Are You Prepared for When All Hell Breaks Loose?

A key focus of my blog is Current Events. We are living in unprecedented times with unprecedented challenges. If you haven’t thought about what you would do should things break down into a larger crisis, now is the time. The following contributed post is entitled, Are You Prepared for When All Hell Breaks Loose?

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The world is in a state of unrest and most of us don’t even realize. Media companies can no longer be trusted, countries are fighting invisible wars and riots are breaking out in many different parts of the world. In America alone, protests and riots are gripping the country and causing a divide between two distinct political stances. Shootings and crime rates have risen drastically, and we also have to deal with a deadly virus that claims the lives of thousands every day.

But how prepared are you for when all hell breaks loose? Are you prepared to defend yourself when there’s civil unrest? Do you have enough supplies to weather the storm?

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There are only two options when unrest happens

You either run or you bunker down–there are no other options.

If there’s civil unrest and you’re prepared to defend you and your family, bunkering in place can be one of the safer options assuming you have enough supplies for at least a week. For some, this can include keeping clean water and food supplies in the basement. For others, this could mean a personal shelter for their family.

The other option is to grab your most important belongings and go. This is known as a bug out bag, go bag or emergency survival kit. It usually contains essentials such as clean water, hygiene items, spare clothing, vital documents and self-defense items. The idea is that you simply grab the bag when there’s trouble and you leave immediately. You can think about your destination later.

Regardless of what you pick, it’s important to have a way to communicate with your friends and family members to stay in touch and potentially assist them should they need help.

Be prepared to defend yourself

Depending on the situation, you may be required to eventually defend yourself. Nobody wants to fight with another human being if it can be avoided, but riots are unpredictable and you may need to defend your business or property at some point. This is where tactical training can come in handy. Self-defense lessons may also give you peace of mind and, in some cases, you may want to consider owning a weapon or firearm depending on your stance on violence. Again, nobody wants to fight if it can be avoided, but having something for self-defence can offer you safety and comfort.

If you find yourself having to defend your business, then it might be worth having a plan to board up your windows and take important possessions before things get dangerous. For instance, having a safe with important belongings and business-related documents could be the difference between saving and losing your business.

When things get bad, there’s nobody you can rely on but yourself. We’ve even seen some instances where police are too demotivated or physically unable to help with crime. It’s a nightmare scenario that could lead to the total collapse of society, but it’s a very real possibility that we all need to be ready for.

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