5 Approaches to Staying Calm When You’ve Been Wrongfully Arrested

A key focus of my blog is Legal Affairs. Getting arrested is sometimes justified but it can also be an unforeseen negative life event in some cases. How you deal with such an occurrence is critical. The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Approaches to Staying Calm When You’ve Been Wrongfully Arrested.

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Experiencing a brush with the law is one of the most incredibly overwhelming things that can occur. There’s a natural surge of emotions that happen like fear and confusion. Being wrongfully arrested is undoubtedly one of the most stressful things that can happen, but here are some key steps to help you navigate this challenging situation:

Know Your Rights

Understanding your Miranda rights properly can help you to navigate this situation safely. Understanding that you have the right to remain silent and that you have the right to an attorney is essential. You can exercise your right to stay silent and you have consulted with the best criminal lawyer so you can avoid any type of self-incrimination.

Do Not Be Confrontational

It is vital that we keep our composure in this situation, and doing anything to escalate tensions within the moment can be seen as a threat to the arresting officer. You should avoid any form of confrontation such as shouting or making any sudden movements. When we speak slower and calmly, we are inviting the other person to mirror us, and in those highly stressful situations, our instinct is to speak fast and loud. But do what you can to slow everything down. One of the best things you can do is to start nasal breathing and particularly focus on breathing in for 5.5 seconds and out for the same volume of time, which can help reduce your fight or flight.

Immediately Ask for an Attorney

It is your constitutional right to speak with an attorney, and having legal representation present during questioning will protect your interests and prevent you from accidentally incriminating yourself. When we feel stressed, especially when arrested for something we haven’t done, we can feel tempted to admit to something if we’re placed in a pressure cooker situation. Remember your Miranda rights, stick to the basics, and politely inform officers you are invoking your right to remain silent until legal representation turns up. But you will still need to provide basic identification information. However, you should refrain from discussing details of the incident without the legal help present.

Be Observant

If you need to make complaints in the future about an officer’s behavior, you should take note of their badge number, names, and patrol car information. Take the time if possible to repeat these in your mind. There should always be a log of this information, but it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled.

Do Not Resist Arrest and Be Respectful

A tense situation such as this is naturally stressful, but throughout the process, be respectful and ensure that you avoid offensive language or anything that can be interpreted as aggressive body language. Resisting arrest can lead to additional charges and escalate the situation even further, even if the arrest is unwarranted. We should follow the officer’s instructions calmly to avoid any further complications.

Remember that you are entitled to legal help, and cooperating within legal boundaries is crucial when you are wrongfully arrested as you can then protect yourself and ensure a fast, smoother resolution of the issue.

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