Improving Your Business Travel Experience

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. Many businesses involve some sort of travel. While it’s necessary in business, it doesn’t have to be an altogether unpleasant experience. The following contributed post is entitled, Improving Your Business Travel Experience.

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Whenever you have to travel for business reasons, whether it’s just for a couple of days or even several years, it can often be an experience that you simply dread. The chaos of airport security, cold lifeless accommodation, a considerable distance between you and family or friends and a general sense of an uncomfortable countdown slowly grudging by are just a few of the side effects that many professionals fear, but it needn’t be like this for much longer. There are so many tips and tricks that you can make the most of to ensure you have the best time possible, no matter where you might be, and it couldn’t be easier to begin planning your journey today. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the greatest steps that you can follow now to improve your business travel experience in no time at all.

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Book Your Own Accomodation

More often than not, your employer will be the one who chooses, books and pays for your accommodation. This means that you’re probably going to end up with the easiest, most affordable option, whether you like it or not. However, rather than suffering through a 1 star hotel, it may be possible for you to approach your boss and request a new method of handling the situation – simply ask them to set a budget, and request that they allow you to find and arrange your own suitable accommodation. Hosting sites such as Airbnb can be a great place to find excellent accommodation in the centre of every city or town, and the fact that your host is likely a local will be of real benefit to your trip too! There are so many ways to find affordable accommodation, and gaining the opportunity to pick and choose based on your own personal preferences can make your travel experience feel less lonely.

Research & Organise Transportation

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your location to find no taxis, public transport or car hire as far as the eye can see. Organising the right transportation is such a key aspect of your trip, as you need to have the freedom and capacity to visit any location you wish to. Business travel does provide some down time, and it’s such a bad idea to simply sit inside your accommodation and watch the hours crawl by when you could be out on the road experiencing all of the sights and sounds. Whether you arrange accommodation close to a regular bus route or train station, hire a vehicle straight from the airport, or even use a site like to transport your own car from your hometown for ultimate comfort, there are just so many different options that you can explore. Why stay isolated inside when you can just get outside and experience the culture of the area surrounding you?

Improving your business travel experience has never been so simple when you are able to utilise the tips and tricks detailed above.

Enjoy Traveling? Check Out These Career Ideas!

A key focus of my blog is Career Discussions. There are numerous careers that involve traveling which can make money as well. Some of these careers are obvious while others are not so obvious. The following contributed post is entitled, Enjoy Traveling? Check Out These Career Ideas!

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There’s no denying that you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to forging a travel-based career. But, the only trouble is figuring out which one is best for you. You need to think about how your job is going to fit around your family and social life.

If you’re young, free, and single, it might not matter how often you spend traveling. The thing is, if you’ve got a family at home, you’re likely going to want a career that lets you devote as much time to your partner and kids as possible.

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Stuck for ideas on which travel-based career option is right for you? Take a look at the following examples for some inspiration:

Driving School Instructor

Have you got a knack for teaching skills to other people? And have you got the patience to deal with students of various skill levels? If the answer to both questions is yes, you should consider becoming a driving school instructor.

As the title suggests, your role is to teach people of all ages and backgrounds how to drive a vehicle! It’s a rewarding career option and one that is virtually recession-proof. After all, people want to learn how to drive all the time.

Truck Driver

Another recession-proof career choice is driving trucks for a living. You’ll have to learn how to drive semi-trucks and pass tests before you can be licensed to operate them. Once you’ve got an upgraded license, you can then forge a career as a truck driver.

You can get work through a truck driver temp agency if you prefer ad-hoc work to fit around your lifestyle. Otherwise, you could get a permanent role with a transport company and traverse the United States and beyond for a living!

Tour Guide

Do you live near a major city or tourism center? If so, you could also get a job as a tour guide. As you might expect, a tour guide’s job is to educate and entertain people on a bus or coach as your driver takes you in and around various points of interest.

Tour guides will need sufficient historical knowledge of the places they visit. Of course, if you’ve got an interest in local history, you’ll doubtless find that aspect of your work both fun and exciting. What’s more, you’ll get paid for talking to people about what you know!

Aircraft Cabin Crew

Lastly, those of you with a keen interest in aviation will enjoy a job where they can take to the skies and go to all kinds of new and exciting destinations each day. You could become a pilot, but such a career option takes years of training, and such jobs aren’t plentiful.

It makes more sense to get an aircraft cabin crew role, such as a flight attendant. When you’re on the ground and in the air, your job is to ensure passengers are comfortable and attend to any requests for food and drink. You’ll also need to give them safety information.