Saving Money With Proactive Maintenance For Your Office Building

Two focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money and Business/Entrepreneurship. If you own or are renting an office building as a part of your business a key consideration is its maintenance. Staying on top of the maintenance will save you money long-term. The following contributed post is entitled, Saving Money With Proactive Maintenance For Your Office Building.

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Office maintenance is a huge cost that businesses have to bear. But if you change the way that you approach it, you can make some big savings. A lot of companies wait until there is a problem and then fix it. That’s fine, but it’s usually cheaper if you can deal with issues before they come up. This is known as proactive building maintenance and it’s the best way to save money on office upkeep. You can also avoid downtime because you are constantly putting out small fires instead of letting them grow into big problems that shut the office down altogether. If you are concerned about your maintenance costs, here are some simple proactive maintenance tips you can follow.

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Invest In Protective Solutions

Investing more money on things that will increase the longevity of materials is the easiest way to save money further down the line. For example, if you apply a quality sealant to the asphalt in the car park (visit for more information) it will stay in good condition for a lot longer and you won’t constantly be spending money on repairs. Painting the outside of the building with high-quality masonry paint will protect it from the elements. Although these protective solutions may cost you more now, they will drastically increase the longevity of the building and prevent expensive maintenance.

Follow A Maintenance List

There are a lot of small maintenance jobs that need to be done on a regular basis. If these jobs are neglected, they will spiral and turn into expensive maintenance problems. Things like painting or cleaning gutters, for example, are simple jobs to do but they often get forgotten. So, make sure that you write a list of weekly, monthly and annual jobs. As long as you follow these lists to the letter, you can get into a good maintenance routine and keep the office in good shape. Visit for a sample maintenance list.

Get Systems Tested Annually

Small maintenance jobs are fairly easy to handle but there are some big problems that require expert assistance. Things like the plumbing and heating systems should be checked annually by a professional to make sure that there are no issues. People often avoid this because they think it’s an unnecessary expense, especially when there are no obvious problems. However, if you can pick up small issues now and solve them early, it will save you a lot of money.

Invest In Modern Fixtures

When you are making upgrades to your office, always opt for the most up-to-date option available. Eventually, these innovative fixtures and materials will become the standard and you will be forced to upgrade eventually anyway. For example, it’s a good idea to install fiber optic cables in the office because, in the near future, everybody will be using them and they will become a necessity. If you can future-proof your office, you won’t need to make as many expensive changes later on.

Proactive building maintenance is the most effective way to manage your office running costs, so think about changing your approach to office maintenance.

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