Best Ways To Get Your Home Warm Weather Ready

A key focus of my blog is Financial Literacy/Money. If you’re a homeowner, management of your home’s finances is critical to your overall financial health. A key piece of that is managing your temperatures of your home during all seasons. The following contributed post is entitled, Best Ways To Get Your Home Warm Weather Ready.

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Warm weather is here. The clocks have gone back and sweater weather is a distant dream. Like many of us, your home upkeep has more than likely been neglected in favour of some more weather suitable pursuits, like curling up under the duvet for marathons of your favourite TV show.

Interior Design can be huge amounts of fun but many smaller exterior problems can spiral out of control if not rectified quickly. Now the weather is getting warmer, it’s an exciting time to get up and get motivated so you can enjoy the coming sunshine!

Ready, Set, Roof!
Winter can wreak havoc on all parts of your home, none more-so than your roof. Wind, rain and other elements can leave your home open to a variety of safety concerns. Something as simple as cleaning rain gutters and ensuring pipes are secure can save you a huge hassle once the weather turns cold again. Before choosing a company ensure your contractor is legitimate, skilled and experienced.

Get Some Greenery
City life means we may not all have the luxury of green space on our doorsteps. However, research has proven that plants and flowers within the home are good for us. So bring the outside to you! Not only do plants add colourful and uplifting decorative accents to the most sparse of living spaces, they also provide extra oxygen that can boost your mood and brain functionality. Browse your local garden centres and botanic markets for container gardens or floor plants that will bloom in the next few weeks.

Colour Chameleon
Breathe a breath of life into stale and grey surroundings, with a fresh lick of paint. If you’re stuck for time, or just aren’t sure about making the commitment, consider an accent wall in a bold, zingy lemon or even a happy pink to refresh your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Even a few sheets of printed contact paper can upgrade your interior in seconds. Stuck with magnolia walls in your rental? Consider a gallery wall instead!

Get Cosy
Something as simple as a new set of soft furnishings or a new lighting scheme can make your living space feel re-balanced and refreshed. The benefits of LED Lighting can make a room feel inviting when it would otherwise be unwelcoming. A room with textures, patterns and prints, draw the eye in and can make your living space feel larger. Create a plush, cosy space with throws, pillows and blankets in warm and creamy shades. Want something a little more eye catching? Unique and one-of a kind geometric and abstract pieces are easy to find at flea-markets and garage sales.

Deep Clean
The final step is to get rid of all the clutter accumulated over the colder months! It’s a great time take stock of what you have, to donate what you don’t want and even make some money by selling your unwanted goods. Invest in storage boxes, drawer dividers and shoe racks to ensure that the mess doesn’t creep up on you, as it’s sometimes prone to do!