5 Signs You’re Serious About Career Success

A key focus of my blog is Career Discussions. In terms of career, not everyone is going to be successful. Nor does everyone have what it takes to be successful. What are the keys? The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Signs You’re Serious About Career Success.

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Every single person is after one thing in life: happiness. Some people find that they get happy through their families and their hobbies, while others find they are happiest when they are embedded in their careers. For most people, the success that they achieve in the workplace or with their study can define how happy they are, and success is an appealing option for everyone. We all want success in some way or another, but actually attaining that success is a very different thing entirely.

You must do all that you can to achieve what you want to achieve, but most of all, you need to figure out what you want to succeed at first. We’re asked to decide what to do at college, with our lives, at the tender age of 18, but many of us don’t really know what we want until we grow up a little. Are you going to find success when you speak to a Commercial Mortgage Banker about buying your first business property? Are you going to feel you have found success when you get to the point where you decide to open your own business? It’s important to identify the signs that you are serious about finding career success, and we’ve got five of those signs for you below.

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● You are working to achieve your goals. Those who spend time ensuring that they can achieve their goals are those who are concentrating on their future. Concentrating on your goals and working towards them show that you are motivated and happy to push yourself to the maximum no matter what. A keen, solid focus on what you want for your future is going to show the world that you have plans to meet your goals regardless of what’s happening in life.
● You follow your passions. When you are unapologetic about following the things you are passionate about, you show that you are going to be successful in your future. You will be happier and you will thrive better when you are enjoying what you do – it’s why you should always go after things you feel passion for. When you consider both your wants and needs, you may realize that these don’t always marry much of the time. However, the constant push to achieve is going to be worthwhile for you and it’s an important trait to have if you want to be seen as serious about your career.
● Your goals aren’t short term. You see the mountain you have to climb to achieve your goals over the long-term, but you don’t care. You’re a novice climber, but you don’t care. You are hyper focused on sticking to the long-term goals that you’ve set for yourself and you are using these goalposts as an invisible force to guide your actions. You are plotting life and adding your goals to pieces of paper, and you are increasing your odds of achieving them, too. You are the builder and the climber of the mountain – and you’re ready to win.
● You value your time. People who are successful about their goals don’t waste their time doing things that aren’t goal-oriented. In fact, they spend a lot of their time doing things that will help them to achieve, instead. They don’t apologize for prioritizing their goals, either, they are proud to put their goals down as the most important thing in life.
● You focus carefully. A sure sign that you are ready to achieve success is that you are focusing on one thing at a time and you’re happy to do it. You’re more than ready to get yourself together and multitask to get your priorities sorted. Your level of focus is lauded by all – and you know it!

4 Ways To Lay The Path To Success Early In Life

A key focus of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success. While the start we get in life isn’t the ultimate predictor of our success in life, it certainly helps and the better the start a child gets, the more likely they’ll be to succeed once they leave the nest. The following contributed post is entitled, 4 Ways To Lay The Path To Success Early In Life.

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Are there steps that parents can take to ensure that their children are successful later in life? Debates have raged about this question for decades and countless generations. There are thousands of research studies investigating how to help children learn, develop, and grow, perhaps at a faster pace than their peers. So, let’s look at some of the ways that people could potentially charter their children towards success.

Encouraging Group And Team Activities

First, parents should think about getting their children involved in teams and groups from a very early age. Working as part of a team is going to be an essential skill that children will need to succeed in adult life. Regardless of the business industry or sector you choose, teamwork is absolutely vital and always will be. Children learn skills related to teamwork naturally in school but the more experience they have here, the better they will be.

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Extra Learning

Various educational experts agree that children should be engaging with fresh levels of education outside of the boundaries of school. This could be useful in two different scenarios. First, it’s possible that kids are falling behind in certain subjects or classes. If that’s the case, then extra education will help them get back on track. Alternatively, it might be that they are racing beyond their peers. If that’s the case, then you should encourage their ambition and push them even further forward. The good news is that there are resources available for both scenarios. Sites such as https://studentreasures.com/teachers-lounge/lesson-plans/fourth-grade/ will help you craft lesson plans for home.

Develop Confidence

Next, you need to make sure that you are developing your child’s level of self confidence. Various research studies show that levels of confidence are positively correlated with rates of success. If you want your children to feel confident in who they are and what they can offer the world, you need to provide them the support they need in their endeavours. This could be one of the most important roles that parents fulfill in their child’s lives. This could be as simple as attending their sports games or helping them find where their talent lies.

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Teach Them About Money

Finally, it’s important that children understand the concept and value of money from an early age. Children that don’t grasp this concept are more likely to end up in debt later in life or run into issues with money. As well as impacting their finances, this can stop them from climbing higher in their career too. Teaching them about money can start with a piggy bank and pocket money. You might also want to consider planning lessons about how to spend money and highlight the importance of saving. Letting them make mistakes with money early on will ensure they don’t fall into the same traps later in life. You can learn more about money lessons for kids on https://www.daveramsey.com/blog/how-to-teach-kids-about-money.

It’s clear then that there are a variety of different ways that parents can put their children on the path to success. Exploring these options could be the difference between your child becoming a professional and working for professionals.

Things You Should Do to Make Your Recycling Business Successful

Two focuses of my blog Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. An industry that affects all of us and which will likely always be around is the recycling business. Once you get into this sector, there are things you’ll need to do to be competitive. The following contributed post is entitled, Things You Should Do to Make Your Recycling Business Successful.

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Whether you are starting or running a recycling business, you can make it successful. However, you need to put some factors in the right place, for instance, hiring a committed senior manager, assessing the program’s progress, and evaluating material wastage exchange. Read on to get a good understanding of what you should put in place.

The Senior Manager

The level of the senior manager’s commitment is crucial for your business success. Although your business’s overall success requires cooperation from all the team members, the senior manager can greatly influence it. You need a senior manager who has leadership qualities and excellent personal relations skills. You also need to allow the whole team to be part of developing the mission statement so that they can own it and work towards it.

Select the Right Equipment

Do not invest in machines that will leave a lot of waste in the process of recycling. You need to save every material you have already collected to get maximum profit, save on energy, and still produce quality. If you are recycling metallic waste, you can get the alligator shears. There is proof it saves on the materials.

Assess Material Wastage Exchanges

Typically, waste materials from one company are utilized in other companies. While markets for recyclables keep growing fast, some factors can affect the recyclables’ value. They include market demand, the recyclable condition, proximity to the markets, bale sizes, and availability. These factors will help you make appropriate decisions on what you should recycle, at what time, and whether you should diversify.

Do the Math

It is an amazing thing to be part of the team that keeps the environment clean. However, you are doing business, and you need to pay your employees. You need enough revenue to cater for all the costs and leave you with a balance. Calculate all the costs (transportation, storage, maintenance, among others), then cross-check with the revenue. Expanding the business also requires capital. If your profit is good, you can save part of it to grow your business.

Have a Routine of Re-evaluating the Program

Every business requires constant monitoring to assess its progress and to put in place strategies to move forward. You need to know whether the program is efficient and effective, the production range, employees’ motivation/morale, and the environmental impact. Some of the feedback sources include

● Custodial staff can tell you of the handling practices and material quality.
● Your employees
● Your clients
● The waste hauler can tell you of the type and the recycled amount of waste.

Place and Label Recycling Bins Properly

When recycling bins are far from people, most of them will throw waste elsewhere and won’t use them. However, when they are near them, they will use them effortlessly. It is a simple way of encouraging people. You also need to ensure that all the recycling bins are well labeled so that people place each waste in the right bin. It will make it easier for your employees.


A recycling business not only cleans the environment but also creates employment opportunities. Nevertheless, for your recycling business to be successful, you have to keep a few factors in check. Hire a committed senior manager who can lead and relate with your employees exceptionally, use equipment that saves on materials, and get feedback to assess the program’s progress.

How Can You Improve Your Chances of Business Success

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Once you start a business venture of any kind, you must always think about what’s coming next. Improving your operations will assure its survival. The following contributed post is entitled, How Can You Improve Your Chances of Business Success.

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Have you always fancied yourself as a business owner? Maybe you’re sick of being trapped in the rat race, or maybe you’ve always been told you have entrepreneurial qualities. If so, putting in the groundwork surrounding your knowledge and experience will massively increase your chances of success long term. Here’s how you can go about it, from the beginning.

Define what ‘success’ means for you
It goes without saying that a business can’t be successful unless it’s making money, so a lot of your success will come down to profit. However, there’s generally much more to it than that- most people want to be entrepreneurs and start their own companies for reasons in addition to money. Do you want your business to be a flexible way to earn money around raising a family? Do you want to do something that feels rewarding to you? Do you want to build your skills? Setting out these goals in the beginning can help you to carve your path in the world of business, it can help you make decisions that will bend and shape your business. Even if these objectives change over time, going into things with a good idea of what you want ultimately is a smart move and can help you gain success.

Get educated
Many people have started businesses with no previous business education and gone on to do incredibly well. However, this isn’t usually the case, and if you want to increase your chances of success then getting educated is always a good idea. This could involve going to university and studying in a business related topic, if you’re early on in your career (such as being a school leaver or not being established in your career yet) then taking the time out to study full time is well worth considering. You will build an excellent foundation of knowledge surrounding all areas of business which can be absolutely invaluable when it comes to starting your own venture. While it’s possible to learn as you go, this involves a fair bit of trial and error which might not be something that every business can get away with financially. If you’re sure you want to be a business owner and are serious about success then start at the beginning, get educated and build your way up from there. It’s a better way to go about things than starting a business with no idea and hoping things work out.

Gain experience
Once you’ve completed your formal education you might be keen to jump into something of your own right away. However, what can be better is to gain experience working for someone else first. Whether it’s paid or voluntary, working in a similar company to one you eventually want to run yourself can teach you lots of valuable things. From what works to what doesn’t, which softwares is best and how they’re run, how staff are dealt with and much more. Again, it just means that you’re not starting up a business and then being clueless as to how to go about things. Education really does go a long way but it’s best combined with experience so you know how to apply it. Aim to do at least a year working in a similar setting to the kind of business you want to start up yourself, and pay attention to the way everything is done. By the time you come to start your own venture, you’ll know exactly how things work and won’t just have to guess.

Build up your savings
While you’re working for another company, this gives you time to save money. Starting out your business venture with a healthy bank balance is one of the best things you can do, while there are lots of business loans available, taking one out means that you’re starting out ‘in the red.’ This can put a lot of pressure on you in the early days, as not only do you need to be making a profit but you need to be making enough money to cover your loan repayments too. In the year or so before starting your venture, work on building up a healthy level of savings which you can use to launch your business, and have something to fall back on too if things don’t pick up as quickly as you’d hope. Even if you do need to take out loans too, it will mean borrowing a smaller amount and generally make things easier when it comes to repayments. So while you’re gaining experience working for a company you could be building your bank balance at the same time.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve started your business to start networking and building connections. Having a strong network before you start can be incredibly helpful when you come to start your own business. So attend networking events, open a linkedin account and take up any opportunities to meet professionals or relevant individuals in your field. Your college or university alumni is a good place to start when it comes to networking. These people can provide invaluable advice when you have questions that need answering or guidance if you have a good relationship with them. These can introduce you to new contacts, customers and clients too. Be mindful of connecting with direct competitors, what can be better is to find experts in related but different industries so that you’re not competing with them and instead your business can work with theirs.

Improve your skills
Finally, even once you’ve started your business and things are running well, don’t rest on your laurels. Things change so quickly that being successful involves keeping up, adapting and moving with the times. Even when you’re running a business you could take shorter courses such as diplomas and certification in your spare time. Having as much knowledge as possible, particularly up to date and relevant knowledge really can help you to succeed. Some courses to consider:

● Accounting and Bookkeeping.
● Business Economics.
● Business Finance.
● Business Management and Operations.
● Business Marketing.
● Business Support and Administrative Services.
● Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development.
IT Security Degree

Even if you don’t plan on running these areas yourself since you’ll be outsourcing or have your own team, it’s useful to have the background knowledge to allow you to make the best decisions as a business owner.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Being Successful In The Modern Age

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success. What it takes to be successful today has changed from what it took just 10-20 years ago. It’s very important to understand the attributes and qualities of successful people and then cultivating them in yourself. The following contributed post is thus entitled, The Dos And Don’ts Of Being Successful In The Modern Age.

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Being successful in the modern age can be tough. Success doesn’t come easy, you have to work at it consistently – plus, it isn’t linear, which means you might think you’re making progress and then be faced with evidence to suggest otherwise. In no way should your ‘journey to the top’ be a straight line. Here, we’re going to discuss the dos and don’ts of being successful in the modern age, so you can avoid some of the pitfalls and figure out how your dreams are within reach for you:

Do Forge Your Own Path
First of all; you have to go after what you want. Oftentimes, this means forging your own path. Other people and their journeys can inspire you, but the path has to be entirely your own.
You shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anybody else, or trying to copy step for step what they did. There will be things you have to change and tailor to yourself, and that’s fine. Ask anybody in the same industry how they got their and their answer will be different. Ask any CEO how they started their business and the answer will be different.

Don’t Let Mistakes Stop You
There are always going to be mistakes when you’re trying to do something big. The key is to appreciate mistakes, as you can learn from them. You can learn a valuable lesson from each and every mistake that you make, so make sure you assess what it is your lesson could be.

Do Trust Your Gut Instinct
As a business owner, one of the most important things you’ll learn how to do, is trust your gut instinct. Being able to listen to that feeling in your gut that something is or isn’t right is a valuable skill. Humans have gotten pretty great at ignoring their intuition, what with technology taking over and so many things out there making us doubt how we feel. However, if you can sit and meditate over something even just for a small amount of time, you should be able to assess how you truly feel about it.


Don’t Get Distracted
There are many, many distractions that can take you away from your goals. Social media is just one thing; you also have things like emails, work that doesn’t matter (why not automate?), and multitasking. All of those things can be a big distraction and stop you from doing what you set out to do.

Do Keep Your Family And Friends Close
Making sure you keep your family and friends close can be considered an achievement in itself, these days. Some people have the misconception that they will have to live in the office and work ridiculous hours in the beginning. While you’ll definitely have to work hard, you shouldn’t neglect the people closest to you. Success should be about balance just as much as it’s about working hard and getting things done. It could help you if you take a look at some of the most successful people and their families to get a feel for how they may have helped them, such as Saud Bin Saqr al Qasimi family history. Have a look at a few people you admire or want to be like and learn as much as you can about the process (but don’t forget, this is your path to forge).

Don’t Underestimate the Importance Of Your Mindset
Your mindset is going to be absolutely imperative to your success. If you’re doubtful of whether you can actually succeed and you’re not sure if you’re just being crazy, there’s every chance you won’t make it. You literally need a ‘can do’ attitude, or even an ‘I am going to’. There should be very few doubts in your mind about whether you’ll be able to do what you’re setting out to do. The fewer doubts you have, the higher your chance of success creeps up.

Do Track Your Progress
In order for you to ensure you’re heading in the right direction, you should make sure you find effective ways of tracking your progress. There are numerous ways to do this depending on what you want to achieve. You can use your business plan to track your progress, for instance, although it’s advisable that you stay flexible with your plan just in case anything changes – things often will, in this day and age. You could also use project management systems and software to ensure that you’re on track.

Don’t Use Goals As A Hindrance More Than A Help
Goals can be used to help propel you forward, but if they aren’t set properly, they can actually encourage unethical behaviour. Unrealistic goals have led companies to lie about sales in the past, just so they could say they met a goal. Goals should be achievable, and they should be as detailed as possible. How do you want to achieve your goal? Why do you want to achieve your goal? Make sure your goal is also easily measurable.

Do Continue Learning No Matter What
As the owner of your business, a lot of what goes down is all on you. You don’t have to know absolutely everything there is to know, and in fact, many business owners choose to learn a lot of stuff as they go. If you wait until you know everything, you’ll be waiting a ridiculously long time. That being said, always continue learning; read books every day, go on courses and to workshops, and do all you can to expand your knowledge both personally and professionally.

Don’t Go It Alone
You don’t have to go it alone. There are many things you can do to ensure you have support and perhaps even another viewpoint, if you need one. Many entrepreneurs and business people choose to get a mentor, as they have often been in their shoes and can help them to see what needs to change.

Being successful in the modern age is tough, but some may also say that it’s easier than ever, what with the plethora of information out there. There’s no better time to follow your dreams!