Making Your Legal Practice More Enticing To Prospective Clients

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. As with any field, the legal world is competitive. It’s thus important to understand how to set yourself apart from your competition. The following contributed post is thus entitled, Making Your Legal Practice More Enticing To Prospective Clients.

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Running a successful legal business requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. It’s an industry that fosters fierce competition, so you need to continuously reinvent your business plan in order to help your practice grow. Still, it can be difficult to turn heads when there are so many other firms with highly professional teams of lawyers in the market. You need to be unique in order to stand out from the crowd. What can you do to make an impact on the target market? Well, in this article, we’re going to discuss some ways in which you could make your legal practice more enticing to prospective clients.

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Focus on your company culture.
It’s easy to become laser-focused on clients when you run a law firm because your reputation is important. And it’s true that your clients are important – you need to become known for delivering an exceptional legal service to clients. People and businesses choose firms to represent them based on their success rate; it’s a highly competitive industry. But you need to start by improving your legal practice behind doors. You can’t deliver an exceptional service to clients and take the industry by surprise unless you have an exceptional team of attorneys to help you out. A strong workforce is important in any company, but law practices entirely depend on the legal expertise of their employees. You can’t just hire any average candidate, and you also can’t take your members of staff for granted (even if they are exceptional). You need to treat your team well and foster a strong company culture. Not all cases will be easy to solve, so you need employees who are going to work well together.

Additionally, you need a balanced workplace. Take a look at firms such as Ogletree Deakins which have taken huge strides forwards and achieved balance in terms of gender. This isn’t just to avoid workplace discrimination; it’s about creating a more diverse and varied work environment. In the legal industry, this is essential. Creativity is involved in unpacking many legal claims and protecting individuals. You don’t want a team full of employees who are carbon copies of one another. But it’s important that your team works together. You don’t want senior attorneys who make newer and less experienced attorneys feel stupid. This might cause newer members of staff to shy away from offering the full extent of their legal advice to clients because they’re afraid they’ll get something wrong. If your team is cooperative then everyone can learn from one another. In turn, you’ll create a team that can solve any legal problem or simply offer exceptional advice to clients by pooling together their expertise and experience.

Deliver customer service that is second-to-none.
Again, this is important for any business in any industry, but it’s particularly important for legal practices. As stated above, you need an exceptional reputation if potential clients are going to trust you, and this starts with you impressing your current customer base. For example, you need to understand clients on a personal level. In other words, keep the technical legal jargon in your head and try to relate to them on a human level. Understand their problem or their concerns, depending on the type of legal representation they need. You might even be able to offer a more appropriate type of legal coverage or protection if you get to know them and their situation more thoroughly. This will give you a reputation as a business that cares about its clients. In turn, you’ll be able to make your business look more enticing to prospective clients.

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Project the right message.
Branding depends on more than a pretty logo. It’s about the message that a business presents to the target market. And in the legal industry, it’s vital to craft the perfect statement. As has been discussed throughout this article, reputation is important for legal practices. Clients put a lot of money and trust in attorneys. They’re not buying some menial and unimportant product; they’re buying a service that has value to them in more than just a monetary sense, whatever the field of practice in which you operate. A good rule of thumb is to keep quiet if you’re ever in doubt. Saying the wrong thing can really damage your company’s reputation. As a law firm, you are expected to say the right thing on behalf of your clients, so you need to prove that you can say the right thing on behalf of your own brand.

4 Smart Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you’ve trained in Dentistry, eventually you may want to start your own dental practice. You will invariably be competing with other dental practices in your area and will equip yourself to best do so. The following contributed post is therefore entitled, 4 Smart Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice.

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Of all the businesses to have, a dental practice is a pretty smart one: people are always going to want to look after their teeth! However, it is true that there’s rarely only one dentist in town, and that the costs of running the business can be high. As such, it’s important that you’re always looking for ways to grow your practice. The more people there are that come through the door, the more teeth you’ll see, the more profits you’ll have. Below, we take a look at four clever ways you can begin to grow your practice.


Refine Your Marketing

Marketing your practice by dropping leaflets through the doors of the local houses will be a good start, but it shouldn’t end there. This is an approach that many businesses take, but it’s not enough – when there’s competition, simply telling people that you’re there won’t give them enough of an incentive to switch to your practice. Instead, get more sophisticated. Advertisements on the radio can be cost-effective, and if you don’t yet have a company blog, start now. It’ll boost your Google rankings and also give you a bigger platform to showcase why you’re so great.

Review Your Reviews

Running a business isn’t like having a microphone and waiting for people to hear what you’re saying. It’s a conversation. From time to time – hopefully often – your customers are going to give you feedback. What you do with that information can have a big impact on the future success of your venture. You can either ignore it, or you can listen seriously to what they’re saying, and incorporate some of their views into your plans. Your patients might just tell you exactly the direction you should be going, if you give them a chance.

A Second Location

You’ll have invested a lot of time and energy into your practice, but what if your location begins to hold you back a little? Opening a second location can breathe a lot of life into your venture, and open up your services to a whole new section of the neighborhood. Of course, there will be money considerations to factor in, so you may want to consider getting help with a loan. Remember to bring a lot of fanfare when you open. If there’s a buzz surrounding your new location, you’ll get a wave of new customers. Local newspapers will likely be interested in covering the story.

Offer More Hours

Some dental practices make a fundamental error: they only make themselves open for business during the usual working week hours, when, well, everyone is working. Now, people aren’t going to neglect their teeth forever, but they might put it off and visit less if they have to take time off work to do so. So why not make it easier for them to visit you? You could stay open late one evening during the week, or open on a Saturday once a month. Not everybody will have the flexibility to get to the dentist during your regular hours!