What the Heck is Upfitting?

A key focus of my blog is Technology. Something we see everyday but are relatively unfamiliar with is the concept of “Upfitting”. Automotive vehicles are are upfitted for varying reasons depending on the intended purpose. The following contributed post is entitled, What the Heck is Upfitting?

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Ever considered going into the ambulance business?

Probably not a question you get asked very often.

Here ambulance business does not mean the brave men and women who frequently risk their lives to save and help others, but the business of equipping ambulance with the gear that keeps people alive. It’s a rather obscure concept to think about, but interesting nonetheless.

Let’s Talk About Upfitting

Now, what the heck is upfitting?

It’s outfitting a vehicle with specialized equipment that enables the vehicle for emergency use. Upfitting can also mean custom interior and exterior design that makes a non-emergency vehicle simply look cooler. Essentially, it is vehicle customization and upgrading with equipment that was not initially added by the manufacturer.

Most of the time, it’s emergency vehicles that get upfitted. They will need to routinely change their equipment so that it’s always up-to-date and abiding by state or federal regulations. Upfitting these kinds of emergency vehicles increase their efficiency for peak performance. It can also make the vehicle and job for technicians easier and safer. No wonder upfitting is such a crucial process in maintaining emergency vehicles.

Upfitting usually starts with painting and servicing the chassis. Think of the chassis as the “bed” of the vehicle; it holds the wheels and body of the car.

Here is a chassis, FYI (Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay)

Planning could be the most crucial aspect of upfitting. Involving the technicians who will be using the vehicle can create a more thorough, safety-oriented upfitting. You will achieve the best results if you have a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s future application. One factor to consider during the upfitting process includes the end-users and how they will utilize the vehicle. Keeping the end goal and people in mind throughout the process can help upfitters better understand what kind of experience they want the users to have. Another critical factor to consider is whether the vehicle is going to serve a single purpose or multiple purposes. The upfitting process will look a lot different for the upfitting of single-purpose vehicles versus multiple-purpose vehicles.

The devil is in the details when it comes to upfitting, and that’s why it’s so important to have all concerned parties involved in the process from start to finish. Of course, it’s essential to be realistic with your clients about time constraints and any budgeting problems that may arise during the process. Otherwise, your customers could be left disappointed, and that is undoubtedly a place in which no business owner wants to be.

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