Finding Your Target Audience

Some of the key focuses of my blog are: Financial Literacy, Wealth Building, Business and Entrepreneurship. A major key to succeeding in the business world is understanding your target audience and clientele base. The following contributed post is thus entitled, Finding Your Target Audience.

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When it comes to creating a marketing strategy for your company, one of the things you will want to think about is finding the right people to market your business towards. There is no point for example trying to market a teen fashion brand to people in their 50s and visa versa. In order to get your name out into the world and be as successful as you can in your business you need to make sure to find the right audience and target all of your marketing to them.

Business or Consumer?

The first and easiest question you can ask yourself to narrow down your market is whether you are aiming to sell to businesses or consumers. Both b2c and b2b sales have their own style of marketing and you will notice that B2B companies will often be more formal with their work than B2C because it is seen as more appropriate. Make sure you know which one you are going to choose for your business and this will have a big impact on the type of content and the tone of voice you use later on.

Age and Gender?

One of the biggest things you will need to consider when looking for your ideal target audience is their age and their gender. Let’s say for example that you plan to sell birth control products or sanitary products. You can’t focus your marketing towards men because this wouldn’t make any sense, and similarly you wouldn’t target it to women who are under the age of 13 or over the age of 60. Make sure you understand how your product or service is going to fit into people’s lives and how you can put across your point in a clear and interesting way.

Hobbies and Interests

One of the other things you can bring into your decision as far as your target audience goes is their hobbies and interests. With sites like google analytics you can monitor what your audience is interested in and this allows you to use their hobbies as part of your marketing campaign. For example let’s say you are a food company and you often share recipes on social media to demonstrate your cookware. You might notice that a lot of the people who follow you and engage with your brand also enjoy Game Of Thrones. Here is the ideal opportunity for you to create some Game Of Thrones style video content such as a recipe for Arya Stark’s Pie, Daenerys’ dragon eggs or the beer which the nightwatch drink at the wall. Think of being relevant and make sure that you can interact with your audience on a meaningful level.

Who will value the product?

When you are trying to gain an insight into who will use your products, think about what everyday problem your product solves. If you are selling a bathroom cleaning product which can make the job much easier, to won’t be targeting this towards teenagers. You would instead be targeting it for new homeowners and anyone who stays at home for work or runs their home full time. Really sit down and think about what your product does, what value it will add to your customers lives, and who would appreciate it the most. This will allow you to narrow down your audience easily to find the ideal one for you.

Choosing Social Media Platforms

When it comes to finalising your target audience and narrowing down the field of who you will market towards going forward, the main way you can do this is to choose a social media platform which fits in with the customers you are looking to target. For example, if you are a fashion brand looking to target women between the ages of 18-30, the best social media site for you would be Instagram, because most of Instagram users fall into this demographic. Think about what social media accounts will suit the type of content you share and who exactly you need to reach out to.

Creating great content

Now that you have chosen your target audience and you are set up on social media, you need to start making content to draw them in. People are visual beings and video content is becoming more and more popular on platforms outside YouTube. If you are struggling to know what kind of content you should create, you can always take a look at your competitors and see what kind of things that they are doing. This can be a huge help and it will give you the inspiration and ability to get out there and reel in your customers.