In Life: The Influences.

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You only get one life, so you have to live it. Those are the words we hear all too frequently when it comes to our actions and lives. But yet do we really take those matters into our own hands? The truth is, when it comes to life, be that our careers, our relationships and the choices we make for the things we do, we are often influenced. Sometimes we seek out the influence and the inspiration, other times we simply don’t see it happening under our very noses. There is nothing wrong with being influenced, as long as we can say at the end of the day the choice that was made was done with our own best interests at heart. With that in mind, here is a little discussion around some of the influences we can all face today.

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Influences from family

When it comes to choosing the life that you want one of the biggest influences in your life will be your family. This might be fathers or mothers wanting you to go into the family business, or it might be parents just wanting better things for you and then pushing you in a particular direction. While we don’t always want to hurt our families feelings, it can be hard to stand up to them if you have a different journey you want to take. You might also want to be aware that often conflict between families when it comes to business can happen, people like Belinda Stronach has shared some of the issues that she’s faced with her family. It happens, and while they will be a big influence in your life, they won’t be the only voice that matters.

Social media influence

So many people use social media these days, and often a big 70% of people will check their social media feeds at least once a day. So that means that you are being influenced by what you see before you even realise it. There is a lot about people sharing things online these days, and there is a lot of perfection put out there. This is where you get influenced into doing something, buying something or acting in a certain way. It’s part of lives now, and we don’t realise how much of an impact social media has on it.

Peer pressure

You will be influenced by your peers. Fact! At school you are influenced by acting in a certain way, from the phrases that you say to the things that you do. In work, you will still beindluecc by peers and work colleagues that are doing well in their field. It is there all the time, but this is when it can feel like peer pressure, so it is important to understand when it is a positive or a negative influence on your actions.

What we see on TV or in films

Finally, we are influenced by what we watch. People will watch a boxset on law, only to want to be that person or do that job. People will watch a documentary about living in a certain part of the world, only to want to live there. Holidays get shared on TV, what people wear, what people think. It is impossible to not be influenced by it.

Let’s hope this has made you more aware of the influences in your life.

Feeling Inspired? Some Of The Things That Can Help

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success. To do anything of meaning in life, having a sense of inspiration is important. Individuals are in fact inspired by different things. The following contributed post discusses ways to find inspiration and is entitled, Feeling Inspired? Some Of The Things That Can Help.

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Often to do anything in life, we first need to feel inspired to do it. This might be inspired to start a business, motivated to make some changes because you have been inspired by somebody else, or generally wanting to make a difference because of somebody else’s actions. Inspiration is something that we all need throughout our lives in order to do things, but often, seeking out the inspiration to get started can often be harder than you think? So if you are actively looking to feel inspired in some way here are some suggestions.

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Attending events or seeking our past speeches

One of the biggest ways that we can often feel inspired when it comes to our business or the direction we want to take in life is attending different events and listening to their guest speakers. This can be very insightful, and often very specific information being shared. Of course, not all of us can attend, and sometimes you may need to look for past events. Especially when you are looking for a specific guest speaker, such as Burkitbayev who specialises in chemical faculty and science based exploration. Finding past speeches could even open your eyes up to other people that you find inspiring, and knowledge you never knew was available to you.

Looking online for videos and articles

Thanks to the internet, we have a wealth of information online these days. Platforms like YouTube will be full of videos of either famous talks and speeches from the past and even video footage of conferences and events you may not have been able to attend. This is when you can really start to get into the depths of things. Further to that, you could also look for articles online where specific people have shared their words and knowledge through a different creative outlet.

Using social media to feel inspired

Social media is one of the best ways to feel inspired these days. Visually you have Instagram full of amazing pictures, for news and up to date information you have Twitter, and Facebook is great for a mixture of the two. This is why social media can be a great way to feel inspired and you can follow specific people as well. Many people share what they are up to day to day, from pictures and captions, to insights and knowledge. You never know what you will be able to find out simply by following someone you admire and feel inspired by.

Surrounding yourself with positive quotes and affirmations

Finally, the last thing you can do to help you feel inspired is to consider surrounding yourself with positive quotes and affirmations. These things can really help you when it comes comes to how you feel, and remind you why you might be doing something? It could be a simply “go out and get it” style quote or something more insightful with depth. Positive affirmations that you tell yourself can also help you to be in the right mindset with a positive outlook on life.

Let’s hope this has help you to feel more isnpired.

How To Make Sure That Your Days With Friends Are Memorable

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success, and a key focus is Health/Wellness. A key aspect of a happy life is spending time with friends and relatives. It’s important to consider how you can maximize your time with them. The following contributed post is entitled, How To Make Sure That Your Days With Friends Are Memorable.

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OK, so we know what you’re thinking. When you see your friends, all of the things that you do with them are memorable, right? And anyway, isn’t the most important thing that you can spend that time together, whether you’re doing the most exciting – or the most boring – things ever? Whilst this is true of friendship, you should also make sure that you can look back on your time together, and be sure that you all did some exciting things, rather than sitting in the same old seats, in the same old bar. It’s just not the same really, is it? Here’s how you can make your days with friends memorable.

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Go on a road trip

When it comes to making (and sometimes breaking) friendships, there really is nothing like a road trip. Figure out which ones of you are up for driving, and whose car you’re going to take, and get out there and experience things. The best conversations that you’ll have are in motels at 2am, or on the top of a mountain, looking out there at all of the stars. Sometimes, friendships are made a lot stronger by experiencing what the world has to offer together, and you will have to solve some problems together along the way. This is what will make you friends for life, so pick out a route, and get out there with your friends.

Join a sports team together

Another thing that undoubtedly makes your friendship stronger is joining a sports team together, and there is no level of comradery quite like those who are in the same team with each other. Perhaps you’re into baseball or basketball, or you want to try out a new sport? Why not get some golf gear from and see whether you can have some great fun out there on the course? If your friends are sporty then this is a great idea, and your successes and losses will really bring you together, and mark out some memorable days for the future. Try something new, and get your buddies on board!

Eating is important

OK, so eating is important for reasons related to staying alive, but it’s also an important part of any friendship. As Anthony Bourdain said (a little more eloquently), a meal doesn’t fix everything, but sitting across from somebody at dinner is one step of the way there. Sharing a meal together with your friends (and some drinks) is one of the best ways to catch up with one another, and to really spend your time enjoying each other’s company. No phones at this table, thanks, we’re having a good ol’ fashioned chin wag, and enough food to make us almost fall asleep in the restaurant. This is what friendship is all about.

So, if you want to make sure that your days with friends are memorable, then travel together, join a sports team, or simply just go out for dinner. You never know what’s going to happen, and that’s why it’s better to give your old haunts a miss for a while, in favor of something new!

How Do You Learn Best?

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and a key focus is General Education. We know that everyone learns and processes information differently. When looking to incorporate new information into your life, it’s important to know how to effectively do this for yourself. This also important for educators to know. The following contributed post is therefore entitled, How Do You Learn Best?

* * *

Learning is something we all do every single day, and quite possibly, we’re learning all hours of the day. But there are some of us out there who have distinct learning styles, and that’s what we want to explore today. After all, the more you know about the way you take in and retain information, the better you’re going to be at helping yourself grow. So here’s just a couple of the main learning styles we know of, and what helps foster them.

Whether you like using an online source and all of its capabilities, or you prefer a good old text book and some highlighters, you’ve got a way to learn no one else has. (Source)

Are You a Practical Person?

Being a practical person means you like to have a hands on approach to whatever it is you’re learning, whether it be how to use a chainsaw or cooking up an eggy storm in the kitchen. You’re not just someone who can sit by and watch as someone else does it; you need to be involved, because it’s just how you learn best.

And there’s plenty of ways for you to foster a learning style like this. But one of the best ways is to invest in experience days! And this covers all sorts: things like learning how to drive a race car, or flying a plane.

Do You Need More Freedom Away From a Classroom?

A classroom can be a very strict setting. It’s one few of us actually thrive in, and as a result, there’s been quite a few ways to make a lecture hall seem a lot more interesting in the modern day and age.

We now have tablets we can take into a class with us, with all kinds of apps to keep us entertained as we learn. Or we can skip the class altogether, and still get the benefits! You can now choose to learn online, and consider the benefits between campus led and online programs at sites like Online Degrees.

Do You Need Someone Else Present?

A lot of us like to have someone around us when we’re trying to learn something, seeing as that person can help keep us on track, and we can collaborate with them when we’re not feeling too hot about the subject at hand.

So, you may be a bit of inattentive learner, but that’s perfectly OK! There’s plenty of ways someone like you can get to know the contents of a course you’re following – you can use fidget toys to keep yourself still, or you can doodle the information in your notebook, just to make the presentation a bit more creative. Or you can choose to use others to help keep you on track – making yourself beholden to someone else, whether because you promised them a presentation by the end of the week or because you’re meant to be going out tomorrow, is a great way to foster your focus.

How do you learn best? Let us know!