Want To Improve Your Musical Skills? 5 Helpful Tips

Three focuses of my blog are Art, General Education and Health/Wellness. Music is both an art and an important skill. It can be both lucrative and therapeutic. The following contributed post is entitled, Want To Improve Your Musical Skills? 5 Helpful Tips.

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Improving your music skills allows you to express yourself creatively while developing discipline, focus, and patience. Whether singing or playing an instrument, it is a great way to boost your self-confidence and increase your sense of accomplishment. Even more importantly, it can be a road to financial freedom if you choose to carve a career in music. Improving your music skills can be a lifelong journey, but here are five tips to get you started.

1. Practice regularly, but do so correctly

Practice is key to getting better at anything, and music is no exception. As you’ve heard many people say, ‘practice makes perfect.’ But not just practicing; you must practice the correct way to yield the right results. Set aside time to play your instrument or sing each day, and try to make it a consistent habit. The more you practice, the faster you’ll see improvement. You can do it on your own or in a group. In most cases, group practice helps you gauge your improvement against others.

2. Learn music theory

It’s hard to grow in your music without learning music theory. Unfortunately, many people find this too challenging, time-consuming, or intimidating. Most people want to simply jump into making or recording music, but understanding the underlying principles of music, such as scales, chords, and harmony, can help you make better music and improve your overall understanding of the art form. You can learn music theory through books, online courses, or lessons with a teacher, so keep this in mind.

3. Listen to a variety of music

Expanding your musical horizons can inspire and help you develop your unique sound. Listen to different genres of music, from classical to hip hop, and pay attention to what makes each style unique. Try to listen to a mix of new and old music and music from different cultures to broaden your musical perspective.

4. Collaborate with other musicians

Working with other musicians can be a great way to improve your skills and learn new things. Whether jamming with friends or joining a band, playing with others can push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as a musician. Consider taking lessons with a music mentor to get more personalized instruction. Another option is to join a choir or orchestra to sing or play instruments in a group. Doing this can even help you compose your music to develop your creativity. You can use choir microphones and recorders to record your playing or singing in a choir to help you improve yourself.

5. Perform regularly

Performing in front of an audience can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also one of the best ways to improve your music skills. The pressure of performing can help you focus and get into a flow state, and the feedback you receive can help you identify areas for improvement. You can play a gig at a local venue or perform at an open mic night. The most important thing is to find opportunities to perform and take advantage of them.

5 Tips To Make A Side Hustle From Your Music

Three focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and Art/Entertainment. No matter what sector of life people occupy, most everyone enjoys music. No matter what sector you’re in, you may have a musical side yourself which you could get paid off of. The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Tips To Make A Side Hustle From Your Music.

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Sound engineer in production studio – Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Earning money from your hobby is like a dream come true, especially if you can replace your day job. Here are some tips to make a side hustle from your music production.

Keep Yourself Informed

You can’t possibly hope to expect people to pay for your services or production if you cannot demonstrate your knowledge. Like most industries, such as IT or even photography, music changes with the times. This includes production techniques, new technologies, and even trending artists. Fortunately, you can keep up with these and more, such as music reviews, with sites like Music Lowdown. So, you no longer have to subscribe to a magazine for your insights. Instead, simply ask for a newsletter or check in each day on your smartphone or PC.

Uploading to Sampling Sites

The web is full of upload sites where you can make money from your passion. While the concept is simple, there are some things you need to know:

  1. The quality of your productions needs to be pretty high. So don’t upload everything, just the creations you are proud of.
  2. Use the insights provided to cater to trending searches to maximize your chances.
  3. You can upload to as many sites as you want so long as you don’t have an exclusivity agreement in place.

All you need to do is upload anything you make and get paid from the various royalties.

Make a Side Hustle from Your Music with a Blog

You might think you don’t have the time for blogging. But it isn’t as challenging as you might think. A blog can help get you noticed, plus you can monetize a blog in various ways. For example, you can use basic on-page SEO to direct traffic to your blog, so you can sell your uploaded creations. Or you can write tutorials, offer advice or even promote your teaching services. Additionally, you can use affiliate marketing to make a percentage of a sale each time a product or service is purchased through your website. However, this takes time to master.

Simply, Teach Your Passion

Most people who play an instrument are taught by someone else. And you can be an inspirational teacher to someone, just as you were inspired. And the great news is that it’s never been a better time to teach something. COVID-19 saw an increase in the home use of video calling apps by over 200%. Where apps like Zoom and Teams were once obscure and used solely for business purposes, there’s been a massive increase in home-use. Meaning you can teach music lessons without leaving your house or having people come to yours.

Learn Video Editing Too

If you use music software like Cubase, then you have some familiarity with timeline editing. So you will have no problem learning how to edit videos in programs like Adobe Premiere because they work almost the same way. As a video editor, you can add an extra layer of professionalism to your productions, learn a new skill you hire, and make your uploads more appealing. Additionally, others involved in the music scene will see video editors. So as someone who understands both music and video, you can maximize potential profits from fees.


To help with living costs or for some extra cash, you might want to make a side hustle from your music. Start by staying informed. Then consider a blog and expanding into video editing.

How To Make Music More Than A Hobby

Three focuses of my blog are Art, Career Discussions and General Education. If you’re passionate about music, there is the potential to transform your hobby into a career. Many people have dreamt of making the jump but didn’t know how. The following contributed post is entitled, How To Make Music More Than A Hobby.

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If you’re someone who has always been passionate about music and loves to play a range of instruments and sing, then you might be wondering how you can make your love of music into more than just a hobby and build a career out of it. The important thing is not to just sit around and wait for your music career to happen if you are serious about making a success out of your passion for music, then you need to make sure that you are actively taking steps to build your career in music.

Wondering what steps you can take to do that and to move your music career forward? Below are a few tips and suggestions to have a read of and take note of!

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Hone your skills

If you’re going to ensure that you give yourself the very best chance of building a successful music career, then it’s a good idea to take the time to hone your skills and improve in any areas that you are struggling with. Wondering how you can do that? Simple steps like taking a few more lessons, for instance, can help to make the process of honing your skills a little easier. You could also opt to learn more complex music by looking at music such as river flows in you sheet music, for instance. The more complex the music, the more you can hone your skills.

Start a YouTube channel

When it comes to getting noticed, it’s a good idea to consider starting a YouTube channel to help raise awareness of your music and sound. If you want to give yourself the very best chance of making an impact, it’s important that you think about how you can get yourself, and your music noticed. Starting a YouTube channel and building a following around that channel is a good step to take, and one that it’s worth considering. Setting up a YouTube channel is far easier than you might think, it’s just a case of knowing what steps to take, that’s all. Once you’ve got to grips with the process, it becomes far simpler and easier.

If YouTube isn’t your thing, then try TikTok or Instagram; even Facebook can be beneficial. Just ask Joey Armstrong, whose band released their first set of songs on MySpace!

Take every opportunity

To give your music career the very best chance of success, it’s important that you take hold of every opportunity that comes your way. This means that it’s important that you don’t turn down any opportunities that come your way, whether that’s playing at a friend’s wedding or taking part in a local concert, make sure to grab every opportunity with both hands. After all, when it comes to seeing success, building awareness is crucial and taking advantage of these kinds of opportunities can help you to do that. That’s why it’s important to take as many opportunities as you are offered.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about making music more than just a hobby. Hopefully, the guide above will help you to grow your love of music into more than just a fun pastime, and make it into a career.

3 Reasons Students Suffering from Academic Pressure Should Listen to Music

Two key focuses of my blog are Art and General Education. Academics generate a unique pressure for students. As such it’s important to understand how to decompress and detach from those pressures. Music is one avenue for that. The following guest post is entitled, 3 Reasons Students Suffering from Academic Pressure Should Listen to Music.

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The psychology of music aims to understand how songs affect the human brain. It’s undeniable that music impacts listeners’ emotions and can prompt physiological responses like increased heartbeat and blood pressure. These phenomena urged scientists and psychologists to dig deep, and their discoveries are worth every student’s attention.

Most of the experiences linked to music are positive due to its ability to induce dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter linked with reward. This would explain why you turn to music when you’re happy or in need of some stress reliever. A part of you already knows that it’s beneficial to your health. Still, the more you understand why, the better you’ll utilize it in alleviating the academic pressure on your shoulders.

Regulates Mood

There are so many ways to ‘escape’ stressful situations, but none as accessible and cheap as music. Research shows that music regulates emotions, which may help you cope when you’re overwhelmed by the amount of study material on your desk.

Specific melodies and beats can also help disengage from events like deaths and breakups, and some promote focus when studying for an exam. Above all, music can help you embrace difficult experiences to articulate to others, giving you the mental and emotional space to process them.

The same applies even if you’re the one creating the music. The benefits amplify, though, because playing an instrument comes with its own set of advantages to one’s cognitive abilities. You’ll realize this if you sign up for violin lessons as an extra-curricular activity. Different musical scores invoke different experiences, but all of them work to regulate your mood.

Improves Your Memory

Stress makes it difficult for the brain to process new information, more so to store it in the hippocampus, which is responsible for long-term memory. For the brain to work more efficiently, it has to enter a state of calm. This is where music proves essential.

Scientists discovered that music aids in putting people in a state of meditation. The subsequent relaxation you enjoy enables your brain to resume its proper functions. This is the science behind video game songs, which is among the top recommended music for those who intend to be more productive in their tasks. These songs were designed to aid your focus or put you in a trance-like state. Because you’re more attuned to the sound than to your stressors, you’ll be able to absorb all your review materials and possibly ace tomorrow’s exam.

Boosts Cognitive Performance

The benefits of music on cognitive performance can vary depending on your personality type. Some find listening to music while studying or writing an essay distracting, while others consider it an essential part of their routine. Researches argue that the songs that boost cognitive performance are those that are less stimulative and more sedative.

Using video game music again as an example, you’ll notice that lyrics do not punctuate them because the aim is to let the gamers focus on completing tasks, which engages different cognitive faculties. Lyrics may demand the use of the same cognitive faculties and lead to distraction.

When you’re selecting music to help you study, try the classics. Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin could be the key to increase your productivity.

Take Advantage of Music

Academic pressure can have many detrimental effects on your health. Learning how to cope through music, whether by listening to it or creating it when you play an instrument, is an excellent means for you to ensure that you stay on top of your game at school.

Reasons To Learn The Saxophone

A key focus of my blog is Art. Learning the musical arts can be one of the most rewarding experiences one can gain. Likewise learning to play an instrument can open up a lot of doors. A popular instrument is the saxophone. The following contributed post is entitled, Reasons To Learn The Saxophone.

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Learn the saxophone online if you want to make the most of an instrument with limitless sounds and opportunities. Instead of going for an obvious instrument, such as the guitar or drums, read on to discover why the saxophone is an option that is definitely worth considering.

One of the great things about the saxophone is that there is no end to the different sounds you can make. Combine this with equipment for making your own beats, and you have everything you need from home. Check out Rode nt1a reviews to get started with this. This is the instrument that has the greatest amount of sound effects, which in turn means there is a lot more fun to be had during online music lessons. It also means that this is one of the most versatile instruments. Perhaps only the violin can rival the saxophone in terms of versatility. You can add sax to anything, and it is the only instrument that sounds like vocals. Moreover, the saxophone has become extremely popular in recent years. You will find it featured on a lot of mainstream hits, such as ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande and the huge Macklemore hit ‘Thrift Shop’. This is an instrument that will never go out of fashion or be deemed past its sell-by date either. The saxophone is timeless, and people of all ages seem to be into it. Finally, you can link up with so many different people with the saxophone, leading to endless opportunities if you want to progress this into a career. Who knows where online saxophone lessons could take you?

Should You Learn The Saxophone Online Or Use The Services Of A Music Teacher?

Online saxophone lessons leave people with a choice to make; do you learn to play the saxophone by yourself or should you pay for a music teacher? This can seem like a tough choice, but we are here to give you a helping hand. Read on to discover the key differences between the both.

There is no right or wrong answer when choosing between in-person and online saxophone lessons, it all depends on what works for you. One of the first things you need to consider is the price. There is no denying that hiring a private tutor is going to be more expensive than online music lessons are. So, if you are looking for the cost-effective approach, the latter is advised. You will even find free resources available online, but the value is important, so if you need to spend to get what you need, do so. The next thing you need to think about is whether you are self-motivated. If you are someone who will get up and play your instrument without needing much of a push, it is unlikely that you need the motivation of another individual. One reason a lot of people prefer lessons with a music teacher is so that they can get feedback on their progress. However, it is worth noting that there are many websites where you can talk to a musician and submit your recordings for feedback.

‘My Kid Lives Music, What Should I Do?’

A key focus of my blog is General Education. Music is a very important subject that has been largely neglected. Some kids have both the desire and the aptitude for music early, but many parents don’t know how to nurture that desire. The following contributed post is entitled, ‘My Kid Lives Music, What Should I Do?’

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Parents who learn to let their children grow while being autonomous as possible will see them grow into an individual. That’s one of the best things about being a parent, watching your children develop their own personality. Eventually, when they get a little older and close to their early teens, they’ll start showing you signs of this happening. One day, you might come home and be told by your child, that he or she would like to learn how to play music. This is a moment to be proud of, children who are drawn to music at such an early age will usually develop a keen liking for the art form in their adult life. But what kind of support can a parent give to their son or daughter when this occurs?

Learn more about them

It’s important to task your young child, what kind of music they listen that caused them to be interested in playing music themselves? Where did they hear it? Was it something that you might have showed them? It could have been something they heard on the radio. You won’t know until you sit them down and talk to them about it. When your child explains what kind of music they like, delve deeper into the different types of music in that genre and discover different artists with them. This means, going online and searching for their music. YouTube is a magnificent source of all kinds of music these days. You can also show your child videos of other people playing the type of instruments they’re interested in. This will let you know exactly what they want to try their hand at.

Where it all began

Many young boys want to learn how to play rock n’ roll music. There are so many legendary bands and artists from this genre, that have and continue to influence culture. But blues music is where it all began. It’s where rock n’ roll and many other forms of music started. In rock n’ roll you have multiple different instruments, but in the blues, it’s mostly only the guitar. On this page, https://www.musicianauthority.com/gifts-for-guitar-players/ are the top 50 gifts you can give to someone who loves playing the guitar. The Bose noise-cancelling headphones would make for a great gift to a child just learning because they can hear each little thing they’re doing without disturbance or noise distortion. Personalized guitar picks will make your child feel special and more connected to their instrument; increasing motivation to keep practising.

At-home teacher

Okay, so you know your kid is serious about learning to play an instrument, what should you do now? Signing your son or daughter up for lessons at school is the first option. Many schools will have music programs that can be joined voluntarily. If this is not an option, a private music teacher that gives one-on-one lessons is an option too. Make sure that the teacher is willing to travel to your house so your child feels more comfortable being alone with them.

You’ve been granted a child with a spark for music. As their loving parent, it’s your job to allow that spark to become a flame. Support your child’s yearning to learn how to play music the best you can.

The Importance of Music in Schools

A key focus of my blog is General Education. I recent years, music and the arts have been de-emphasized in many curricula around the country. While there is a new emphasis on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, should music be forsaken altogether? The following contributed post is entitled, The Importance of Music in Schools.

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There’s been a lot in the news in recent years about a lack of arts and creativity in schools. Subjects that were once cherished, like music and dance and being replaced with more sciences, a great emphasis on computers and the addition of things like coding and networking. Even children in elementary school, aren’t being given a chance to learn music in lessons or take extra classes to learn how to play an instrument.

Music and subjects like it are quickly being erased from many curriculums. New subjects are becoming more important, and there’s no denying that children today need to learn more new skills. They’ll spend much of their life working on a computer, and things like coding, networking, and even digital marketing are essential in the modern world. It wouldn’t be right to deny our children the chance to learn them in schools. But, with only so many hours in the day, is it ok to deny them the chance to musical education, a chance to be creative, and even upload music? Shouldn’t we still be offering a rounded education, with music in the middle? Here are some of the benefits of teaching music in school.

Credit – https://unsplash.com/photos/HwU5H9Y6aL8

It Gives Children Greater Expression

Young children struggle to communicate their feelings and needs. Music gives them a new way. They can play instruments to channel how they are feeling, without having to find the right words. Frankly, this can be great for moody teenagers too.

It Makes School Fun

School is hard work. Today’s children are under more pressure than any previous generation. They sit exams much earlier, and much more frequently. A greater emphasis is put on academic achievements. They take more work home, they study for longer hours, and much more is expected of them. Even at a young age, this doesn’t leave a great deal of time for fun.

All this hard work, without any kind of balance can leave children feeling overwhelmed, struggling with anxiety and even facing depression. Even those that cope well can grow up hating school and resenting education. It certainly doesn’t create a positive learning environment.

Creative subjects, with a less academic focus, like music and the arts, adds some fun. It gives children a chance to break free. To be creative, to express themselves, to improve their social skills, to find something that they love doing, and most importantly, to be a child and enjoy themselves. This can reduce pressure massively, improving children mental health and well-being, and even increasing attendance rates.

To Encourage Social Skills

Most children are naturally very social. If they spend their time at school sat working quietly, next to people but not with them and then they go home and sit in front of the TV or playing on devices, these social skills aren’t being encouraged. In fact, they are being stunted. Music encourages friendships, teamwork and gives their social skills a big boost.

It Boosts Brain Power

Learning music boosts their brains. It uses a different part of their brains and gives them a kick start. Kids that learn music or play an instrument are often faster learners, better readers and have better memories.

Michael I-Zayah discusses new single release and the music industry

One of my goals for starting the Big Words Blog Site was to provide exposure for other talented individuals around me looking to launch their own unique endeavors.  One of my first interviews was with the Swamp Media Group, the creators of the Space Detective Movie, which has grown in international exposure.  Another up and coming artist is vocalist Michael I-Zayah who hails out of Atlanta, GA.  He has been working on perfecting his craft over the past several years and is looking to get signed by a music label sometime soon.  His latest single and video are titled, ‘New Panties’ (see the YouTube link below).  In this short interview, Michael I-Zayah talks about his background, his influences, his new single and his career goals.

Anwar Dunbar:  First of all, Michael, thank you for agreeing to do this interview.  We’re actually cousins and as such, I know how hard you’ve been working on your music career.  I’m honored to help you get exposure for your art.  For all artists and creators of things, exposure is definitely critical.  Now I may know who you are (laughing), but let’s start off by telling the readers a little bit about yourself and your background.  Where are you from and how did you decide to get involved in music?

Michael I-Zayah: I was raised in Atlanta, but I also represent Buff-City because much of my family is from there.  If anyone doesn’t know, that’s Buffalo, NY.

AD:  Do you go by the name Michael I-Zayah?  Or just by I-Zayah?

MI:  I go by Michael I-Zayah.  At one time I did go by just I-Zayah, but after dealing with so many stage names, I decided to go with Michael I-Zayah.  My middle name is Isaiah, like the prophet in the Bible, but I re-created it as “I-Zayah” because it has a unique look to it.

AD:  So you created this yourself and it’s spelled I-ZAYAH and sounds like Isaiah?

MI:  Yes.

AD:  That is very unique.  How did you get interested in music?

MI:  Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been interested in music.  When I was a baby, my mother would tell me that every time we were in the car listening to music, I would dance to it and move my head around.  I also always liked to play with my toy microphone, and I always had dreams of music and acting.  I was going through a lot of stuff in my teens and I just didn’t have the drive to pursue it, so I had to put it on hold.  Music and acting are my main passions.  That’s what I love to do.

AD:  So you’ve always been interested in the arts, and you’re in your mid-20s now.  Who are some of your influences?  Who did you listen to when you were coming up?

MI:  I listened to a lot of music from the 90s like Jodeci, Ginuwine, and Boyz II Men, just naming a few.  I can go on all day, but I just like to tell people that I was really influenced by the 90s R&B era.  It was my favorite time.  He’s not from the 90s, but I always get comparisons to Barry White because of my baritone voice, and to The Weekend because of my background melodies.

AD:  Yes, that was a great time for Hip Hop and R&B – one of my favorites too.  Much of today’s music sounds strange to me.  As I told you once, it took me a minute to catch on to Fetty Wap and appreciate his unique vocal sound.  Today’s stuff is cool when I’m out, but when I’m alone or at the gym working out, I usually go back to the 80s and 90s sounds, though it could be just because I have personal attachments to those eras similar to you and the 90s.

As an artist yourself, how would you describe the changes in Hip Hop and R&B from then to now?  Has it become more about making one hit?  Is it more for the club?  Has it become more about image?

MI:  You know what, I would say that it’s honestly all of the above.  I would also say that not all of the R&B music in this era is the same.  You have different sections and categories, and you have different sounds.  The younger generation of R&B is more popping now, but there are some artists who still turn out music like that from the 90s like Jodeci – they just released a record in 2015.

AD:  Do you like any of the music pre-1990 or that you heard you mother listening to?

MI:  My mother loved listening to Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, and Maze featuring Franky Beverly.  Some legendary heavy hitters I’d like to work with one day if I could, are Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds.  Darkchild produced for groups like Destiny’s Child (Say My Name) and artists like Brandy and Monica (The Boy Is Mine).  I remember that prior to Babyface going solo, he was in the group ‘The Deele’; they made hits like ‘Two Occasions’ and ‘Sweet November’.  I’m also a fan of Barry White.

AD:  How would you describe your style?  Is it R&B, or would it be more like music for the club?  Talk about your musical style and genre.

MI:  That’s a good question because in terms of my style, I do R&B, R&B Soul and R&B Pop.  As far as my flavor, when people see me – how I dress and how I look, some people wonder if I’m a rapper and that’s not the case.  I do have an urban look, but I can also dress classy.

AD:  You just released a new single and it’s called ‘New Panties’.  When I first saw the image for the single, I wasn’t sure if this was good for the brand I’m trying to build (laughing), but when I heard the song and saw the video I thought it was pretty hot.  It’s a track that I can envision nodding my head to slowly while sipping a drink at happy hour at a club or a lounge like The Park at 14th here in DC on a Friday evening.  You can keep playing it over and over again and start feeling nice.  It definitely has a modern sound to it in terms of the way you’re delivering the lyrics rhythmically and the sound of the beat – the keyboards in the background and the drum beat.  It’s also very sexual (laughing), so exotic dancers could also use it.  What’s it about and where did it come from?

MI:  Well honestly (laughing), that was my songwriter’s story, and I want to send a shout to Carlos, aka Mr. Nine Dimensional.  He was telling me about an incident that he and some other people had experienced.  He had it stuck in his head and he told me about it.  So we tried to figure out how we could make it into a song.  In terms of the hook, we talked a lot about how it should sound.  He told me what the words were and I worked on coming up with the rhythm, added some more stuff in there and voila – it turned into the song and the rest is history.

To see the “New Panties” video, click the following link:

AD:  Who created the track – the instrumental you’re singing over?

MI:  It was a producer named DK and I’d like to send a shout out to him as well.  He’s an up and coming producer and he created the beat.

AD:  Have you guys approached any DJs or nightclub promoters about putting it in rotation during an event?  If not, you definitely should.

MI:   It’s been played at clubs and events, and I’m going to try to get it on the radio very soon.

AD:  So you have a video to go with the single as well.  How many singles  have you released?

MI:  I have three tracks.  My initial goal is to have at least three to six tracks.  All of them are going to have a unique sound and flavor.  Besides DK, I’m also working with Four Front Beats – shout out to them.  I’m working with BricksDaMane.  I’m also working with Frank Bank who is a producer, an artist and a CEO from California – shout out to him.  I want to send a shout out to Tony Sway.  BricksDaMane has a lot of heavy connections in the music business and industry.  I’ve known him since 2013 and I found out that he either produced or engineered Drake’s last album.  He also produced or engineered one of Young Thug’s projects.  These are the people I’ve been working with and producing my singles with.

AD:  So what are the next steps for your career?  What can we expect next from Michael I-Zayah?

MI:  You can expect to watch me grow, to go through my journey – the good and the bad times.  Lord knows I’ve been going through a lot when it comes to my music career, and I’m literally now just getting things back on track.  I’m going to be getting my name back out there, doing performances, going to radio stations, talking to the media, magazines, etc.  I have a lot going on and God is blessing me so I’m just trying to stay focused.

AD:  Where can people go and find some more of your music?

MI:  Well, I have some of my older music.  People can find it on YouTube or on SoundCloud.  I want to show people the type of work that I’ve done in my past compared to now.  What people don’t know is that even though I do Hip Hop, I’m transitioning more over to R&B.  I feel like I have a lot more to offer on that side.  It’s not that I can’t make music with my hip hop, but a lot of people haven’t seen me do R&B and I want to show people that side of me.

AD:  So when you say Hip Hop do you mean working with rappers or doing more club tracks?

MI:  I’m just referring to when I did some rap in the past.

AD:  Okay, yes.  I remember that when you first started you were rapping.  Okay, Michael, what have you learned about the music industry so far since being in it?

MI:  Wow (laughing).  What I’ve learned – what I’ve learned is that there are pros and cons to the music industry.  People have to realize that there is a difference between the Music Industry and the Music Business.  The Music Industry can be very cut throat.  A lot of people can have ulterior motives to get what they want out of you and as soon as they’re done, they don’t want to deal with you anymore.  A lot of people only care about themselves, and if it’s not all about them then they don’t care.  For me personally, I’d rather just stay in my lane and mind my business and just worry about me.  I feel like whoever I have a genuine connection to in the business and the industry, then it’s cool, and that’ll be a blessing.  All you have is you at the end of the day.

AD:  So the last question is how can the readers and listeners purchase “New Panties” if they want a copy of the track for their collection?  And in terms of social media, how can they connect with you?  You’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Are you on any other Social Media?

MI:  They can download my track on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.  In terms of Social Media, I have all of those.  I have Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, Linkedin – I have a whole bunch of social media sites where people can reach out and find me.

AD:  Okay, I’m not as familiar with Sound Cloud.  Is that something people can just go to and type your name in, and your music will come up?

MI:  Yes, I’m on SoundCloud too.  Oh by the way, I want to say that I was in BET’s The Quad and Oprah’s Greenleaf both as a casting extra.

AD:  Okay that’s all I’ve got.  Thank you for talking about your new single and your budding career.  As you pump out more material, perhaps we can do some future update pieces.

MI:  Okay, cool.

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview.  If you want to hear more of Michael I-Zayah’s music, look him up as described above.  If you liked this interview, please share it and or leave a comment. Interested in making like Michael I-Zayah and taking off in the music industry yourself? Well, it’s time to start gaining some exposure. Upload your music onto Soundcloud and get involved with real soundcloud promotion. This can help to increase the plays on your tracks and get the ball rolling towards recognition and success!

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