Is Your Home Keeping Your Healthy Or Making You Sick?

A key focus of my blog is Health/Wellness. While our homes are supposed to be safe spaces where we can retreat from the world, they can also be sources of injury, pain and sickness. This is something most people don’t think about. The following contributed post is entitled, Is Your Home Keeping Your Healthy Or Making You Sick?

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When it comes to improving our health, we need to think about more than just the changes we make to our own bodies. We need to think about how our environment affects our health as well. For that reason, we’re going to take a look at the impact that our home can have on us, how it can make us healthy, how it can make us sick, and how to make better use of it.

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You may have more guests than you realize
No one wants pests in their home. That much should be a given. However, many may underestimate just how much harm pests can really do once they’re inside. Their droppings, urine, and other dander can lead to a major risk of allergies and respiratory illnesses. Other pests are disease carriers. Read more here about how to identify whether you might have pests in your home, and what to do about them if you do. There are many pests you may be able to ward off without professional help.

How clean is clean?
If you’re very health conscious, then you’re also likely to be very clean conscious. You want to get rid of bacteria that could get you sick, but what do you use to do it? Common household cleaning products could contain more dangerous ingredients than you might realize. Some can cause irritation, others can exacerbate respiratory issues, and some are even linked to cancer. Learn here about the household cleaning ingredients we should all be much more aware of, as well as some the alternatives that could be much healthier for you and your home.

How well do you manage your air quality?
The very air we breathe is going to have an impact on our health. As such, the home plays an important role in creating a boundary between us and the outside world. If that boundary fails, we can let in all the allergens, not to mention the damp, that can slowly make the air in our home more dangerous. Learn more about keeping the roof repaired and sealing off air gaps to protect the boundary of your home. You shouldn’t simply let the outdoors come in when it wants.

Home is where the head is
When it comes to your mental health, the home can have just as profound an impact on that, as well. For instance, a cluttered, messy home has been shown to increase symptoms and feelings of stress significantly in people. More importantly, the home should act as a comforting haven that you’re glad to return to after a day of dealing with work and other responsibilities. Ways to make your home more welcoming can include incorporating more personal aspects of decor, such as photos, and making use of aromatherapy candles to help relax.

You can’t avoid every malady with the tips above, but it does raise the important question of how our homes contribute to our health. Make sure you take care of your home and it will take better care of you.

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