In Case You Missed It: My Interview With Dr. Antony Davies And James R. Harrigan Regarding Immigration

As many of you know, I’ve branched out from the Big Words Blog Site into YouTube where I now have four channels. My original channel is Big Discussions76 where I now discuss general topics. I’ve had several guests visit my channels. Two recent guests on Big Discussions76 are Dr. Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan, the authors of Cooperation & Coercion and the founders of Words & Numbers Podcast. In this interview, we talked about the controversial and polarizing topic of immigration. It is a complex topic with multiple moving parts and Antony and James shared perspectives on it, that are not often discussed. Parts one and two are below. Please note that in order to like and comment on YouTube videos, you must be logged into a Gmail account.

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A Discussion On Immigration With The Words & Numbers Podcast Part One

A Discussion On Immigration With The Words & Numbers Podcast Part Two