Give Business Devices And Machines A Second Life

Three focuses of my blog are Financial Literacy/Money, Business/Entrepreneurship and Technology. If your business uses some form of technology, acquiring new hardware and getting rid of your old hardware may require some coordination. When you’re looking to upgrade, someone else may able to use your old devices. Also, for your own operations, you might consider acquiring equipment that may have been used. The following contributed post is entitled, Give Business Devices And Machines A Second Life.

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Every business has a technology strategy that determines not only which technology they should purchase but also how to use it. The typical approach establishes the expected lifetime of equipment, machinery, and electronic devices against the organization’s budget. As such, each organization replaces the current technology in use at a scheduled date, whether it is every year, every five years, or every ten years. How long you are going to use the same technology depends on a variety of factors, including your financial situation, the business objectives, and the market requirements. As such, when it’s time to invest in new or more innovative tech, the business has the opportunity to prolong the life of their equipment, even after it’s left their offices.

Indeed, environmentally-friendly commitment and procedures play a significant role in the disposal of used equipment. However, businesses can also consider strategies that allow for the best use of second-hand machinery and devices. Aside from environmental consideration, there is also an economic perspective to embrace.

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Recycling your electronics
What happens to the old mobile devices that you finally decide to replace? Electronics is one of the fastest business investments to wear out. With new smartphones and laptops being produced every year to the latest tech standards, it’s fair to say that businesses that keep their devices for a little too long expose themselves to cyber threats. Old machines are more vulnerable to hacking. As such, you might find that your old business electronics hold no value to anybody. But it doesn’t mean it’s suitable for the bin.
On the contrary, electronics can be recycled sustainably. Does it mean that manufacturers can make another phone using your ancient mobile? The answer is no. Chances are that the components inside your device can’t be used for the same purpose. But they can be repurposed in other industry sectors.

Consider businesses that sell used equipment
Not every old gadget and piece of equipment is a magnet to hackers. Devices that connect to a network are more likely to be targeted. However, equipment that doesn’t require any broadband connection, such as industrial machinery can be bought second hand from businesses such as Revelation Machinery, at a lower cost and with no risk for the company. Saving money while bringing your business to the next level, that’s precisely why second-hand heavy-duty equipment is such a fantastic opportunity for small companies. Additionally, if you are concerned about environmental cost, it’s worth noting that buying used equipment means that manufacturers produce less, and therefore you lower your impact on the planet.

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Give back to the community
Can you donate the devices you don’t use anymore? You’d be pleased to know that many organizations around the world collect computers and laptops to support charities and education centers. If you want to help them, you can get in touch with a charity such as the World Computer Exchange, which accepts working devices with at least 450MHz and no more than 9-year-old. Other organizations take non-working computers that can be repaired before being sent to nonprofits.

Your technology strategy needs to include a plan to remove old devices and equipment with the best possible outcome for the planet. As a company, you can choose to recycle, donate, or sell your used machinery. There is only one rule: Make sure your decision will help someone else. Be the business that gives further.

Looking After Your Most Useful Gadget

A key focus of my blog is Technology. With everything smart phones can do now, they’re arguably becoming more important and powerful than laptop computers and PCs. They can store multiple forms of data, and allow you to do multiple things on the move. As such it’s important to take the best care of your mobile device possible. The following contributed post is thus entitled, Looking After Your Most Useful Gadget.

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Whilst there could be some debate over what your most useful gadget is, as phones become more and more powerful to the point that some smartphones today are more overtaking the power of laptops and even desktop computers of just a year or two ago, many people would argue that their phone is perhaps their most useful gadget, or at least the gadget they most depend on – particularly if you are running a business.

Today, we carry around so many gadgets, that are of such great value, yet we take their value for granted – it’s not usually until we are without our gadget that we realise it’s true value, and perhaps even more pertinent is the value of the data contained on these devices.

Just a decade ago, the idea someone would carry a gadget worth over $1,000 around with them, throwing it in their pocket, on the passenger seat of their car and even holding it over massive drops in order to get an epic photo… whereas today, we all take the precious cost of these devices for granted.

In fact, what’s crazy is that you could buy two cheap second hand cars for the same price of a mobile phone.

Then, in addition to their financial value, the social value they provide is extraordinary; combine this with the extreme value of the data contained on your device and we can quite quickly see the need to be treating our mobile phones with a little more respect.

Mobile phones, today, are the equivalent of the swiss army knife in that they perform so many tasks – yet they are much easier to break and destroy. Indeed, some phones are designed akin to a slippery bar of soap in the shower… so whatever phone solution you use, protecting this precious gadget is of utmost importance.

We’ve all heard many horror stories of people we know losing all their work, contacts, and precious memories in the form of images and videos. The best way to protect against this type of loss is to regularly backup to the cloud, yet, so many people don’t do this – even if they’ve experienced theft or data corruption in the past.

Another thing you might want to consider, if you don’t have it already, is to take out gadget insurance. This type of insurance is becoming increasingly popular as people collect more and more devices, yet it is suprisingly expensive. That said, it’s possibly one of the msot claimed on forms of insurance policy that exist due to the high risks of breaking a mobile phone via accidental damage, leaving it somewhere, or being stolen from you.

Interestingly, the majority of insurance policies have quite a few exlcusionary terms, so be sure to check out the fine print before purchasing as you don’t want to pay out money for an insurance policy to find you’re not covered because of an obscure term of the insurance contract.

In summary, it’s important to appreciate the value of your most useful gadget by backing it up regularly, insuring it, and mitigating the risk of accidental damage by using things such as screen covers.