Moving Your Marketing Methods into the Modern World

Three of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and Technology. In today’s digital world, it’s critical to understand how to use the modern technologies to market your brand and business. Not understanding how to do so could be life or death for your operations. The following contributed post is therefore entitled, Moving Your Marketing Methods into the Modern World.

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Nowadays marketing is way more than putting your business advert into a local newspaper or stocking up a sign in the post office. There are so many up and coming methods in the business world that it can be very difficult to keep up with the trends. When it comes to marketing there are so many ways in which your business could succeed or fail. Spending too much money or not being open minded might just be a few of your fall backs that could hinder your business success. Start considering some of the following modern day marketing methods and your business will be set up to thrive, even in the most crowded of industries.


SEO Savviness

If you’re not already hot on SEO then now is the right time to start doing your research. There are many different ways that you can incorporate the SEO technique into your marketing strategies, one of which is Local SEO Citations. This will involve liaising with a dedicated account manager who will help you to launch your local SEO campaign, which will include everything from your location and phone number to the services you are offering. Getting your SEO on point will help people to find you more easily, so that you stand out from your competitors.

Brand Collaborations via Social Media

Finding a celebrity or blogger who can collaborate with your product and advertise it on the their social media is like gold dust. This is the type of marketing that is becoming hotter than ever right now, so it’s important that you take the right steps to get as involved as you can. Choose someone who is trustworthy and professional to market your product. You will need to negotiate a decent fee for each post and you will provide them with free products and services too. Getting this element of marketing just right will always give you the edge over your competition.

Reviews Mean Everything

It’s true that marketing can be overwhelming at times, so keeping mistakes to a minimum will always be your best bet. As well as minimizing your mistakes you might also want to call upon your previous happy customers to leave positive reviews about you. You can implement these wonderful words into your future marketing strategies and make sure that everybody who might be interesting in spending their money on your products or services can read them loud and proud.

Try to think outside the box when it comes to marketing your business. Whether you have been in this domain for years or you are just starting out, there are so many ways to capitalize on the online marketing world. Make sure you explore all of the options available to you, so that you aren’t leaving anything out. Take to social media and find some worthwhile brand ambassadors or ask your previous clients to leave roaring reviews of your products or services. There are so many ways for you to achieve greatness for your business so grab every marketing opportunity you can and run with it confidently.

Why SEO really is the key to a successful online business

Regardless of what your business is, or what your content is as a writer, it’s critical make your presence known and easy to find. The following guest post comes courtesy of Michael Kordvani. It discusses importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the success of online businesses. Michael Kordvani can be contacted at

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), many are aware it’s something that’s supposed to help their online business but very few make time to learn anything about it or to even try. Many tell you they rely on word of mouth marketing or paid advertising that can take a chunk out of your business budget.

It’s a shame that SEO marketing is misunderstood and underused. SEO is a series of techniques designed to make your website easier for both search engines and your visitors to understand. Since search engines don’t see and understand your web pages the way a human can, SEO helps them ascertain what each page is about and why it’s useful to its users. Then it helps the search engines bring their users to you.

5 Ways SEO Helps Your Online Business Succeed

While there are many ways SEO can benefit your online business, here are five of the top ones.

More Clients: With so many websites available for any given product, service, or niche, getting clients can be a challenge. Using solid SEO techniques will improve your ranking in the search engines and make it easier to find. The easier your site is to find, the more potential customers you will receive. With the increased traffic, you will see more conversions.

Mobile Friendly: According to Hitwise, as much as 58% of all search engine queries are conducted on mobile devices and that number will continue to grow. How does SEO factor into that? An entirely new set of SEO techniques, like local search optimization, have been developed to help businesses get their products and services in front of the mobile audience. Choosing to ignore this particular trend is allowing your business to fall behind and out of the minds of today’s consumers.

Reputation Building: Reaching the first page of a search engine is quite an accomplishment and much more than something to brag about. Greater consumer trust is given to pages that are highly ranked. For many customers, if they can’t find a business on the first page of their Google search results, it’s not good enough. SEO boosts your website’s ranking in the search engines, gradually helping you move towards the top of users’ search results.

Brand Awareness: Another great benefit of SEO is that it lets your site appear on relevant pages of the search engines. As your ranking goes up, your site will appear more often at the top of user searches. That increases awareness among potential customers, more of them being aware of you means a higher conversion rate. Getting your SEO optimized content on social media channels too will also help increase your brand’s awareness and inspire consumer trust and loyalty.

Cost Effective: People are often afraid of investing in SEO because they don’t understand it. In educating yourself about the true power potential of SEO, you’ll see that such investment is much like investing in real estate. If you invest wisely in SEO, you get more from it. The remarkable thing is that a huge investment isn’t necessary and it’s very cost effective when compared to what you’d pay for PPC and social media marketing.