How Walking Could Help Your One Man Business

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success, and three key areas are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship, and Health/Wellness. Running a business is no minor undertaking, and can be taxing on all levels. It’s thus important to know how keep a healthy mind, body and spirit, while maximizing growth and productivity. A simple way to do that is by walking regularly. The following contributed post is thus entitled, How Walking Could Help Your One Man Business.

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Photo by Yogendra Singh

It’s not uncommon for people to source pleasure after a massive project or work schedule by meandering through the same old crap on Facebook or catching up on their Netflix programme. This may be your go-to fix to become energized to begin work again, but what if there’s a better way? One that doesn’t cost any money and has multiple benefits, which could impact your business positively. The idea is for you to start walking to better you and in turn your business, here are a few reasons why.

Creative Thinking

If you’re setting up or have begun a business requiring a lot of creative energy from you, it can be overwhelming to try and continuously revitalize that inventive source without burning yourself out or worse getting a complete creative block. However next time you think that watching TV or playing games is a suitable option for a distraction, think about taking up walking instead.

Whether in your local park, to the shop, to your moms, or better yet go rogue and have no plan in mind, go on a mini adventure and get lost a little while. Why you ask? Because scientists declare walking helps improve creative thinking. Which if you’re an artist, writer, designer and so on, creativity is your muse, it needs to be nurtured through activating the imaginative senses in your brain.

Walking provides you with new stimuli to engage, indulge, and think about. We sometimes become disconnected from our imagination causing stagnant thoughts. Even if you decide to walk the same path a million times, you will always find something new that you hadn’t noticed before.

Save Money

An incentive to start walking is that it can help save you money, which when you’re starting your own business, keeping money in your pocket is one of the best things you can do. You could get rid of your scooter or car and make use of your own inbuilt transport system in the form of your legs, which will help save you a ton of money each month on fuel, car tax, car insurance and of course repairs. Unless you live in the sticks, walking is an excellent alternative to driving to help cut costs and save more money to invest in your business.

Self Confidence

Healthy self-esteem and confidence in yourself will reflect on your business, walking can assist with this. If you start walking regularly, you will improve your physical appearance as walking helps to make people look trimmer and your skin to appear more youthful (exercising stimulates collagen). A healthier appearance helps to give people confidence.

Alongside enhancing your presentation, you will also improve confidence by practicing walking alone. Some people refuse to go anywhere alone. For those starting a one-man business, you need to feel confident and capable that you can do tasks on your own accord relying solely on yourself. Taking a stroll alone can help encourage the confidence of your capability and courage to do things by yourself.

Walking helps us to reconnect and engage our minds and bodies in comparison to watching mindless television programmes, you can help stimulate your brain to encourage new ideas and thinking and even help to improve your memory. It will also help you to distress when you’re feeling a little overloaded with work or you’re stuck for direction. Try to avoid negative connotations or anxieties about walking alone, and stop giving yourself excuses such as pedestrian accidents or that staying in front of your laptop is beneficial because you’re available and ready at all times for your next business call. Get up from your desk, away from your screen and start walking your way to better thinking, a better body and a better business.