How To Know If You’re Hiring The Right Person

The first principle of my blog is Creating Ecosystems of Success and A key focus of my blog is Career Discussions. I key to the success in any organization is hiring the right people. Doing so will give your organization the best chance to succeed. The following contributed post is entitled, How To Know If You’re Hiring The Right Person.

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If part of your job is hiring new people, you may be wondering where exactly you start. Almost anyone can present themselves well in an interview, so how do you figure out who the best candidates are? Here are some tips to help you work out who’s worth hiring…

Consider Their Potential
When you’re interviewing someone, it’s important to focus on the potential that they have, rather than what they’ve done in the past. Relevant experience is always nice, but it’s important to make sure that you hire someone who is driven to learn and wants to do better instead of someone who could do the job in their sleep. A common interview technique is walking candidates through their resumes, but is that really such a good idea? If you called them in for an interview, chances are their resume is absolutely fine. Consider the future instead and the potential that the candidate has to learn.


Check Their References
It’s important to make sure that the candidate is who they say they are. Even though you should focus on the future, you need to ensure that the information you have about their past is completely accurate. Make sure that you call up their references before you offer them the job to confirm that the information you have is accurate. If you’re uncertain, you could even conduct a background check that will tell you everything that you need to know.


Think About Your Current Team
It’s important to think about the team that you already have when you are hiring somebody new. Even if they remind you of someone you love who already works with you, that might not be a good thing. You want to make sure that you don’t hire clones of people who are already at the company. You need someone who has a different skillset and who brings something entirely new to the office.


What About Your Office Dynamic?
A hugely underrated thing to ask oneself during an interview is: Could I handle sitting across from this person for forty hours every week? It’s important to consider whether the candidate will fit in with your office dynamic. If you can tell they’re a quiet and shy person when your office is extremely sociable and loud, there’s a chance that they might not fit in – and that they might not be happy there. Your resume has given them all the information you need on their employment history so don’t forget that part of the interview process is to work out who’s a good fit for you and your team.


Ask About Hobbies And Interests
Most jobs can be learned eventually, and people can be trained to hold certain workplace skills. But there are qualities like hard work, teamwork, and a positive attitude that can’t be taught. So it’s a good idea to ask the candidate about what they like to do in their spare time. If they play on a basketball team, they know how to work well with others. If they love to draw, they’re creative. If they like to hike, they’re persevering and adventurous. You can measure people’s qualities by the way that they spend their free time.

Trust your instincts when you’re hiring new staff and you’ll get it right.

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Anwar Y. Dunbar is a Regulatory Scientist. Being a naturally curious person, he is also a student of all things. He earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Michigan and his Bachelor’s Degree in General Biology from Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU). Prior to starting the Big Words Blog Site, Anwar published and contributed to numerous research articles in competitive scientific journals reporting on his research from graduate school and postdoctoral years. After falling in love with writing, he contributed to the now defunct, and the Edvocate where he regularly wrote about: Education-related stories/topics, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Financial Literacy; as well as conducted interviews with notable individuals such as actor and author Hill Harper. Having many influences, one of his most notable heroes is author, intellectual and speaker, Malcolm Gladwell, author of books including Outliers and David and Goliath. Anwar has his hands in many, many activities. In addition to writing, Anwar actively mentors youth, works to spread awareness of STEM careers, serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the David M. Brown Arlington Planetarium, serves as Treasurer for the JCSU Washington, DC Alumni Chapter, and is active in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Ministry at the Alfred Street Baptist Church. He also tutors in the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics. Along with his multi-talented older brother Amahl Dunbar (designer of the Big Words logos, inventor and a plethora of other things), Anwar is a “Fanboy” and really enjoys Science-Fiction and Superhero movies including but not restricted to Captain America Civil War, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Prometheus. He is a proud native of Buffalo, NY.

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