5 Ideas To Improve Your Content In 2022

Three focuses of my blog are Business/Entrepreneurship, Blogging/Writing and Video Content/Media Creation. Whether you are an author, a blogger, or a YouTube content creator, you always want to think about improving your content as it will lead to an ever expanding audience. The following contributed post is entitled, 5 Ideas To Improve Your Content In 2022.

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With plenty of competition, brands simply can’t afford to produce low-quality content. To remain relevant and competitive businesses need to be consistently improving their strategies. To make an impression with your content marketing, focus on these five areas.

1 . Figure out your goals

When you’re developing a content marketing strategy it’s important to determine your key goals. Common content marketing goals include improving lead generation, boosting customer retention and driving customer loyalty.
With a solid understanding of your content goals you can create the best content for that particular purpose. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or educate your audience, be clear on your content goals.

2. It’s all about storytelling

Looking for marketing tips for 2022? Well, great content marketing is all about telling stories, by using stories you can engage your audience and provoke an emotional response. Marketing stories can help you to appeal to the values of your audience, and forge a deeper connection. Stories come in many different forms whether it’s brand storytelling, stories about your products, or stories about your employees. There are so many benefits of storytelling including:

● Stories can help to build the trust of your audience.
● Helps you to create a memorable brand.
● Build a rapport with your audience.

3. Collect plenty of feedback

Improving your content relies on analytics and data, collecting feedback can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. There are lots of different ways that you can collect audience feedback. Firstly, you can use surveys, pop-up forms or focus-groups. Using these tools you can ask customers how they feel about your content, and what you could improve. Software can also be useful, visitor analytics tools can provide plenty of helpful data, to help you improve your web content.

4. Provide extra value

To stand out in the crowd, you need to provide something extra special. Providing extra value helps you to build a memorable brand. There are lots of ways to add extra value with content, here are a few key ideas:

● Create an engaging podcast, exploring the key trends and news in your industry.
● Offer interactive content, providing an exciting experience for your audience.
● Produce educational content, helping your audience to learn new things.
● Collaborate with similar brands to produce unique social media posts.

5. Get content support

If you’re looking to revamp your content strategy there are plenty of support tools that you can use. Check out tools for content ideas, analytics, graphics, or content writing services. There are plenty of different types of software to streamline your content success. When you automate a few content tasks, you’ll save time and boost productivity levels. If you’re looking for a fantastic content support tool check out GlideSEM. If you’re stuck for content ideas, GlideSEM can produce content for you, including the appropriate keywords.

In five steps you’ll improve your content strategy for 2022. From storytelling to support tools there are lots of ways to take your campaign to the next level.

3 Commandments Of Successful Video Marketing

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and a key focus is Video Content/Media Creation. Writing is not the only form of content creation. In our modern Digital Age, video content creation has become just as prominent as traditional written content. If done correctly, it can prove to be very lucrative and powerful. The following contributed post is entitled, 3 Commandments Of Successful Video Marketing.

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Pixabay (CC0 Licence)

The importance of video content in marketing has been one of the most-discussed subjects in business over the last few years. Around the middle of the decade, you couldn’t go more than a few minutes without hearing the phrase “pivot to video”; and indeed, plenty of content providers went out of their way to leave behind text – only to later find out that this was a mistake when it actually led to declining page views. Slowly but surely, the message that seems to be filtering out of the content world is that video is important – but what’s really important is how it is used.

If you’re aiming to put content out there that people will want to use, and share, then – as well as not relying purely on video content – you also need to make sure that the videos you do make are engaging and memorable. So let’s take a look at the commandments of video content – the rules you’ll need to stick to for your content to be successful:

#1. Make it unique

As the decade draws to a close, we are seeing more and more people becoming celebrities purely off the back of video content – which draws more and more viewers to the platforms they use. That’s an opportunity for anyone creating video content to harness a potentially huge customer base – as long as your content doesn’t fade into the background. Make it visually arresting by working with the likes of Zaini Media to create memorable animations – and because even something as simple as the video thumbnail can make a difference to views, consider how you can make images that stand out from the crowd.

#2. Be an engaged creator

One of the internet’s unspoken commandments is “Don’t read the comments”. It’s an understandable rule, too – anyone online who so much as breathes a personal opinion into cyberspace can end up at the mercy of trolls – but it’s one you might need to break if you want your content to win people over. In fact, not only should you read the comments, you should reply. Before too long you’ll be able to filter out the useless comments, and engage with the people who are there for the right reason; this is how you build subscriptions and get more visibility. That is the kind of growth that can be self-sustaining.

#3. Be topical, but don’t be controversial

If your niche is in the news for whatever reason, this is the ideal time to make and release a quick video offering your informed take on the news story. If, for example, your niche happens to be in the “healthy eating” field, and a story emerges about a new “superfood”, you can make a video offering the benefits of your knowledge. The more topical the story, the better the possibility your video will go viral. Just one word of warning; step away from more controversial treatments of any subject, as these can cause videos to be downranked and demonetised. That may bring worthwhile attention if you’re a topical channel, but it’s the death-knell for marketing content.

These three commandments are among the most important things to remember when trying to make an impact with your video marketing content. Stick to these rules and you won’t go too far wrong!