Three Top Ways to Avoid Car Collisions

A key focus of my blog is Health/Wellness. Any time you go onto the road, you’re unknowingly at risk for an accident of some sort often times at no fault of your own. It’s thus critical to think about driving as defensively as possible so as to minimize the potential for collisions. The following contributed post is entitled, Three Top Ways to Avoid Car Collisions.

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There is no one that wakes up and thinks that they want to crash their car today. However, because of our actions, poor driving skills, and rushed decisions, there are a lot of car accidents out on the roads each day. From a small fender-bender to larger collisions, there are several ways that you can cause damage to your own car and to your own health, as well as to someone else’s car, and someone else’s health.

As more and more of us hit the roadways and increase the highway congestion over the summer, it is important to make sure that you are doing things to slow things down, not get distracted, and keep any car accidents to a minimum. Of course, you can’t control other people out on the road, and you may need to read more about making a personal injury claim if you get hurt and it wasn’t your fault. But if you take steps to improve your driving, then it can limit your chances. Here are some things to think about.


Pull into traffic slowly

It is important when driving to not rush into anything and to not make a decision like pulling into traffic without assessing the risks. You should take extra care to be more aware of blind spots, as often there can be cars that you can’t see because of the car design or because of road signs. When you come to an intersection, then you should look in both directions, but do so at least twice before you come to your decision to pull out. Cars can appear sometimes, almost out of nowhere, so it is a good idea to exercise caution when you are pulling into any traffic.

Be aware of red light runners

As has been mentioned before, you can’t control other people out on the road. Which is why, to avoid any collisions, it is best to be aware of anyone who may be running a red light. Although any collision would be their fault, you won’t want to even be in one if it can be avoided. When going into an intersection on a green light, it is best to be a little cautious and not head off at full speed. Another thing to be wary of is trucks. They are huge, and as a result, have huge blind spots. The general rule is that if you can’t see a truck’s mirrors, then they can’t see you.

Keep looking backwards when reversing

A lot of collisions can happen when you’re reversing, from another car trying to rush past you if you try to reverse park, to people or children running out in front of you. Plus, other cars can be backing out of a parking lot at the same time as you, which can be dangerous. So it is a good idea to not just rely on mirrors when backing out, as there are some blind spots with mirrors. Physically turn your head to check, and combining that with checking your mirrors can make a big difference.