3 Ways To Prevent Your Ideas From Being Stolen

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If your business involves the creation of some sort of ‘intellectual property’, it’s critical that you protect it as there are thieves who will readily steal it from you in order to profit from it themselves. The following contributed post is entitled, 3 Ways To Prevent Your Ideas From Being Stolen.

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Good ideas are rare to find – especially if they’re unique. If you’ve come up with an excellent idea, the last thing you need is for it to be stolen. People have their ideas taken from them all the time. Even if someone gets a portion of your idea, they can take it and run. So, how do you stop this from happening? In an age that’s full of technology – and everything is connected – can you stop people from stealing your ideas?

The short answer is, yes, you can. It involves a bit of legal work, and there are other steps you should also take before reaching the legal stages. Here are the three ways you can protect your ideas from being stolen:

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Get a copyright

Copyright law basically means that you own the rights to something that others can’t copy. Typically, this refers to intellectual property – like product designs, brand names, etc. I don’t think you can get a copyright for things like general business ideas, but you should speak to intellectual property lawyers just in case. Regardless, you need to copyright key parts of your idea that other people can steal. If you’ve come up with a new product, be sure you have a copyright on all of the designs. So, if someone manages to get a glimpse of them, they can’t use your ideas. If they do, you have the power to sue them and gain a lot of money.

Avoid conducting business on unsecured networks

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and started doing work on your laptop? Perhaps you’ve created documents with business ideas on them; maybe you’ve emailed some thoughts to colleagues? In doing so, you put all of your ideas at risk due to the unsecured network. Coffee shops – and other public places – offer free WiFi for people to use. The downside of it being free is that it’s an open network for anyone to use. There’s no security, making it easy for a hacker to see what you’re doing. Who knows if someone is watching your every move and subtly stealing all of your knowledge? It’s best to conduct business on a secured network at all times. Password protected networks are the best, but you can add another layer of security with a VPN. Often, a VPN will also let you use open WiFi networks with more protection.

Keep your circle small

Don’t shout about your business ideas to everyone and anyone. It’s tempting, but you need to keep your circle as small as can be. Only tell people that you can trust. Otherwise, all it takes is for one person to say something to their friend, and then their friend tells someone else, and pretty soon, your idea has been stolen. Keep things under wraps until you can register trademarks and get copyrights.

All of these points are valid, but the second one deserves lots of attention. It’s so easy for a hacker to break into your computer and find all of your valuable information. They do it for fun, but they can see your idea and sell it to someone for a lot of money. Always take precautions when you’re online, and don’t forget the other two tips as well.

Simple Ideas. Big Money

Two of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you’re thinking about starting a new venture, it’s important to know what simple ideas you can you use to generate extra cashflow. The following contributed post is thus entitled; Simple Ideas. Big Money.

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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that seem to make us happy. The things that we just can’t take our minds off, and the things that as soon as we think about them, we smile. But when it comes to business, the thought of a simple thing is few and far between. It would seem that pretty much everything is related to stress and confusion. Arguably, the time when this is at its highest is when we’re thinking of the idea to begin with. All your mind can think about is what might be involved with the process, how you can make more money, and all of the things that could possibly go wrong. So, what if we were to give you some simple ideas, that would make some big money. Ideas that wouldn’t require you to do much, but that you would get a lot out of? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly what we’re going to do for you!

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Farming Ideas

Ok, so this one is a little out of the box, and one that we think you might not have thought of before. But, if you were to go into the agricultural industry, you really could be set for life. Farming is not only fun, but highly profitable if you produce good quality produce that people are after. The main expenses you will have will come from your equipment, and the expenses of caring for any animals. You will need tractors, and you will need a lot of red diesel, which can easily be sourced from the internet as to save money. Once you figure out all of the logistics of how to rear animals, plant good quality produce, and maintain it all, you just need to figure out your sales points. Where is the best place to start? Farmers markets. It’s the easiest place to sell the produce, and you can easily make a name for yourself over the years. Enter competitions, grow a following, and reach out to supermarkets. Before you know it you could be a worldwide brand!

Food Ideas

Sticking to a good theme still, but being slightly different in terms of what you can do. If you’re thinking of setting up a food business, you have to consider the lucrative idea of going into the restaurant business. But don’t just set up your average pub, you need to go for something hip and interesting. One idea that we think will really capture the eyes of people is a healthy eating establishment. Put it next to the gym, and make your menu one that just can’t be beat in terms of creativity, and you should always be able to bring in the money. It has to be creative though, the funkier your make literally everything, the better you’re going to become.

Activity Based Ideas

Some people like to be active, some don’t, but who says this idea is out to encourage everyone to get sporty? This ideas is funky, as we’re going to suggest opening up your own indoor inflatable course. Adults and children could be catered for if you made it big enough, and it is so unique that people will always want to be a part of it. Definitely an idea worth doing if you’d like something easy to manage, and easy to maintain. You’d just have to make sure you’re highly focused on health and safety here.