Top 7 Profitable Industries To Start a Business in

Two key focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. There are numerous businesses-types that one can start but it’s also important to think about what the most profitable industries there are to start in. The following contributed post is entitled, Top 7 Profitable Industries To Start a Business in.

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Are you thinking of starting a business? Then one of the first things that you should do is consider what industry you’re going to enter. And with so many to choose from, this process can be very daunting and one that you’re not fully certain of from the get-go.

To help guide you and give you some inspiration, here is a list of 7 profitable and extraordinary industries that you can start a business in this year:

1) Artificial Intelligence

This might sound like an obvious one, but it’s still worth a mention due to its potential. An industry that’s expected to grow to $125 billion by 2025, there’s no better time than now to discover the possibilities within it.

Whether you’re looking to introduce devices that consumers can use within the home (think Amazon’s Alexa) or technology that can be used by other businesses, the industry is on the brink of an explosion – so take advantage when you can. You will have to come from a tech background for this one, however.

2) Hydraulic Power

Fluid power is another very profitable industry to enter this year. An industry that’s applications are used in everyday life, from agriculture to irrigation, there is ample opportunity to expand within it.

Of course, for this type of industry, it’s a good idea to fully understand the ins and outs of hydraulic/pneumatic engineering i.e. what equipment you’ll need to invest in (such as and the science behind it. But once you have an in-depth understanding and the right employees beside you, you can quickly grow your business exponentially.

3) Accounting and Bookkeeping

This is an industry that’s incredibly profitable as it has jobs within it that are specialized (like the hydraulic industry). Every business needs accounting and bookkeeping – no matter what type of business they are running and their size.

And with on-going development and changes within financial legislation, it’s good to have professionals on hand to ensure that they are on the right path with your finances. Because of this, this industry is a great one to start a business in. Just ensure that you have the skills in mathematics, and when your business grows, skilled and motivated employees.

4) Real Estate

Real estate is an industry that’s continued to grow and thrive globally throughout the years. And with so many opportunities within it – whether that be real estate technology, online design services or a similar field, the scope for a new business is simply extraordinary. As technology continues to develop and the need for housing increases, it’s easy to see why this is such a fantastic industry to start a business within.

5) E-Commerce

With the rise in technology and more people utilizing the internet, the e-commerce industry has rapidly taken over the world. A safe bet for entrepreneurs looking to start a business, you’re able to easily sell what you want from the comfort of your home/office – meaning it’s great for entrepreneurs who are just entering it.

Plus, with sales in the global e-commerce market now over an incredible $2 trillion, it’s truly a booming industry that’s only expected to continue progressing.

6) Hospitality

As the global population grows, as will the need for hospitality businesses. With two sectors in particular booming – sustainable food providers and hotels, it opens up the possibilities for new businesses looking to enter the market and diversify what they have to offer.

As long as you keep up with the trends, adapt to developments in technology and listen to customer wants, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed within it.

7) Transportation

Yet another industry that’s adapting with the rapid advancements of technology, transportation is screaming out for growth and new talent. An industry that is relied upon by businesses and the general population daily, the demand within it is undeniable.

From ride-sharing to automatic cars, the future looks bright for this industry – making it an extraordinary one for entrepreneurs to enter.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are the top 7 profitable industries that you can start a business within. No matter which industry you choose, with the right knowledge, preparation, financing, employees, marketing and advertising, etc. you’ll be able to thrive in no time at all.

Even if it doesn’t happen right away, you have to be determined to succeed and showcase to potential customers why they should opt for your services over your competitors – a skill that’s possessed by only the most driven entrepreneurs.

3 Business Ideas That Could Be Profitable And Exciting In 2019

Two key focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. While individuals are always coming up with new ideas and inventions to profit from, some there also tried and true methods for generating profits. This contributed post looks and three and is entitled, 3 Business Ideas That Could Be Profitable And Exciting In 2019.

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The business world looks very different with every passing year. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, every industry seems to be experiencing rapid changes on an unprecedented scale. That’s why it can be so difficult to keep up with the market. It can also be hard to think of business ventures that might be worthwhile; you might feel as if every idea you have is already dated and irrelevant by the time you piece a plan together. But these are 3 business ideas that could be profitable and exciting in 2019. It’s time to get ahead of the market and make a name for yourself as an entrepreneur.

Okay, copywriting is nothing new, but the medium has changed over the past couple of decades. Thanks to the internet, copywriters now have all the power. They can create their own businesses easily and sell their services to business clients and individuals online. It’s a great way to make money. If you have a talent and a passion for writing then this could be your calling. You could write adverts, email copy, and other forms of documents for big companies. There’s a growing market for such services – plenty of businesses are starting to outsource rather than hiring in-house writers. It’s smarter to start your own copywriting business than to search for employment in copywriting. You’ll make more money by taking out your own contracts and keeping all the profits anyway.

Another business idea that could be profitable and exciting in 2019 is creating a betting empire. In particular, we’re talking about bookies. Again, much like copywriting, this is not a new type of business, but the industry has changed over recent years. Plenty of online bookies are starting to pop up because it’s an incredibly profitable line of business. You just need to make sure you read up on the industry and get all the necessary software to guarantee your success. You should look into pay-per-head 24/7 bookmaking services. This would give you the software necessary to manage your business. It’s important to keep your company well-structured, and software will allow you to manage everything sufficiently.

You could even consider starting a marketing business if you want to create a company that’s profitable and exciting in 2019. As mentioned in the earlier point about copywriting, plenty of businesses are looking to outsource when it comes to certain aspects of their operations. If you can create high-quality marketing services then you’ll have a skill which other companies want. You’ll have the opportunity to make a lot of money by helping other businesses make a lot of money. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that you and your team know what you’re doing when it comes to the challenge of marketing a company successfully in the modern world. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a very profitable business model. Just remember that you’ll need to put some of your own advice into practice. After all, you’ll have to market your business well so as to get the word out there.

Cultivating A Profitable Farm In The Long-Term

Three of the focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and STEM. The agricultural industry has been around for centuries, and there are many things you need to know to get into it and to be able to turn a profit. The following contributed post is entitled, Cultivating A Profitable Farm In The Long-Term.

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The agricultural industry is one of the oldest on the planet, so it’s no surprise that thousands of farming entrepreneurs try to find their spot in the marketplace. Of course, as stable as the industry is as a whole, individual businesses have to work hard to stand their ground in the long-term. As a farmer, you have to plan and carefully look after your land so that you have viable produce to sell to the market. It can be a difficult business model to figure out. What does it take to cultivate a profitable farm in the long-term? Let’s talk about that in this post.

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Always account for overhead costs.
If you want to create a profitable farm in the long-term then you need to think about the expenses of running your operations. Many part-time farmers who make money through a career or other business ventures don’t concern themselves too much with this aspect of operations. They might not see their labor as an expense, for example, because this is all a fun hobby to them. As a result, their business seems pretty profitable. But hobby farms aren’t always profitable enough to stand on their own two feet. If you want to create a farm that is sustainable in the long-term and profitable enough to provide for you and your family if you’re going full-time then you always need to account for overhead costs. Of course, the costliness of running a farm often incentivizes farmers to increase their prices. But as a small farm that’s trying to stand out in the industry and build a client base of local grocers or consumers, you might not want to increase your prices too much. You might want to reel in customers with fair and decent prices.

That’s why the goal is to focus on your overheads. How can you cut costs without cutting the quality of your products and services? This is the question that causes headaches for so many entrepreneurs in all manner of industries. The answer is to budget smartly and assess individual expenditures. For example, you could save money on the energy bill necessary for running your farmhouse (the base of operations) by getting solar panels. It’s an investment that’ll save you money in the long run because you won’t be relying on the grid. Sometimes, in order to reduce long-term costs, you have to make wise investments. People say you’ve got to spend money to make money, but the smartest piece of business advice to remember is that you’ve got to spend money to save money. For instance, you could buy in bulk from your supplier in order to save money; that’s why it’s important to form strong lasting relationships with local businesses and people in your community. We’ll talk more about that later. If you’re going to cultivate a profitable farm in the long-term then stay on top of your monthly budget, track your expenditures, and find ways to use your funds wisely so as to keep costs low but maintain quality control.

Do your consumer research.
If you want to cultivate a profitable farm in the long-term then you need to do your consumer research. Making money is all about giving the market what it needs. You can’t push products or services successfully if there’s no market for them. Run surveys or simply talk to people in your local area. Get an idea of what people want from farms such as yours or your farm specifically. This is how you get an advantage over the competition. You need to talk directly to existing and potential customers. In turn, you’ll be able to develop a business which stands out from the competition in the marketplace.

Your goal is to create a brand for your farm that resonates with people. You need to make a connection so that clients want to choose your business over the competition. You might be selling similar types of produce to your rivals, so how are you going to stand out? Perhaps you could run your business in an eco-friendly manner so as to prove to the market that you care about the planet and not simply making money. You might want to look into getting an ASC certification in sustainability if you farm salmon produce. That’s an example of taking a step towards creating a more ethical business that impresses consumers. Just make sure you do your research so that you can start to create a farm which your target audience wants to see.

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Build a local reputation.
If you want to cultivate a profitable farm in the long-term then you need a loyal client base. This is true of any company in any type of industry. But in the world of farming, it’s all about the local community. Unless you build an international farming empire, you’re probably not going to start connecting with corporations and consumers all over the world. That might be the dream for your business in the future, but you need to take things one step at a time. For starters, you need to build a local reputation. You need to target retailers and consumers in your area so as to build a name for yourself. Go to the local market and pitch your produce to sellers. Find your place in the local industry. Once you win over the hearts (or bellies, rather) of local businesses and people, you’ll start to build up a loyal following. That’s how you’ll get repeat sales and achieve stability through a regular client base. It’s also how your business will start to grow. Happy clients spread brand awareness through word of mouth. But your farm can’t expand until you start building a reputation in your local area. Start small.

Make money with your land in many ways.
You might want to focus on your particular niche in the agricultural marketplace, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore opportunities to utilize your land in other ways. If you want to cultivate a profitable farm in the long-term then you need to pursue every potential opportunity to monetize your land. You could offer riding lessons if you own horses, for example. You could even sell tickets to people who might want to look around your farm to admire the animals or simply learn how the entire process works. You own a business that’s fascinating to people in many ways, so make the most of that fact. Look for all potential sources of revenue so that you can make your farm as profitable as possible.

So many small farms fail before they even get started. It can take several years to start making a decent profit from the land, so it’s important to keep working at it. It’s a gradual process. You need to continuously grow your business, as entrepreneurs do in any industry. The key to cultivating a profitable farm in the long-term is to create a viable and sustainable business model. You need to learn to continuously budget, research, and develop your business so as to keep it relevant in an ever-changing and ever-competitive agricultural marketplace.